Are RGB Keyboards Worth It?

RGB keyboards offer a unique blend of aesthetics and potential functional benefits. They’ve evolved beyond just being eye candy, providing features that can enhance your typing or gaming experience.

Picture this: your familiar, unremarkable computer setup suddenly becomes a radiant, captivating showpiece with one simple tweak. That’s the charm of RGB keyboards. These LED-backlit marvels can flaunt up to 16 million color combos of red, green, and blue. They’ve become the rage in the last half-decade or so. Especially among us keyboard enthusiasts who appreciate a blend of beauty and utility.

The Allure of RGB Keyboards

Let’s dive into the unique features that make RGB keyboards stand out;

Firstly, they are visually stunning. The cascading colors create an atmosphere of creativity and excitement that is simply captivating. Moreover, these keyboards allow for color cohesion across your peripherals. If you’re someone who enjoys a coordinated aesthetic, this feature can bring harmony to your setup.

Another major advantage is customization. With an RGB keyboard, you can choose and customize your favorite color combinations to suit your mood or theme.

Looks are not the only thing that matter, functionality plays a crucial role too! Imagine being able to spotlight specific keys by altering their hue – now that’s a feature that becomes priceless when you’re in the middle of an adrenaline-fueled gaming session or working on tasks demanding swift key recognition. As someone who appreciates keyboards, you’d understand how this could give you an edge. It’s like having a co-player in your corner helping you to perform better!

Finally, let’s not forget one of the standout features of these keyboards – their ability to function perfectly in low-light environments. No more fumbling around in the dark or squinting at keys. Whether you’re a late-night gamer or a nocturnal writer, an RGB keyboard has got you covered. With its vibrant backlight, it will illuminate your workspace and make typing a breeze. So, bid farewell to those pesky desk lamps; your new keyboard is ready to light up your world!

Considering the Criticisms

As with any product, there are criticisms and concerns associated with RGB keyboards. Some users view them as a flashy marketing gimmick with limited functional benefits. In some cases, companies might prioritize RGB in marketing efforts at the expense of other essential keyboard features like build quality or N-key rollover.

Quality can also be a concern. Not all RGB keyboards are created equal, and some may prioritize aesthetics over functionality. And of course, RGB lighting isn’t universally loved. Some users prefer a more subtle or traditional look to their setup.

Getting to Know RGB Technology in Keyboards

So, you’re wondering if an RGB keyboard is worth the hype? Before we jump into that, let’s get a handle on what RGB actually means. Picture this: red, green, and blue – the three musketeers of color. Mix them in different ways and voila! You’ve got over 16 million different shades at your fingertips. That’s as many colors as our human eyes can see! Interestingly enough, keyboards aren’t the only place you’ll find this color magic; it’s also used in display screens, digital cameras, and scanning systems.

Are RGB Keyboards Worth It?

The value of an RGB keyboard is subjective. While many people appreciate the aesthetic appeal and customization options, others might find them distracting or unnecessary. Some revel in the added flair that these lights bring to their setup, while others might choose to turn them off or dim them.

For gaming enthusiasts, an RGB keyboard can be more than just a visually pleasing accessory. The ability to customize key colors can prove beneficial in games that rely on quick key presses. For instance, you could color-code keys for specific actions like attack, defense, or movement in a fast-paced game. This allows for quicker reaction times and a smoother gaming experience.

Integration with Other Devices

Another often overlooked feature of RGB keyboards is their integration capabilities with other devices. Some brands offer software that allows your keyboard’s lighting to sync up with your mouse, headset or even your computer case lights, creating an immersive environment that extends beyond the keyboard itself.

Impact on Productivity

RGB keyboards aren’t exclusively for gamers. They can also benefit professionals who work in low-light conditions or want to increase productivity by highlighting specific keys related to their tasks. Programmers, designers or writers can customize their keyboard layout depending on the software they use frequently.


Do RGB keyboards use more power?

While an RGB keyboard does consume more power than regular keyboards due to its lighting system, the difference is minimal and unlikely to impact your electricity bill significantly.

Do all RGB keyboards offer color customization?

No, while many RGB keyboards out there offer us the freedom to play around with colors, the scope of these color options can be different depending on the brand and model. Like we always say, don’t miss out on checking those product specifications before you hit ‘buy’. It’s a small step, but trust us, it can save you from a world of disappointment!

Are there wireless RGB keyboards available?

Yes, there are wireless RGB keyboards available on the market. However, note that these may require more frequent charging due to the power needed for their lighting system.

Final Words

We all know that an RGB keyboard can give your gaming setup some serious flair. It’s like the neon lights of the digital world, adding color to your virtual adventures. But let’s not forget what a keyboard should primarily do – help you game better.

So, while you’re being dazzled by the rainbow colors, also take a moment to check out the quality and functionality of the keyboard. Does it have the right key switches to match your typing style? Can it withstand hours of intense gaming?

Because in the end, you want an RGB keyboard that doesn’t just look good but also enhances your gaming experience.