How to Get Used to Gaming on a Keyboard and Mouse [Easy!]

If you’re just starting out with gaming on a keyboard and mouse, don’t worry – you’ll get the hang of it in no time! To begin, make sure your settings are optimized for the game so that you have the best experience. Next, familiarize yourself with how to use the keyboard and mouse together for different aspects of the game. Get used to shortcuts that will help you execute commands quickly during heated moments. Finally, practice as much as possible to become more comfortable with the setup. With some patience and persistence, you’ll soon be a pro at using keyboard and mouse gaming.

What Are the Benefits of Gaming With a Keyboard and Mouse?

When it comes to gaming, many experienced gamers prefer using a keyboard and mouse over a controller. This is because the best keyboards for gaming provide greater precision and accuracy than controllers, allowing players to perform complex actions with ease. Furthermore, keyboards have more keys than controllers, so players can customize their control options for different games. Finally, keyboards offer faster response times due to their low latency input. Using a keyboard and mouse for gaming can truly take your gaming experience to the next level!

Getting Used to a Keyboard and Mouse

The first step in getting comfortable with using a keyboard and mouse combination for gaming is understanding the layout of the keyboard. It’s important to familiarize yourself with where all of the keys are located so that you don’t have to waste time looking for them during gameplay. Additionally, make sure that your hands are in an ergonomic position while playing; this will help reduce fatigue over long gaming sessions. You can read more about gaming keyboard hand placement here.

Once you’ve got an understanding of the layout of your keyboard, it’s time to start practicing! You can start practicing by using the gaming keyboard as an ordinary keyboard. Then, the best way to get used to gaming on a keyboard and mouse is by playing games that require quick reflexes such as first-person shooters (FPS) or real-time strategy (RTS) titles. These genres require players to quickly move their hands between multiple keys while also pressing buttons at precise moments – perfect practice for getting comfortable with using a keyboard and mouse combination! Additionally, playing these types of games may help hone your reflexes even further as they often involve fast-paced action sequences which can be difficult to master without practice.

Making Adjustments

Using an ergonomic keyboard can be extremely helpful if you’re still having difficulty using the keyboard and mouse after some practice. An ergonomic keyboard is designed to make typing more comfortable, allowing it to fit your body type rather than the other way around. This means that instead of having to adjust yourself to fit a static piece of equipment, the keyboard will be adjustable so that it fits your individual needs and movements. With an ergonomic keyboard, you’ll find typing can become easier and more efficient as you’ll have better control over every keystroke for a more natural typing experience.

Additionally, if your current mouse isn’t providing enough precision or accuracy, consider investing in one specifically designed for gamers; these mice typically have higher sensitivity settings which allow for greater control when aiming or navigating menus in-game.

  1. Understanding the Keyboard Layout: If you’re new to gaming on a keyboard and mouse, the layout of the keys can be daunting. It’s important to take some time to familiarize yourself with where all the keys are located and what they do. A great way to start is to look up an image of a keyboard and label each key with its function. This will help you get comfortable navigating your way around the keyboard so that you can move quickly and accurately in-game.
  2. Practicing with Keyboard and Mouse Combinations: Once you have a good understanding of the keyboard layout, it’s time to start practicing with combinations of keystrokes and mouse clicks. It may seem overwhelming at first, but with practice you will soon be able to fluidly move your character around the game world in no time. Try out different gaming mouse keyboard combinations and different combinations of key presses and mouse movements until you find something that works for you.
  3. Making Adjustments for Comfort: When gaming on a keyboard and mouse, comfort is key! Take some time to adjust your chair, desk, or other setup elements so that everything fits just right. You may also want to consider investing in an ergonomic keyboard or mouse so that your fingers don’t get too tired during extended gaming sessions.
  4. Learning Common Keyboard Shortcuts: Many popular games come with pre-defined shortcuts that make it easy to perform common actions without having to remember complicated button combinations every time. Spend some time learning these shortcuts in order to save valuable time while playing your favorite games.
  5. Customizing Keybinds for Efficiency: Once you’re comfortable with using the default keyboard shortcuts, it’s worth taking some time to customize them for maximum efficiency. Most modern games allow you to rebind specific keys for certain actions which can make all the difference when playing at a competitive level or just trying to improve your skills in general.


Getting used to gaming on a keyboard and mouse doesn’t happen overnight – it requires patience and dedication in order master this setup effectively. However, following our tips above should help make things easier as you transition from one type of controller into another. After all, a gaming keyboard is definitely worth it. Remember – practice makes perfect! So keep at it until you feel like a pro gamer!