Best 75% Keyboards: Enhance Your Typing Experience

Scouting for a top-notch 75% keyboard to up your gaming game? Look no further, friend! Whether it’s a gaming-centric beast or a versatile all-rounder you seek, we’ve got you covered. This article delves into the nitty-gritty of diverse keyboard types, their features, and benefits. We’ve even thrown in a few tips and tricks to help you max out your gaming thrill. And to top it all, we’ve lined up our champion picks for the best 75% keyboards you can get your hands on. So, if you’re set to give your gaming rig a major upgrade, let’s roll!

keydous NJ80-AP

The Keydous NJ80-AP is a great option for those looking for the best 75% keyboard. The upgraded AP500 version adds some new features such as Bluetooth, 2.4Ghz and wired programmability, customizable dynamic lighting effects and FN key reassignments to any key for shortcut preferences. The PBT keycaps have a 90% high concentration matte texture surface and hot swappable PCB allows easy switch swapping without soldering. This keyboard also has Rogers INAOC Poron foams reduce noise and hollow sound when typing, aluminum alloy knob adjusts the device’s volume by default, can be programmed to other functions and with Bluetooth+2.4Ghz+wired connection modes allows you to connect up to 5 devices.

Pros of this keyboard include its nice weight and thickness which makes it comfortable to type on; decently quiet; attractive volume knobs with rivets feeling; good looking materials; RGB lighting; quick customer support; crisp sounds from typing. Cons include alt and windows keys swapped (unable to fix); Bluetooth connection lags in game; wired mode glitchy as well; keys not writing smoothly or in some cases stop working altogether.. Overall this is a decent keyboard that offers good value considering its price tag but may not be perfect for everyone due to some of the cons mentioned above.

Keychron Q1

The Keychron Q1 is a great choice for those looking for a 75% mechanical keyboard. Combining a solid aluminum frame with double-shot PBT keycaps provides a comfortable typing experience, while the Gateron G Pro linear red switch offers smooth and responsive typing. A south-facing RGB backlight ensures that the lighting won’t be blocked when you use alternative keycaps, and hot-swappable support allows you to further customize your keyboard. The double gasket design reduces sound resonance between metals and noise from impacted metal, making it ideal for gaming.

Programming each key or macro command is easy using macOS/Windows/Linux operating systems with QMK or VIA software, and screw-in PCB stabilizers offer increased stability and precision positioning. While there are some drawbacks – keycaps can feel slightly cheap compared to other similarly priced keyboards; spacebar louder than other keys; configuration software does not recognize the keyboard; third-party keycap sets do not fit as well as expected – overall this is an impressive product that offers excellent value for money.

Epomaker TH80

The Epomaker TH80 is a great option for someone looking for the best 75 keyboard. This mechanical gaming keyboard supports three means of connectivity, Bluetooth 5.0, 2.4 GHz and a USB-C wired output, so you can choose between wireless or wired connection depending on your needs. It comes with Gateron Pro switches in yellow, red, brown, blue and black that offer smooth travel straight out of the box and 50-million-keystroke lifespan. The PBT dye-subbed keycaps in MDA profile provide durability and will stay true to color with use as well as some unique looks and feel when typing. The LED backlighting allows you to enjoy amazing RGB effects with simple shortcuts or even more DIY settings through the compatible software available which also enables programming macros to better fit your typing habits.

The plastic case with medium bezel and rounded corners provides good build quality while the retractable feet let you adjust the angle according to your liking. Additionally, there is a dedicated knob for extra control of your setup which makes it easy to actuate but unfortunately its quite hard to use due to its marble sound effect. On top of that some parts such as the spacebar can have slight warping issues that result in rattling noise but overall it offers high value for its price point despite having certain imperfections like inconsistent lettering on keycaps or manual/software not being perfectly aligned.


The GLORIOUS GMMK Pro is the ultimate gaming keyboard for those looking to take their performance and customization to the next level. Its machined, engraved aluminum case provides a sleek look that’s incredibly durable, while its gasket mounted plate design dampens keystrokes for a unique typing experience. Plus, it comes with pre-lubed screw in stabilizers to reduce wobble while gaming or typing.

You can also customize your setup with 16.8 million color RGB lighting and signature side lighting panel for an extra pop of color. It supports 3 pin and 5 pin tkl hot swap mechanical switches so you can choose whichever switch type you prefer. And it’s compatible with QMK & VIA opensource firmware as well as Glorious Core software for easy customizations and updates.

The GMMK Pro offers high-end features like lubed tactile fox switches, bright LEDs, heavy duty aluminum base, switch puller, keycap puller, removable braided USB cable – all in a compact form factor! The only downside is that the fancy aviator cable can be tricky to orient correctly depending on your desk setup.

