Best Clicky Switches (2023)

Finding the perfect gaming keyboard hinges heavily on the switches – the vital components that capture your keystrokes and relay them to your PC. The best clicky switches, marked by tactile feedback and an unmistakable click, rank among gamers’ top choices. Let’s delve into the allure of a clicky switch and spotlight some market favorites, helping you zero in on the ultimate switch to amplify your gaming rig.

Gateron Blue

If you’re a gamer or computer enthusiast looking for an enhanced typing experience, Gateron Blue Mechanical Keyboard Switches are definitely worth considering. With their light 60g actuation force and tactile feedback, they offer a satisfying typing experience that’s both enjoyable and reliable. The 120-pack ensures you always have plenty on hand, while compatibility with SMD LEDs and most hot swappable mechanical keyboards makes installation hassle-free. Plus, the non-transparent clear white switches provide an elegant look to any setup. All in all, Gateron Blue Mechanical Keyboard Switches give you great performance at a great price – making them an ideal choice for those seeking a high-quality clicky switch without breaking the bank.

Kailh Box White

If you’re looking for a reliable, clicky switch with a long lifespan and great feedback, the Kailh Box White is the perfect choice. It’s a 3-pin box switch with cross stem that’s plate mounted and SMD compatible, making it dust and water resistant. Not only does it have an impressive 80 million cycle lifespan, but its actuation distance of 1.8mm ± 0.3mm and total travel of 3.6mm ± 0.3cmm provide smooth yet responsive clicks with precision accuracy – even if you type with heavy hands! The only downside to this product is its white boarder on black boards which can be distracting at times; however that doesn’t take away from its overall reliability or performance when in use.

Kailh Speed Copper

If you’re after a responsive, clicky switch with great durability and performance, the Kailh Speed Copper switch is an excellent choice. It has a short travel/activation distance of 40%-50%, making it reliable for games like osu!. Additionally, its peak force is relatively light at 45g, giving it a comfortable feel when typing. And with a 70 million cycles lifetime, you won’t have to worry about wear and tear over time either.

For those who want backlight customization options, this switch also comes with SMD LED compatibility. Plus, its waterproof and dust-proof design ensures that spills or dirt won’t cause any damage to your keyboard. The key stabilization feature also works really well – although some keys may still wobble depending on how they are stabilized on the keyboard.

In summary, the Kailh Speed Copper switch offers fast response times coupled with great durability and comfortability – plus its waterproof and dust-proof design make maintenance easy too!

Kailh Box Jade

Kailh Box Jade switches are a great option for gamers looking to get a clicky switch with fast tactile typing and speed typing. The switches come in packs of 65 at an affordable price, making them an excellent value choice. They can be used on hot-swap mechanical gaming keyboards as well as DIY custom boards, and feature SMD LED compatibility. Plus, the IP56 rating offers good dust and water resistance.

The 1.8mm pre-travel distance with 3.6mm travel distance provide a light touch that’s ideal for optimal performance, while the 50g actuation force and 60g bottom out force make for an audible higher pitched click than Kailh’s Click Jackets model. However, some may find the Box Whites too light and require o-rings to reduce bottoming out sound – plus the included switch puller tool isn’t particularly useful either.

All things considered though, Kailh Box Jade switches offer reliable speed typing with an very satisfying audible click even in less than ideal environments thanks to its IP56 rating – making it a great choice overall.

NovelKeys Sherbet

NovelKeys Sherbet Switch is an amazing selection for anyone in search of the best clicky switches available. Boasting a Kailh Sherbet Switch with Clickbar and 4.0mm travel, this switch ensures a highly gratifying typing experience from the outset. Not to mention, its 83g peak force, 45g actuation and 70g bottom out makes it ideal for gaming keyboards; plus, it produces a pleasant pen ball point sound that many users adore.

These switches may be loud but are surely worth considering if you love clicky switches and want to maximize your gaming keyboard experience. With its RGB SMD technology and plate mount design, your keyboard will have both an aesthetically pleasing look and satisfyingly clear sound when in use! For utmost speed and accuracy while gaming, NovelKeys Sherbet Switch is definitely the ideal choice!

Cherry MX Blue

For those looking to replace or upgrade their keyboard switches, the Cherry MX Blue Keyswitch 10 Pack is an ideal solution. Genuine Cherry Blue MX switches provide a tactile click that can’t be found anywhere else and come in a convenient cardboard box for easy storage.

These switches are also highly modifiable thanks to both plate-mount and pcb mount options available. If you’ve had any keys damaged due to spills, this 10 pack makes it easy to replace them – no soldering required! However, sound and feel quality isn’t quite as good as Kailh Box Jades, and 5 out of 10 have bent pins which need slight adjustment before installation.

