Best Keycap Sets (Top Picks for 2023)

Welcome to 2023, where mechanical keyboards continue to flourish, and custom keycap sets are taking center stage. They’re more than just accessories; they’re a way to infuse character and style into your keyboard. Our carefully curated selection of this year’s best keycap sets is bound to captivate you, regardless of whether you’re seeking minimalist elegance, vibrant themes, or something in between. Let’s explore together and find the perfect set to make your keyboard truly your own.

HyperX Pudding Keycaps

If you’re looking for a quality, long-lasting keycap set with vibrant RGB lighting, the HyperX Pudding Keycaps are an excellent choice. Featuring a dual-layer design for increased light transmission and a sturdy double shot PBT material, these durable keycaps will look great and last you a long time. The larger font size helps to enhance visibility of each individual key, while the included keycap removal tool ensures precise fitting.

The pros of this set include enhanced brightness from the RGB lighting, affordable price point compared to other PBT caps and easier typing due to the bigger font size. It also has an added benefit of some buttons being illuminated in dark settings. However, there are some drawbacks such as no alternate layout keys or modifiers being full sized so they don’t fit properly. Some keys may not be as bright or stick occasionally too.

Overall though, this is an amazing set of keycaps that won’t break the bank – definitely worth considering!

Akko Double-Shot PBT Keycaps

The Akko Double-Shot PBT Keycaps offer a great value for the price, with a satisfying unboxing experience and everything you need for a 75% keyboard. It features the Akko SA profile, which is tailored to provide a more familiar and comfortable typing experience. The double-shot keycaps are extremely durable and resistant to wear, and the legends are particularly vibrant with high contrast. The sound profile of these keycaps is glassy, deep, and marbly.

This set of keycaps is compatible with MX structure switches including Cherry, Gateron, Akko and Kailh etc., but it’s important to note that large keys of non-standard layouts & stabilizers may not be compatible. Additionally, this product isn’t suitable for backlighting or split keyboards as it doesn’t come with a 2U shift key. In some cases there might also be slight misalignment in terms of centering in certain keys.

Overall though, the Akko Double-Shot PBT Keycap set offers an aesthetically pleasing look in terms of both design and performance at a great price point – making it an ideal choice for someone looking for the best keycap sets on budget.

GMK Laser

GMK Laser is a premium keycap set crafted with carefully sourced materials and designed with the cyberpunk aesthetic in mind. The keycaps are made of thick, double-shot ABS plastic which gives them strength and longevity. Compatible with Cherry MX switches and clones including Kailh, Halo, and Gateron, this set also works with various 60%, tenkeyless, 65%, 75%, and full-size keyboards for ultimate convenience.

The design of the GMK Laser set is something that is hard to beat – the colorway looks amazing in person as well as in photos. The base kit includes more keycaps than a typical GMK base kit including numpad keys as well as some alternate modifiers and spacebars for increased compatibility. Plus, the double-shot ABS used for the caps ensures that legends won’t wear away over time due to regular usage.

On the downside however, GMK Laser can be quite expensive to purchase – especially when you buy it from an Amazon seller. Furthermore, there have been reported issues regarding quality control while cheaper clones can be purchased at less than a third of its price tag. Additionally, ABS will start to shine over time with regular usage so long-term durability might be an issue here.

All things considered though, if you’re looking for a good keycap set that has an awesome design then GMK Laser could definitely be worth considering – just make sure you look around for other GMK options too before making your final decision!

Domikey SA keycaps

The Domikey SA keycaps are a great choice for those looking to recreate the iconic look and feel of the classic Dolch Computer Systems keyboard. Made from durable double-shot ABS plastic, these keycaps offer both reliability and style. Featuring a high profile that is comfortable enough to use without a wrist rest, plus vibrant colors that will stand out against any color scheme, they are also compatible with Cherry MX switches and clones – so you can customize your keyboard’s sound profile too.

However, there are some potential drawbacks – such as two keys being slightly misaligned, the G Key being off-center, multiple keys not sitting perfectly straight in their rows, and imperfections on the A Key. Additionally, bear in mind that it comes with 1.75u control keys only – no 1.25u replacements included.

All things considered though, these Domikey SA Keycaps still offer great value if you want to bring back the authentic look and feel of keyboards from the turn of the millennium!

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GMK White-On-Black

The GMK White-On-Black is an excellent choice for gamers looking for a classic, high-quality keycap set. Produced by the renowned German manufacturer GMK and made from ultra-thick ABS plastic, this set offers 140 durable keys that put PBT to the test. The colors are classic GMK CR Black and WS1 White which will work with any keyboard layout – including nonstandard ones. Doubleshot 1.5 mm ABS plastic ensures that legends won’t fade, and provide clear, lined up properly and spaced evenly from the edges of each key.

