Best Hot-Swappable 75% Keyboards 2023

Step into the thrilling universe of hot-swappable 75 keyboards! These are more than just a gamer’s delight, they are a customizable treasure trove packed with compelling features designed for gaming. This article is your guide to everything hot-swappable 75 keyboards – their unique elements, the top picks in today’s market, and much more. Thanks to their robust build and easy customizability, these keyboards are geared to elevate your gaming experience to unprecedented heights!

Keychron K2

In the market for a gaming keyboard? Allow us to introduce you to the Keychron K2, a stellar option. Outfitted with a hot-swappable PCB and pre-loaded with Gateron G Pro mechanical Brown switches, this keyboard promises longevity with up to 50 million keystrokes. The embedded white LED backlight can either stay static or flash, depending on your mood. A robust 4000 mAh battery guarantees plenty of power, keeping you in the game for up to 72 hours of typing or maintaining normal use for a week (assuming 8hrs/day).

Moreover, the built-in Broadcom Bluetooth 5.1 chipset lets you juggle between three devices simultaneously – a real boon when multitasking beckons! And if that’s not enough, it also supports wired connections via USB Type-C across both Windows and Mac OS platforms. As a cherry on top, it comes with additional keycaps for each OS. Now that’s versatility at its best!

In addition, this keyboard takes up minimal desk space thanks to its compact design and dedicated DEL key and navigation keys that make game play easier during intense sessions. Plus, it can accommodate all MX-style 3/5 pin options through its hot swap feature while all key cap profiles are compatible as well—making it ideal for any type of player! Not only that but the sound quality improves drastically after swapping in new switches which adds more depth and clarity compared to other keyboards. The only downside is that the delete key isn’t separated from other keys so they might appear smushed together; however overall this makes an amazing gaming keyboard option worth considering!

Epomaker EP84

The Epomaker EP84 Pro Upgraded 75% RGB Hot Swappable 2.4GHz/Bluetooth 5.0/USB-C Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is the perfect choice for gamers looking for a feature-rich keyboard without breaking the bank. With default RGB effects and DIY settings, plus high quality PBT keycaps in Ice Cream and Botanic Garden Colorway, there’s plenty of style to choose from! Plus, with three modes of connectivity – Bluetooth 5.0 & 2.4GHz & Type-C Cable – you can connect it to any device you prefer. And with hot swappable Gateron Pro Yellow switches and two custom EPOMAKER switches (Flamingo and Budgerigar), you’ll have all the performance needed for gaming or typing.

This upgraded version also comes with excellent durability and dependability, along with a compact 75% layout that takes up less desk space while giving easy access to arrow keys – all at an unbeatable price! Some users have reported issues such as unresponsive left shift keys or loud enter keys; however these have been addressed in this updated version so they should no longer be an issue. Additionally, battery issues may occur initially; however these can easily be resolved by disabling the lights when not in use or switching to wired mode instead of wireless mode. In conclusion, if you’re looking for a hot swappable 75% gaming keyboard at an affordable price point then look no further than the Epomaker EP84 Pro Upgraded!


The YUNZII KC84 is an impressive hot swappable 75-keyboard, packed with features that make it stand out. Its 85% PBT dye-sublimation keycaps offer a durable, anti-fade, oil resistant finish that will keep its color for longer and its compact and portable design makes it suitable for all environments. Plus its strong compatibility with Mac and Windows operating systems mean you won’t have any issues when using this product. And don’t forget the macro recording and customizable RGB effects which add a great personal touch to your setup.

But what really sets this keyboard apart is its hotswappable Gateron switch – easy to replace without needing soldering – making it ideal for beginners who want to customise or mod their keyboard. It’s also resilient enough to handle mods such as PVC foam + masking tape in less than 10 minutes! And if you ever need help with anything, YUNZII’s customer service provide care packages with new switches and freebies too!

All in all, the YUNZII KC84 provides excellent value for money along with great features such as hot swappability and customizable RGB effects making it an ideal upgrade from your current gaming keyboard.

Glorious Gaming GMMK Pro

The Glorious Gaming GMMK Pro keyboard is an ideal choice for anyone looking for a custom DIY hot swappable 75 keyboard. This mechanical keyboard has a TKL layout, cherry MX style switches, and can be paired with colorful USB-C cables and other PC gaming setup accessories. The included frame is made of black aluminum for durability and the two layers of sound dampening foam make it even quieter while typing. It also supports backlit RGB lighting, making your gaming setup look more aesthetically pleasing.

One of the best things about this particular model is that it’s QMK/Via compatible, which means you can customize your key binding settings to match your preferred gaming style. Plus, its bottom foam sound dampener helps muffle any noise generated by the keys when pressed. But since its non-magnetic screws makes it difficult to take apart and its stabilizers are overly lubed, it may require some extra effort to assemble or disassemble the device.

Overall, the Glorious Gaming GMMK Pro Keyboard is an excellent option for anyone looking to get into custom DIY keyboards without breaking the bank. Its compatibility with Windows, Mac iOS, Linux, PS4 and Xbox systems as well as its hot swappable 75% layout make it highly versatile and easy to use in any environment. Plus its solid build quality and customizable features make this one of Reddit’s favorite custom keyboards among gamers worldwide!

