Best Budget Mechanical Keyboards 2023

Hello to all, particularly those with a keen interest in keyboards! You’re likely here because you’re on the hunt for the ideal addition to your gaming setup or work desk, all without causing a dent in your wallet. We recognize that high-quality experiences don’t necessarily have to be synonymous with high costs. This is why we’re committed to uncovering the best affordable mechanical keyboards available.

Whether you’re an experienced gamer in search of the perfect partner for your virtual victories, or a casual user craving typing comfort and sturdiness, mechanical keyboards can truly revolutionize your experience. However, don’t rely solely on my perspective! Join us as we explore this realm of tactile feedback and soothing ‘click-clack’ sounds. We promise no overly technical language or complex jargon – simply our candid viewpoints and genuine experiences. Ready to take the plunge?

Keychron K1 SE

The Keychron K1 SE is an impressive ultra-slim mechanical keyboard that offers an ideal typing experience at a great price. Its 87 keys tenkeyless layout is perfect for peak productivity and comfort, allowing you to multitask with up to 3 devices via the stable Broadcom Bluetooth 5.1 chipset. The unique Mac layout provides all necessary multimedia functions while being compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems. The Gateron mechanical switches provide quick response time and satisfying tactile feedback, while the reinforced aluminum frame ensures durability and stability.

The K1 SE also comes with adjustable rubber feet, floating keycap design with white backlight, extra keycaps for both OSs, and good quality keycaps which make it suitable for gaming as well. While there may be occasional Bluetooth connection dropouts and short battery life, its low profile design makes it one of the thinnest mechanical keyboards on the market today – making it a great budget option for those looking for a reliable yet comfortable gaming keyboard!

Glorious Custom Gaming Keyboard – GMMK 85%

The Glorious Custom Gaming Keyboard – GMMK 85% is a great choice for anyone looking for one of the best budget mechanical keyboards. It has a fully modular design, allowing you to easily plug in and out switches as your DIY preference without needing to solder. The keyboard also comes preinstalled with Gateron Brown Tactile Mechanical switches that are quiet enough for both office and gaming setups. Plus, the board is compatible with standard keycaps from brands like Keychron, Akko, RK Royal Kludge, Epomaker etc – giving you plenty of options when it comes to customizing the look of your keyboard.

Beyond its great features, GMMK also provides excellent ergonomics and compatibility. It includes an in-built stand that lets you adjust the angle of your keyboard so you can achieve a more comfortable typing experience. Additionally, this GMMK kit comes with sculpted keycaps that help keep your hands relaxed while typing or gaming. And lastly, it’s compatible with Windows, Mac and even some console systems (PS4 PS5 XBOX).

Overall, the Glorious Custom Gaming Keyboard – GMMK 85% is an excellent budget option for anyone looking for a full-featured mechanical keyboard without breaking the bank. While there are a few minor drawbacks like limited switch options and no RGB lights under the spacebar – these don’t take away from this product’s overall value!

Logitech K845

The Logitech K845 is an excellent budget mechanical keyboard that offers the perfect blend of features for anyone looking to upgrade their typing and gaming experience. It comes with a full size 104-key layout, adjustable tilt, and TTC Red Switches which provide a smooth, comfortable typing feel. The aluminum top case ensures long-life use and the 5 backlighting options make it great for both day and night use. Additionally, you can choose between Red, Blue or Brown switches depending on your preference. With its slim front profile and number pad included in a surprisingly compact footprint – this keyboard is ideal for both productivity and casual gaming sessions.
The keys on this keyboard are not just well printed, they’re a dream to look at with clear lettering that pops even in those late-night gaming sessions. The USB cable? It’s flexible enough to be neatly coiled away after a hard day’s work, yet robust enough to promise you zero lag or interruptions. Now, here’s something we all love – inclusivity. This keyboard doesn’t play the missing key game. Everything is right there, already included! No need to shell out extra cash for accessories – quite the bang for your buck, don’t you think?

Overall, the Logitech K845 Mechanical Illuminated Keyboard is a great choice for those looking for an affordable yet high quality mechanical keyboard at an unbeatable price point!

Havit KB487L

The Havit KB487L Mechanical Keyboard is a great option for gamers and typists looking for an affordable budget mechanical keyboard. The red switches provide satisfying response with minimal sound, making it a great choice for late night typing sessions. In terms of aesthetics, the PBT keycaps give the keyboard an excellent touch experience and look very professional. Additionally, the ergonomic design reduces the burden on your wrists when typing or gaming for long periods of time.

