Best Beginner Keyboard Switches [Starting Off Right]

Looking to kickstart your PC gaming journey with the best keyboard switches, or simply eyeing an upgrade to your current rig? The kind of switch you go for always plays a pivotal role. Let’s delve into the essentials of picking the best entry-level keyboard switches, arming you with the knowledge you need to make an informed decision. We’ll highlight crucial elements like actuation force, travel distance, and response time to ensure your gaming escapades are nothing but thrilling and efficient.

Cherry MX Red

If you’re new to PC gaming and want to enhance your gaming keyboard, Cherry MX Red switches make a compelling case. These switches, mounted on plates, sport self-cleaning contacts – no more dust or grime worries. Not only do they promise longevity with over 50 million keystrokes without a drop in quality, but they also come with a handy switch remover/puller. This means swapping out keys becomes a breeze when needed.

The linear switches and high compatibility 3-pin design make them fast and responsive enough for serious gaming, along with being quiet enough for late night gaming sessions. Plus, they are used by some of the best gamers around the world!

Unfortunately, they do not come preinstalled with LED lights and can arrive bent due to fragile posts. Additionally, there’s no tactile feedback when pressed into a keyboard.

Overall, these switches are perfect for beginner gamers looking for an upgrade as well as more experienced gamers who want a reliable product that offers performance and speed without compromising on sound levels while gaming late at night.

Akko Speed Silver

The Akko Speed Silver is a great option for those looking for an affordable and beginner-friendly gaming keyboard switch. The CS Piano switches have a short travel distance of 3.5mm, providing quick and accurate typing, while the 50g switch weight offers just enough tactile feedback to prevent you from pressing too hard. Additionally, it’s dustproof and smooth right out of the box – no lubing needed!

As far as value for money goes, the Akko Speed Silver delivers; it’s compatible with most hot swappable keyboards, has great sound quality, and LED slots that allow you to customize your lighting effects. However, there are some drawbacks such as its green tint which can interfere with backlit keyboards when viewed from the side, plus only having 3 pin switches can limit options and stability somewhat.

For new gamers or those on a budget who want to upgrade their keyboard experience without spending too much money, this is definitely worth considering – fast travel distance combined with low cost per switch unit makes it an excellent choice.

Gateron Milky Yellow

If you’re looking for a smooth and responsive keyboard experience, Gateron Milky Yellow switches are an excellent choice. With a linear feel, they provide precise keystrokes each time you press down – perfect for fast-paced gaming. They also come with 5 pins which make them compatible with Cherry MX replacement switches should you decide to upgrade later on. Plus, these switches are transparent so light can pass through them creating an extra layer of RGB style for your board. The only downside is that some chopping may be necessary to sync it up with other parts of your board, but this isn’t too much of an issue if you’re just starting out.

Kailh Box Pink

The Kailh Box Pink switches are a great choice for gamers just starting out with keyboards: they have an operating force of 55g±15gf and a tactile force of 65g±10gf, providing you with a tactile clicky feel that’s very similar to the Cherry Clear switch. What’s more, they come with a clear cover so you can enjoy SMD switch RGBs without any hassle. Best of all, these 5 pin switches arrived quickly and in perfect shape – no bent pins!

For those looking for performance and reliability at an affordable price point, the Kailh Box Pink switches are definitely worth considering. It’s the best Kailh Switch and whether you’re new to gaming or an experienced player, this switch can give your typing experience a major boost.

Glorious Panda

The Glorious Panda switch is an ideal choice for those starting out on their keyboard journey. Its premium materials make typing a responsive and enjoyable experience; the polycarbonate top cover, PA66 nylon lower cover, POM shaft and nickel-plated stainless steel spring providing a smooth sound when pressed. Coming in a box with individual bags, these switches are very easy to take apart and lube if desired as well as allowing customisation options. With maximum compatibility with Cherry MX and Kalih switches, you’ll know it fits your board. And with its precise switching point without compromising durability or comfort, it’s hard to find anything else that compares. The only drawback may be the lack of backlit capabilities due to its foggy housing.

Cherry MX Black

The Cherry MX Black keyswitches are an ideal choice for someone looking to get started with mechanical keyboards. This pack of 10 comes with everything you need, including a switch puller and clear protective plastic case. The black switches are heavy and linear, making them great for gaming or typing, plus they’re made by the renowned Cherry brand in Germany so you know that they’re of genuine quality. Soldering these switches is easy too; if one key stops working it can be quickly resoldered back into place without any issue. The only downside is that there isn’t any included LED or wiring if your keyboard needs lighting. All in all, these keyswitches provide reliable performance at a reasonable price point – perfect for budget-minded beginners who want a quality switch!

How To Select The Right Beginner Switch

Are you on the hunt for a new gaming keyboard but unsure of how to select the ideal switch? If so, this guide is here to help. We’ll review mechanical switches and discuss the best options for beginners.

Mechanical switches are what lie below keycaps and connect to a circuit board, sending signals when keys are pressed so that your computer knows what action to take. The three primary types are linear, tactile, and clicky; linear require only one press regardless of strength, tactile demand more pressure yet provide feedback when activated, while clicky offer both audible and tactile feedback when pushed.

For starters, most suggest going with tactile since they supply feedback and don’t necessitate much force like linear switches do. Brown varieties like Cherry MX Brown are decent choices as they boast light actuation force (45 cN) and feature a tactile bump (55 cN). Linear models such as Cherry MX Red or Black may feel less comfortable during extended typing sessions due to their lack of input signal. Then there’s low profile switches and speed switches like Cherry MX Speed Silver which bear lighter weight than black or green options making them suitable for those who type quickly or need rapid response times in games.

Noise level will depend on the specific switch being compared so research is essential before investing in any type. Overall though, understanding your individual needs can point you towards the perfect option; trial-and-error is key!


In conclusion, finding the right gaming keyboard switch for your needs can be daunting, especially as a beginner. However, understanding your usage and researching different types of switches can make all the difference. Tactile switches like Cherry MX Brown are suitable starters due to their light actuation force and tactile bump; alternatively linear models such as Red or Black offer more speed while clicky ones provide both audible and tactile feedback when pressed. Ultimately, you’ll need to try out a few options before settling on one but with proper research and effort you can find the perfect switch for your gaming needs. If you’re looking for the best switch overall check out this guide.