RK Royal Kludge RK84

If you’re a gamer on the hunt for an affordable mechanical keyboard, then the RK Royal Kludge RK84 is your ideal pick. Boasting a unique 75% layout which reduces desktop space while retaining all necessary multimedia and control keys, this wireless triple-mode BT5.0/2.4G/USB-C hot swappable mechanical keyboard also offers two built-in USB pass-through ports and Type C port for maximum convenience. The device comes with extra switches, keycap puller, combo cap and USB A to USB C cable in the box – making setup a breeze – plus it can last up to 200 hours when backlight is off after just 6-7 hours of charging time. Although users may need some training or adjustment period due to unconventional key positions, and since no foam or gasket mount included in build it may become wobbly over time due to separate feet attach magnetically feature; nevertheless they are still able to customize their gaming experience by swapping out 3 or 5 pin switches freely without soldering issue.

ASUS ROG Azoth 75%

The ASUS ROG Azoth 75% is a fantastic choice for gamers who want a custom mechanical experience. It features pre-lubed ROG NX Blue Switches & Keyboard Stabilizers, ABS Keycaps, RGB-Black Keyboard and a tri-mode connection allowing you to choose between Bluetooth, 2.4 GHz RF wireless mode or standard USB – giving you plenty of versatility. The gasket mount design with three layers of dampening foams provides an amazing typing experience, plus the keycap puller tool kit and 3 extra switches let you easily upgrade your keyboard in the future. Furthermore, its low latency wireless performance ensures smooth gaming every time without lag or slowdowns. Although the keycaps are thin and clacky and the OLED screen is prone to burn in, these minor flaws don’t detract from its overall quality as an outstanding choice for gamers seeking precision and performance from their peripherals.

Redragon K628 PRO

If you’re in the market for an ultra-compact mechanical keyboard with plenty of features, then the Redragon K628 PRO 75% 3-Mode Wireless RGB Gaming Keyboard is a great choice. It offers 78 hot-swappable keys, allowing you to customize your switch type (3 or 5 pin). Furthermore, it has an impressive suite of Pro Software which provides up to 20 preset backlighting modes and adjustable brightness/speed. You’ll also get a nifty music sync mode that adds another layer of entertainment.

The balanced key layout gives you 104 key functionality in just 78 physical keys to save space on your desk. The built-in backlit letters and numbers are very visible – though some icons are harder to make out due to its cool light tone. There’s a bit of a learning curve when it comes to adjusting settings like color or sound, but overall this keyboard is reliable and well worth considering.

The Art of the Compact: A Guide to Hot Swappable 75% Keyboards

Greetings, keyboard aficionados! Today, we’re embarking on an exciting journey into the realm of 75% hot swappable keyboards. This compact, efficient, and customizable keyboard choice is not only perfect for gaming but also fits the bill for everyday use. So, let’s dissect its appeal.

Understanding the 75% Keyboard

The 75% mechanical keyboard is like that compact car you see zipping around in heavy traffic—it’s small, but it doesn’t skimp on necessary features. It’s essentially a tenkeyless board, meaning it retains all keys except for the number pad. This makes it smaller and more space-efficient.

A key advantage here is less hand travel time between typing and mouse clicks—perfect for those fast-paced gaming sessions or power workdays. However, if you’re someone who frequently uses the number pad for data entry or calculations, you might find yourself missing those extra keys.

And here’s where things get interesting—the navigation cluster format. Instead of your typical 3×3 format seen in larger boards, these keys are lined up vertically to save space. This gives our little powerhouse a more square shape than its larger cousins. Adapting to this unique layout might take some time, especially if ‘delete’, ‘home’, and ‘insert’ are part of your regular vocabulary.

Enter Hot Swappability

Now let’s talk about what makes these keyboards hot—in other words, hot swappable! Unlike most keyboards that solder their switches to the PCB (Printed Circuit Board), hot-swappable keyboards allow you to easily replace or customize the switches. Imagine being able to enhance the sound and feel of your keyboard at will—that’s exactly what hot swappability offers!

Now don’t get too excited—most gaming keyboards from brands like Razer, Corsair, HyperX aren’t hot-swappable. But there are some gaming-oriented options available like the Mountain Everest Max.

To identify whether a keyboard is indeed hot-swappable, check out its product page on the brand’s website before attempting any switch removals—we don’t want any keyboard casualties on our hands!

Your Switches Your Way

The beauty of a hot-swappable keyboard lies in its ability to cater to your personal preferences when it comes to switches. You’ve got three main types—linear, tactile, and clicky.

Linear switches are all about smooth sailing—they offer a fast response that’s perfect for gaming or programming marathons.
Tactile switches introduce a little bump in your keystrokes which can improve actuation speed once you get used to their travel distance.
Clicky switches? They’re all about that sound! They provide tactile feedback similar to tactile switches but with an added auditory component for enhanced feedback.

The Best of Both Worlds: The Hot Swappable 75% Keyboard

Combining the compact design of a 75% keyboard with the customization options of hot swappability creates something truly special—a versatile tool that can adapt to evolving typing needs and preferences.

Check out this article for more on finding the best hot swap keyboard for you. And if you’re interested in exploring further into this realm, here’s an article on hot swappable 65% keyboards, another great compact option!

Whether you’re an avid gamer seeking quick response times or someone just looking for a sleek addition to your desktop setup—a hot swappable 75% keyboard could be just what you need! Remember: in this world of endless tech possibilities—it’s all about finding what works best for YOU.

In conclusion, the hot swappable 75% keyboard is a great choice for gamers and everyday users alike. It offers all the benefits of a smaller form factor with the added bonus of customizable switches. With easy setup, good compatibility, and an enjoyable typing experience—it’s no wonder why this type of keyboard is becoming increasingly popular among tech enthusiasts! Those looking to take their gaming or typing experience to the next level should definitely consider investing in a hot swappable 75% keyboard.”