While it does come with some drawbacks such as not having a backlit option or delete key requiring extra steps to access, these can be overlooked given its low price point and overall quality. With sturdy materials and high quality components, this keyboard will certainly last you through years of gaming and office work without any issues. All in all, the Havit KB487L Mechanical Keyboard is a great choice for those who want a good budget mechanical keyboard without sacrificing too much on performance or design.

Durgod Taurus K320

The Durgod Taurus K320 mechanical keyboard is an excellent choice for gamers on a budget. It offers quality and features usually found in more expensive models, such as Cherry MX brown switches with quick response and 50 million keystrokes of durability, PBT double-shot seamless keycaps with matching color collocation, customisation via the Durgod Zeus Engine, 100% anti ghosting and N-key rollover, and FN+ combination keys to access media functions. It also has a compact 10-Keyless design that fits into smaller desktop spaces.
Unfortunately the USB wake issues can be annoying when your computer goes to sleep but overall this keyboard offers great value for money. The construction feels good and solid while the materials feel high quality – even the plastic! The included cables are decent quality too, though they could be more flexible or braided. It’s also worth noting that there is no Mac software to create Macros or map keys. There is also no wrist rest included but you could buy one separately if desired.
Overall, if you’re looking for a great budget mechanical keyboard then the Durgod Taurus K320 should definitely be considered – its feature set makes it an excellent choice at an affordable price!

SteelSeries Apex 3 RGB Gaming Keyboard

The SteelSeries Apex 3 RGB Gaming Keyboard is a great option for gamers looking for a budget mechanical keyboard. It has many features that make it an attractive choice, such as its water resistance (IP32), 10-zone RGB illumination, whisper quiet gaming switches with low friction keypresses and 20 million lifespan, dedicated multimedia controls, and premium magnetic wrist rest for full palm support and comfort. The identical key placement also makes it easier to type accurately and prevent typos. The tactile feel of the keys provides nice travel and resistance while the bright RGB lighting around/under the keys gives it an even more appealing look. Plus, the magnetized palm rest secures when moved so you can comfortably game for hours on end.

On the downside, some users may find that the illumination on the keys letter is a bit dim compared to other models available. Additionally, this keyboard can be quite loud in early morning gaming sessions if you live in close quarters with others. Lastly, there is no wireless option which could be inconvenient for those wanting more portability.

Overall though, the SteelSeries Apex 3 RGB Gaming Keyboard is still worth your money if you don’t need any customizability of RGB or are willing to accept wires as part of your setup. Its features make it perfect for anyone who wants a good quality yet budget friendly mechanical keyboard without sacrificing too much on performance or quality.

Tecware Phantom

The Tecware Phantom is a great budget mechanical keyboard option for gamers. It features red Outemu mechanical switches, which provide consistent activation points and precise gaming performance. The double-shot ABS keycaps have high resistance against surface wear – perfect for those late night gaming sessions. Plus, the keyboard comes with 18 pre-set RGB backlighting configurations and you can even create your own unique one to match your setup.

But the best part is the price: at only $40, this keyboard offers some features that are usually found in much more expensive products, like full N-key rollover and 1000Hz pooling rate for faster responsiveness, SMD LEDs for brighter lighting effects, and FR-4 fiberglass printed circuit board for extended periods of intensive gaming sessions. Plus it comes with some extra perks like spare switches, two key pullers, and a quick start guide – all included in the package.

The only downside of this product is that some of the guided keys tend to be mushy while typing, but overall this is still an excellent value if you’re looking for an affordable yet reliable gaming keyboard.

A Budget-Friendly Guide to Mechanical Keyboards

Are you a gamer on the hunt for a more immersive experience? Or maybe you’re a coder in need of pinpoint accuracy, or even a writer longing for comfort during those lengthy typing sessions. Whatever your needs, we understand that your keyboard is more than just an accessory – it’s your trusty ally. Let’s dive into the intriguing realm of budget-friendly mechanical keyboards together, and discover the perfect fit for your needs – without causing any distress to your wallet.

Size Matters: Choosing Your Keyboard Form Factor

Consider keyboards as unique as snowflakes, each with a character and charm all its own. From full-size masterpieces to petite, minimalist designs, there’s a world of options available, each ready to meet your specific needs. Whether you’re a data entry professional, a gamer on a quest, or a writer crafting stories, rest assured, there’s a keyboard out there with your name on it.

Have you ever envisioned yourself confidently typing away on a full-size keyboard? These beauties come with an extensive layout, including a separate number pad, perfect for those who need to work with numbers frequently or love having customizable keys at their fingertips. You can learn more about mechanical number pads here. Typing on a full-size keyboard feels like conducting a symphony, where each keystroke creates its own melody.