Overall, the Cherry MX Blue Keyswitch 10 Pack is an excellent choice for experienced keyboard users who want the best clicky switch on the market. It’s simple enough to install without requiring much skill yet has plenty of customization options so you can bring your keyboard back to life!

Kailh Box Pale Blue

If you’re looking for a fast and tactile switch to customize your gaming keyboard or Hot Swap keyboard, the Kailh Box Pale Blues are an excellent choice. They come with dust and water resistance at an IP56 rating, as well as a switch remover/puller included in the package. With a pre-travel of 1.8mm, travel of 3.6mm, actuation force of 60g and bottom out at 80g, these switches offer great performance both when typing and gaming. Plus, they have no hysteresis which ensures that there’s no delay in registering keystrokes when switching quickly between keys.

The sound quality is also great; it has a high pitched click bar sound that provides users with light feel and no key wiggle when speed-typing. The only downside is that the switch puller tool may not be as helpful as one would expect so it might be necessary to purchase two 65 switch packs if customizing 104 switchboard keyboards due to the excess switches included in each pack. But overall they’re cost effective ($0.51 each) making them an attractive option.

Choosing Clicky Switches

Are you seeking a keyboard providing tactile feedback and an audible click? If so, Clicky Switches might be just the thing for you. Offering an extra layer of input when typing, these switches are ideal for gamers or typists alike. This guide will cover the fundamentals of clicky switches, the different types available, and which switch is best suited to your needs.

What are Clicky Switches?

best clicky switches

Put simply, they are mechanical key switches that generate a distinctive tactile bump and “click” sound when depressed. This sound can be produced by either a click jacket or click bar design; with the former creating a “click” on press down only while the latter generates noise both when pressed and released. Three broad categories of key switch exist: Linear, Tactile, and Clicky – with Clicky being a sub-type of tactile switch that produces an additional higher-pitched “click” upon activation. Typical colours include Blue (most common), Green (usually heavier than blues), as well as any combination of blue/green variants.

Considerations for Clicky Switch Keyboards

Clicky switches in keyboards are like the thrilling sound of popcorn in a movie theater to some, while to others, they may be the nagging noise of a leaky faucet. The paradox lies in understanding when and where this satisfying feedback is appreciated or disruptive. Here’s what you need to consider:

The Satisfaction of Sound

If you’re someone who relishes the tactile feedback and audible click of a keystroke, clicky switches offer a unique and enjoyable typing experience. Remember that not all clicky mechanical switches are created equal. So, testing different brands and models before purchasing is akin to trying out a car before driving it off the lot. It ensures that you not only enjoy the sound but the overall feel as well. I recommend trying out everything from Cherry MX blues to Kailh clicky switches. This way you know which mechanical keyboard switch you like the most!

The Social Aspect

Ever been in a library where even a whisper feels like shouting? Now imagine the sound of clicky switches in a shared workspace. Your co-workers might not be as enchanted by the rhythmic symphony of your keystrokes as you are. If you’re working from home with a dedicated space, however, you’re free to enjoy the orchestra of clicks without a worried glance from others.

Online Etiquette

Picture yourself in a crucial online meeting or gaming with friends, where focus is key. In such scenarios, your keyboard’s clicky sounds may travel through the microphone like uninvited guests, distracting or even irritating those on the other side. If you’re conscious of when to make those clicks, such as during non-voice activities, it could be a beautiful blend of personal preference and social responsibility.

A Balanced Approach

Finally, it’s not just about you, the passionate typist, but the ecosystem you’re part of. Whether at home, in a shared office, or online, considering the impact of clicky switches on others around you is like being mindful of the volume on your headphones in a public place. Sometimes, it’s the little things that help maintain harmony, both in the virtual and real world.

In the end, like choosing a perfect cup of coffee or a favorite song, the right keyboard with clicky switches is highly personal but also social in nature. It’s a blend of joy, etiquette, awareness, and sometimes, a bit of compromise.

Linear vs. Clicky Switches

When diving into the world of mechanical keyboards, you’ll often hear debates about which switch reigns supreme. The clash between linear and clicky switches can be likened to the age-old disputes of chocolate vs. vanilla or even console vs. PC gaming. Let’s break down the nuances of each switch to help you decide which is the perfect fit for your typing or gaming journey.