Mistel MD770 RGB Wired

The Mistel MD770 RGB Wired is a great choice for anyone looking for the perfect 75% keyboard. With its Cherry MX Silent Red switches offering smooth and reliable typing and double shot PBT keycaps offering durability as well as RGB LED backlighting providing customizability, you can be sure of excellent performance and comfort at an affordable price point. It also has a unique split design which helps to keep your wrists in a neutral position, perfect for reducing keyboard wrist strain. The only downsides are that it doesn’t come with ⌘ or option keys included, no Kailh Box Whites offered as an option, and no built-in wrist support – but there are rubber feet which can help adjust the angle slightly for better ergonomics. All in all this is an excellent choice for those seeking the best 75% keyboard around!

Akko 5075B Plus

The Akko 5075B Plus is an exceptional 75% gaming keyboard that offers both style and substance. Its sleek black and cyan color scheme make it stand out from other keyboards in the market, while its hot-swappable switches allow users to customize their typing experiences. Additionally, this keyboard has multiple connection options – Bluetooth 5.0, Multi-host 2.4Ghz (with receiver), and Wired Type-C – for flexible use in workplaces or at home, as well as a built-in 3000mAh battery. It also features a premium gasket mount system that provides a cushioned typing experience with isolated PCB and plate system held off by silicone gaskets.

The Akko 5075B Plus is equipped with customizable RGB backlighting across all keys that can be programmed through the Akko Cloud Driver app along with adjustable heights for personalizing your typing experience even further. Additionally, the keyboard comes with essential foams for noise reduction including silicone plate foam, case foam, and IXPE switch pad so you can game without disturbing anyone around you. Finally, the Akko 5075B Plus is more affordable than similar models from Ducky but still offers additional features such as stock switches being smoother than most others on the market and plenty of RGB lighting under each keycap for added customization. All in all, if you’re looking for the best 75% keyboard out there then look no further than the Akko 5075B Plus!

nuphy Air75

The NuPhy Air75 is a great choice for anyone looking to get the best of both worlds when it comes to gaming keyboards. It features an ultra-thin aluminum frame with 84 keys, and offers multiple connection options such as 2.4G wireless mode, Bluetooth 5.0, and USB C wired mode that can connect up to four devices simultaneously. The 2500 mAh battery capacity provides up to 48 hours of battery life in lab test results, while 21 backlight modes and 4 side light modes can be customized via Windows software. Compatible with both Mac and Windows, it also includes Gateron Low-profile Brown switch, brand new PBT keycap, extra keycaps & switches, stickers, quick guide/poster, magnetic foot etc in the package.

While it has many pros such as high quality construction and compatibility with Mac/Windows OSs which are very attractive features indeed – its digital assistant key needs to be reassigned manually; RGB lighting is not special compared to other models; feet are not securely attachable – this could be seen as minor drawbacks depending on your preferences.

Overall the NuPhy Air75 is a great 75 keyboard option for those who want a low profile board that is compatible with both Mac & Windows OSs but don’t require too much special RGB lighting effects from their keyboard. With its extra bits provided and high quality build you cant go wrong with this one!
Are you in the market for a sleek, feature-packed keypad? Then consider investing in a 75% mechanical keyboard. With its condensed design, this board offers many advantages over larger models like the tenkeyless and full-sized keyboards; namely, your hand won’t need to travel as far when switching between typing and clicking. Moreover, due to its unconventional navigational cluster layout – arranged vertically instead of 3×3 – it takes up significantly less space while still offering all the essential keys.

Before you make your purchase however, remember that there may be certain downsides associated with this new model of keyboard. For instance, custom keycaps may not fit on some models due to their nonstandard layouts; so be sure to check with manufacturers about compatibility prior to buying. Additionally, customization options might be more limited compared to other boards due to their size and uncommon configuration.

Overall though, if convenience is what you’re after without having to compromise on performance then a 75% mechanical keyboard could very well be your ideal choice! Just keep these factors in mind when looking for one so that you can find the perfect board for your gaming needs!


So, wrapping it up, the 75% mechanical keyboard stands out as a gem for gamers chasing high performance, convenience, and space efficiency. The market is brimming with several variants, each flaunting their unique set of features and benefits. These compact bad boys, with their customizable options and swift transition from typing to clicking, are like a dream come true for gamers who desire the ultimate gaming experience. After all, who wouldn’t want the best of both worlds?

If you still need some extra info before you get your next keyboard, check our guide on keyboard sizes here and our article about 65% vs 75% keyboards.