But maybe you’re drawn to the more streamlined tenkeyless (TKL) models. Ideal for limited desk space or those on the go, these compact keyboards offer a sleek and space-saving design. It’s like going camping—you have only what is essential, and there’s something liberating about that. If you’re interested in portable mechanical keyboards, you can explore options here.

For those who truly embrace minimalism or have taken Marie Kondo’s philosophy to heart, you might find your match with the 60 or 65 percent keyboards. These compact cuties, some of which are listed as the smallest mechanical keyboards, omit navigation and arrow keys entirely, freeing up more room for those critical mouse movements during high-stakes gaming or productive work sessions. If you’re seeking a balance between compactness and style, you might also want to check out the best low profile mechanical keyboards.

In the grand tapestry of keyboards, your personal preferences reign supreme. Think of it as choosing a piece of attire—it should not only fit you but also resonate with your style and purpose. Whether you’re a coder embarking on a late-night development sprint, a gamer awaiting the next big adventure, or a writer crafting the next bestseller, there’s a keyboard waiting to be your perfect partner. So, as you embark on this journey, remember that the ideal keyboard isn’t just about functionality—it’s about finding a tool that complements your rhythm, space, and aspirations.

Feel The Difference: Understanding Switch Types

Dive deep into the world of mechanical keyboards, and you’ll soon realize that it’s not just about size and aesthetics; the heartbeat of these devices is the switch type. Just as each of us has unique preferences when it comes to touch, sound, and feel, the switch type you choose can make all the difference in your typing experience. Ever wondered why mechanical keyboards are so satisfying? The answer lies largely in their switches.

Linear Switches: Meet the stealthy and smooth linear switches. With their lack of a tactile bump and relatively silent operation, they’re a top pick among many gamers. If you’ve ever been immersed in a shooter game and needed rapid-fire actions or had to input swift combos in fighting games, you’d appreciate the responsiveness these switches offer.

Tactile Switches: Stepping into the tactile realm, these switches proudly wear their bump, giving you a tactile feedback even before the key bottoms out. It’s like the keyboard whispering back each time you type. Many typists cherish tactile switches, often reminiscing about the familiar feel of an old-school typewriter. If you’re curious about why some mechanical keyboards echo with such intensity, discover why mechanical keyboards are so loud.

Clicky Switches: And then, there’s the grandeur of clicky switches. Beyond the tactile feedback, they announce their presence with a distinct click sound. For some, this audible feedback crafts a rhythmic backdrop to their typing or gaming sessions. And for others, it’s pure sensory joy. Whether you’re a writer seeking that satisfying auditory cadence or a gamer reveling in each key press, clicky switches offer a distinctive allure. If, however, you’re in the market for a quieter gaming experience, check out the best quiet mechanical gaming keyboards.

We get it – with all these options, the journey to find your perfect switch might seem overwhelming. But remember, it’s all about personal touch and feel. What resonates with one person might differ for another. So, as you embark on this exploration, be open to experiencing various switch types. From silent mechanical keyboards to the more pronounced, it’s a tactile adventure waiting to be experienced. At the end of the day, it’s about finding that perfect harmony between your fingers and the keys. Happy exploring!

Finding the Best Budget Mechanical Keyboard

Hello, keyboard aficionados! We understand that investing in a high-quality mechanical keyboard might not be your immediate priority. However, have you considered that quality doesn’t always equate to high cost? Yes, that’s right – you can indeed enjoy the satisfying click of mechanical keys without feeling the pinch in your wallet. For those wise spenders among you, we’ve curated a selection of articles we believe will be especially beneficial. Discover top-performing yet budget-friendly options in our articles on the best mechanical keyboards under 100 and best mechanical keyboards under 50. We’re confident you’ll find options that deliver excellent performance without straining your budget.

Curious about the buzz around mechanical keyboards among gamers and professionals? You’re in good company! We invite you to delve into our comprehensive article on how mechanical keyboards elevate your gaming experience. For those of you who are dedicated Mac users, finding the right keyboard can sometimes be a challenge. Dive into our guide on the best mechanical keyboards for Mac to ensure seamless integration with your Apple setup.

Feeling unsure about whether they justify the investment? We’ve thought of that too. Take a look at our in-depth exploration in this piece, where we assess their worth. We hope you enjoy the journey! Additionally, for the professionals who code, you might be interested in our recommendations on the best mechanical keyboards for programming.

Technical Aspects and Features of Mechanical Keyboards

Venturing into the world of mechanical keyboards, you’ll quickly discover that these devices are more than just a beautiful exterior. Beneath the keys lies a treasure trove of technical aspects and features that can enhance your user experience, and we’re here to guide you through it.