The Smooth Sail: Linear Switches Linear switches are the introverts of the switch world. They operate quietly, providing a smooth and uninterrupted keystroke experience. Think of them like gliding your fingers across a pristine ice rink. You won’t find any tactile bumps or distracting noises here. Many competitive gamers swear by these switches, valuing the seamless key presses that allow for rapid and precise movements. If you’re that person who loves uninterrupted focus and a quiet environment while working or gaming, the linear switch could be your silent partner in crime.

The Tactile Maestro: Clicky Switches On the other side of the spectrum, we have the extroverted clicky switches. They’re the life of the party, announcing their presence with an audible click and tactile bump. Every keypress feels and sounds like a mini celebration. For those of you who remember the loud clicking sound of old-school typewriters or just enjoy that audible feedback, this is the switch’s homage to that nostalgic experience. Beyond the nostalgia, the tactile and auditory feedback can enhance your typing accuracy, making you feel more connected with each keypress. Think of it as the keyboard’s way of high-fiving you for every word you type.

So, Which One’s for You? Both switches have their dedicated fan base. Gamers, writers, and everyday users all have their preferences. If you’re someone who values tranquility and precision, linear might be your game. On the other hand, if you’re the type who finds joy in every click and seeks that tactile affirmation, the clicky switch awaits your fingertips.

Remember, keyboards are deeply personal. It’s not just about performance but also about how you connect with your device. Test out both switches if you can, and trust your fingers and ears to guide you. They’re often the best judges!

Which Type is the Best?

When selecting your preferred type it’s important to consider both your own preferences along with where you plan to use it; for instance if in a public place such as office or library then tactile and linear switches may be better suited due to their silent operation whereas in more private environments then click bar/jacket designs could provide improved accuracy through increased tactile feedback. Ultimately however there is no single answer that fits all – it’s often a good idea to consider all the best availble options and choose what works best for you!

In short, if you’re after higher levels of response and distinct audible clicks then look no further than Clicky Switches! With various types available such as linear switches, tactile switches, and clicky switches – there should be something suitable for everyone’s needs. Before making any purchases however ensure you’ve done your research to get maximum benefit from your keyboard experience.

Different Types of Clicky Switches: Click Bar vs. Click Jackets

Ah, the eternal debate among keyboard enthusiasts: click bar or click jacket? Which one is the ultimate switch for that satisfying tactile feedback and sound? Let’s dive into the nuances of each and help you figure out which one might just be your next favorite.

Click Bar Switches: The Double-Click Sensation

Imagine typing up your latest game strategy or code, and every keystroke reverberates with a double-click sound. That’s the magic of click bar switches. Renowned for producing a click sound both during actuation and release, they’re like the rhythm section in the symphony of your keystrokes. Kailh blue switches have championed this design, earning their spot in the limelight among clicky switch aficionados.

Why might you be swayed by click bars? It’s the unmistakable “double-click” that many find so pleasurable. The sound is robust and crunchy, giving a sense of accomplishment with every press. And who can resist that supreme tactile feedback? It’s like the keyboard is constantly cheering you on.

Click Jacket Switches: Singularly Satisfying

If you’re someone who likes the spotlight on the downstroke without the encore, click jacket switches are your jam. When you press down, they reward you with a loud click, courtesy of a molded plastic section around the stem. But as the switch returns to its starting position, it remains silent. It’s a bit like a solo artist hitting a high note and then stepping back to let the music resonate.

Cherry MX clickys, like the Blues and Whites, have taken this path, offering a tactile bump without the double-click encore. Some users prefer this style, especially if they’re a fan of the solitary click without the follow-up.

Click Bars vs. Click Jackets: The Showdown

If keyboards had personalities, then MX-style clicky mechanical switches would be the stars, using either click bars or click jackets to create their signature sounds. While click jacket switches are about the singular dramatic effect, click bars feature that small plastic nub pushing against a wire, causing both tactile and auditory feedback.

The end choice? It boils down to preference. Are you someone who adores the robust sound and tactile feel, akin to the feeling of popping bubble wrap? Kailh Box switches, and their click bar design, might just be your jam. On the flip side, if you’re into a slightly more understated sound, a bit like a crisp snap, click jackets might be calling your name.

Ultimately, as with many things in life (and games), it’s about finding what resonates with you. Testing both switch types is akin to trying out different game genres; you won’t know your true favorite until you dive in. Remember, every keystroke tells a story. So, what will yours be?


In conclusion, Clicky Switches are an ideal choice for anyone seeking higher levels of feedback and distinct audible clicks when typing or gaming. With a variety of designs available ranging from linear to click bar/jacket models, you’re bound to find the perfect switch type for both your preferences and needs. No matter which type you choose, these switches offer a reliable and satisfying experience that is sure to enhance any keyboard setup!