How to Get Better At Call of Duty: Cold War

Games from the Call of Duty franchise have become one of the most enjoyed and appreciated FPS games. With hardware technological advancements over time to match just how good Call of Duty games are, it is a good time to be alive for fans of FPS games.

Playing FPS games like Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War in multiplayer mode makes it even more exciting. With the excitement that comes with playing with other real-life players also comes the challenge and need to be better, if not the best.

Though not conclusive, we’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks that will help you bring your A-game whenever you’re given the call of duty.

Learn From Pro Players

Thanks to resources like YouTube, the best way you can learn from the best is by watching them play. Pro Black Ops Cold War players or other COD variants will occasionally host live virtual sessions where you get to see how they interact with the game in real-time.

Practice as Much as You Can

Like most things in life, practice makes perfect for being the best you can be as a Black Ops Cold War player. By interacting more with the game, you get to understand what works for you and what doesn’t, both in the game and the environment in which you’ve set up.

Understand the Lay of the Land

When in the game, the map is one of the essential resources you can ask for, you may run out of ammo, but the map will guide you to that needed haven. Try always to be aware of your in-game surroundings, and always look out for places you can use for cover.

It’s Just a Game, so Try and Have Fun

Though there’s a thrill that comes with playing the game as though you were on a real-life battlefield, sometimes it’s important not to get carried away. Often when you take a step back and view the game for what it is, you’ll get to explore and learn more about the game.

Explore Different Settings Configurations

While off-the-box usually works for most people, try out different setting configs before you get comfortable and get just that sweet spot of what works for you.

Have a Diverse Arsenal

Having just the right type of weapons can be the trick in making you last longer in the game. Get to understand what weapons work best for specific situations, such as the best attachments for ak74u cold war, and always be aware of the tradeoff between mobility and long-range effectiveness when it comes to weapons.

Always Anticipate Being Shot At

This is probably where the most thrill comes from in the game, not knowing when someone will get the jump on you. As you maneuver in the game, always put an eye out for that person that may be lurking in the shadows, setting you up on their crosshairs.

Be Tactical About Your Actions

While it’s a game, military precision and efficiency may at times be the difference between you and the guy who has their head blown out.

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