For most gamers, the biggest drawback of this product is its price tag – it’s usually over $100. Additionally, ISO keys are only available in US ISO; some sprue marks on keycaps can also be found; and there’s a bit too much boldness on the legends for a white-on-black colorway. Though you may feel like the solidness of these keycaps isn’t as good as other models (like Skidata), they still offer great sound and feel when typing or gaming.

Overall, if you’re willing to invest in something more premium than average aftermarket sets while getting great value at the same time – then GMK White-On-Black is definitely worth considering!

HK Gaming Chalk

The HK Gaming Chalk is an affordable and durable keycap set. It features PBT for great readability and a pleasant touch, plus Cherry profile ideal for long uninterrupted typing without feeling tired. The set includes an additional 31 keys for high compatibility including Mac modifiers and a keypuller for easy Keycap removal. It’s also compatible with multiple sizes of keyboards, 100%, 75%, 65% and 60%, as well as both ANSI US Layout and ISO UK Layouts.

The keycaps have a good feel, color, and sound to them making them suitable for people who don’t want to spend $100+ on a keycap set. However, the quality of finishing and legends is poor so they may not be suitable if you have a more expensive build or are looking for actual quality keycaps. Furthermore, there are no textures on the surface of the keys as well as rough finishing at the edges which can make them look smudged up close.

In conclusion, although HK Gaming Chalk may not be suitable if you’re looking for something specifically high-end or textured in design; it’s still an affordable yet durable option that offers good value when it comes to basic mechanical gaming switches such as Cherry MX Switches, Gateron Switches, Kailh Box Switches and Outemu mechanical gaming switches due to its extra thick PBT material that has been fade resistant through Dye Sub process printing technology.

YMDK White Black Dolch Thick PBT 84 68 64 Blank Keyset

The YMDK White Black Dolch Thick PBT 84 68 64 Blank Keyset is a great choice for those searching for the best keycap sets. Featuring 1.5mm of resilient PBT material and possessing a distinguished, premium feel due to their greater height than normal, these dark caps are also optimized for the layout indicated in the images. Furthermore, one can expect superior customer service to address any minor issues stemming from the ordering process, making it well-worthwhile to wait until they arrive from overseas.

My only issue with this set was that the single red ESC key was a bit translucent which may not pair aesthetically with LED lighting. Moreover, because of their unique sizes you must arrange them on certain rows to enjoy optimal comfort and appropriate finger elevation.

To sum up, if you’re seeking quality keycaps which are both pleasing to look at and comfortable to type on then this set from YMDK should definitely be taken into account!

The Best Keycaps for Your Keyboard: A Guide

When it comes to gaming, having the right keyboard is essential. But what’s often overlooked is the keycaps – the removable plastic caps that cover the switches on your keyboard. In this guide, we’ll cover all of the essentials in choosing the best keycaps for your gaming setup.

Design: The Look and Feel of Your Keyboard

When it comes to design, it’s all about personal preference. Do you want a minimalist look with a simple color scheme? Or something more colorful and eye-catching? With so many options to choose from, take some time to pick a style that you feel best suits your setup.

Material Types: ABS vs PBT

When choosing keycaps, you’ll be faced with two main materials types: ABS Plastic and PBT Plastic. ABS is lighter and tends to get a smoother and shinier look over time. On the other hand, PBT plastic is textured and matte with better wear-and-tear resistance over time. Learn more about the differences between abs vs pbt keycaps here.

RGB Shine-Through: Varying by Keycap Type

For those looking for something with a bit more flair, RGB shine-through keycaps are available in various styles. Pudding keycaps are popular due to their ability to allow more RGB light to shine through them, creating an eye-catching effect when paired with backlighting and LED lighting systems.

Keycap Profiles & Heights: Short vs Tall

On top of material types, each keycap also has a unique profile that refers to its shape and size. For more information on the different profiles available, check out this article on keycap profile comparison or this one about the cherry vs oem profile. In short, keycap heights can range from short (as low as 2mm) to tall (17mm), depending on your preferences. Some gamers even opt for custom 3D printed keycaps!

Compatibility & Cost: Check Before You Buy

Before investing in any set of keycaps, make sure they’re compatible with your keyboard – either ANSI or ISO layout – as not all sets will fit every model. To learn more about the different types of keycap sets available and their compatibility with various keyboards, check out this guide. Prices can vary between brands and styles, but some sets can cost upwards of $150 or more for custom designs or rare models.

Overall, finding the best keycap set for you largely depends on personal preference when it comes to design and material type – not just cost or compatibility. Take some time to explore different options before making your decision – you won’t regret it!


In conclusion, when it comes to finding the right keycap set for your gaming setup, there are many factors to consider. From design and material types, to RGB shine-through capabilities and height profiles, you’ll need to weigh all of these options before investing in any particular set. Additionally, make sure that the keycaps you choose are compatible with your keyboard model and within your budget – as prices can vary between brands and styles. With so many choices available on the market today, take some time to explore different options and pick a style that best suits your needs!