How They Work: At its core, the marvel of mechanical keyboards rests on their precise mechanics. Unlike their membrane counterparts, mechanical keyboards promise tactile feedback and longevity. Wondering about the nitty-gritty of how they function? Dive into the intricate mechanics here or learn more about if these keyboards can truly speed up your typing prowess.

Convenient Extras: We all have our unique preferences when it comes to what we expect from a keyboard. Maybe you’re seeking the ease of a USB passthrough, allowing you to connect additional devices directly through your keyboard – if so, these keyboards might just catch your eye. Or perhaps the idea of navigating without lifting your fingers from the keyboard intrigues you – in that case, a mechanical keyboard with a trackpoint could be your new best friend.

Control at Your Fingertips: For those who prioritize on-the-fly adjustments, having dedicated volume controls can be a game-changer, offering seamless audio transitions while deep in work or play. And for the multitaskers, customizable macro and media keys can redefine efficiency, creating shortcuts to your most-used tasks and tools.

Mechanical or Membrane: The Great Debate: The realm of keyboards is divided into two main camps: the tactile, responsive mechanicals and the often softer, quieter membranes. While mechanical keyboards are renowned for their precision and tactile feedback, membrane keyboards are lauded for their quiet operation and often more affordable price point. Understand the nuances, benefits, and drawbacks of each in this comprehensive comparison.

Embracing Personalization and Customization

When it comes to mechanical keyboards, one size certainly doesn’t fit all. The beauty of these devices lies not just in their tactile response or audible click, but in the vast ocean of personalization opportunities they present. This journey, as you’ll soon find, goes beyond mere function—it’s a reflection of individuality.

DIY – The Ultimate Personal Touch: For those with an unyielding creative spirit, what could be more rewarding than building your own mechanical keyboard? With countless components and endless design possibilities, the experience is akin to painting on a blank canvas. And if you’re new to this realm, fret not; DIY kits provide a guided foray into this world, ensuring you’re equipped with all the essentials to bring your vision to life.

Starting from Scratch: Sometimes, the best approach is to strip things down and start from the ground up. A barebones mechanical keyboard offers this very promise—a minimalist platform awaiting your touch of genius.

Sound and Sensation: The auditory landscape of a keyboard is more varied and nuanced than one might think. From keyboards with the satisfyingly tactile box jade switches, to the harmoniously creamy sounding variations, there’s a symphony of experiences to explore. And for the perfectionists among us, diving into ways to enhance your keyboard’s sound can be an exhilarating journey of acoustic refinement.

Retro Reverie: Delving into the world of mechanical keyboards allows you to appreciate both innovation and nostalgia. For those among us who value the timeless designs from bygone days, you’ll find joy in exploring retro mechanical keyboards. These pieces artfully merge a classic aesthetic with today’s tech advancements, offering a delightful blend of the past and present. Whether you’re reminiscing or simply drawn to vintage elegance, such keyboards provide a unique touch to your digital experience.

Personalizing your keyboard isn’t a mere whim; it’s an intimate process of intertwining your personality with a tool you use daily. It’s about creating a harmonious blend of form and function, ensuring that every keypress resonates with a piece of who you are. As you dive deeper into this world of customization, remember that you’re not just building a keyboard, but crafting an extension of your digital self.

The Role of Ergonomics and Comfort in Mechanical Keyboards

The pursuit of the perfect keyboard isn’t just about looks, sound, or even tactile response. A significant piece of this puzzle lies in how a keyboard feels beneath your fingertips hour after hour. Ergonomics and comfort, as it turns out, are pivotal in shaping your prolonged interactions with your digital world.

The Subtle Art of Design: Every curve, every angle, and every key placement is a meticulous consideration. Take the Durgod Hades 68, for instance. Its design, much like a well-tailored suit, fits seamlessly into a user’s typing style, hinting at how intentional ergonomics can greatly elevate the user experience.

Flat vs. Raised – A Debate of Angles: The world of keyboard design is rich with variation, with each style catering to specific needs. When choosing between flat keyboards and their raised counterparts, it’s not merely about aesthetic preferences. It’s about understanding the nuances of your wrist positioning, finger travel, and overall hand comfort over extended periods of typing or gaming.

Longevity in the Mix: It’s not just about how a keyboard feels today, but how it’ll hold up months and years down the line. Durability and design go hand-in-hand, and a well-constructed keyboard promises a long-lasting relationship. Curious about how long they really last? Dive into the life expectancy of these devices in this insightful piece on mechanical keyboard lifespan.

Sound and Noise Control in Mechanical Keyboards

The immersive world of mechanical keyboards is not just defined by tactile sensations; it’s also significantly shaped by sound. Every keystroke creates a note, a rhythm, a cadence. But what if your personal symphony is a touch too loud, or perhaps not loud enough? Let’s explore the soundscape of mechanical keyboards and ways to find your perfect auditory match.

The Sound of Precision: With every keypress, there’s a distinct note, a tell-tale sign of a mechanical switch at work. For some, this sound is akin to a comforting background tune, a gentle reminder of productivity and flow. However, there are times when the same clicks and clacks might be a touch too pronounced, especially during late-night gaming sessions or shared workspaces.

Finding Your Quiet Space: There’s a fine line between appreciating the acoustic feedback of a mechanical keyboard and yearning for moments of silence. If you find yourself on the quieter end of the spectrum, fret not. For a deeper dive into the decibel levels of mechanical keyboards, explore here. There are also dedicated guides on how to make your mechanical keyboard quieter or even how to silence mechanical keyboards entirely, ensuring that you can tailor the sound to your exact liking.

Understanding the Value: Benefits and Uses of Mechanical Keyboards

The rise in the popularity of mechanical keyboards isn’t just a passing trend. Behind the tactile feedback and satisfying clicks lies a realm of distinct benefits that cater to diverse needs, from gaming enthusiasts to daily typists. Let’s dive into the various advantages and explore why many users are making the switch.

A Spectrum of Benefits: At a glance, mechanical keyboards offer durability and customizability, but if you delve deeper, there’s so much more to it. Delving into the benefits of mechanical keyboards, it becomes evident that these devices are more than just tools; they’re companions crafted for precision and reliability.

For the Gamers Among Us: There’s a reason gaming communities buzz with conversations about mechanical keyboards. The precision, feedback, and speed these keyboards bring to the table are unmatched. Curious about why mechanical keyboards might be better for gaming? Or perhaps you’re pondering why gamers particularly favor them? The answers revolve around performance enhancement, tactile satisfaction, and a competitive edge.

Typing, Comfort, and Daily Tasks: But it’s not just the gamers who are in on the secret. For many, typing on a mechanical keyboard feels like a symphony of clicks and clacks, offering a more responsive and efficient experience. In fact, debates often arise about whether they’re better for typing or if they truly are gentler on your hands. Moreover, their applicability extends to professional realms too, making them an excellent choice for office work.

Diving Deeper: A Glimpse into the Miscellaneous World of Mechanical Keyboards

In the vast landscape of mechanical keyboards, there are always a few topics that stand out, piquing our interest. Whether it’s the history that shaped these keyboards or the innovative designs that might leave you scratching your head, there’s a plethora of fascinating facets to explore.

Waterproof Wonders: For those of you who’ve been caught red-handed spilling a drink over your prized keyboard, fear not. The world of waterproof mechanical keyboards beckons, promising durability against unexpected mishaps. It’s technology meeting practicality, ensuring you can enjoy your coffee or game night drink without a hint of worry.

The High-End Affair: Mechanical keyboards, like any piece of tech, have their luxury end. If you’re intrigued by the pinnacle of craftsmanship and are keen to explore the most expensive mechanical keyboards, brace yourself for a journey into opulence. These aren’t just keyboards; they’re a statement.

A Blast from the Past: Every piece of modern tech has a story rooted in the past, and mechanical keyboards are no exception. The history of mechanical keyboards is a captivating tale of innovation and evolution. From rudimentary typewriters to the advanced tactile devices we know today, it’s a journey worth delving into.

Quirks and Wonders: Then, of course, there are the oddballs. The weird keyboards that challenge our perception of what a keyboard should be. From unconventional layouts to bizarre designs, they serve as a testament to human creativity and the desire to push boundaries.

In Conclusion: Mechanical keyboards are not just about typing or gaming; they encompass a realm of innovation, history, and peculiarities that can keep enthusiasts intrigued for a lifetime. As you dive deeper, remember that it’s this rich tapestry of variety and evolution that makes the world of mechanical keyboards so endlessly fascinating. Enjoy the journey, and who knows? Perhaps you’ll find your next prized possession in the most unexpected of places.


In conclusion, when it comes to choosing the perfect budget mechanical keyboard for your needs, size and switch type are two of the most important considerations. Full-size keyboards offer a lot of features and flexibility, while TKL models provide more space saving options. As for switch types, linear switches are great for gamers needing fast response time, tactile switches offer a distinct feel that some typists swear by, and clicky switches provide loud and satisfying sound during long gaming or typing sessions. Whether you’re looking for an ultra-slim model with wireless capabilities or a full-featured wired keyboard – there’s something out there to fit your budget without sacrificing performance or quality!