Best Linear Switches [Are They Perfect For You?]

Linear switches are popular among gamers looking for a precise, smooth keypress experience with minimal resistance. Whether you’re a professional eSports competitor or an enthusiast gamer, choosing the right switch can make all the difference in your performance. In this article, we’ll be discussing some of the best linear switches available and the advantages they offer. We’ll also cover why these switches are important and how to select one that suits your needs. So if you’re looking for a great linear keyboard switch, keep reading to find out more!

KPrepublic Everglide Aqua King

The KPrepublic Everglide Aqua King is an excellent linear switch for those looking for a smooth, responsive keyboard experience. The switches come in three force levels – 55g, 62g and 67g – so you can find the perfect weight that suits your typing style. Out of the box, they provide a great sound and feel with minimal effort. The fully transparent housings also reflect light like ocean water for an immersive gaming experience.

The switches feature stainless steel springs paired with gold plate and gold alloy contacts for increased durability and performance. Additionally, they boast a pretravel of 2mm (± 0.6 mm) and total travel of 4mm (± 0.3 mm), making them one of the most responsive linear switches available on the market today. With their actuation forces ranging from 55 to 67 gf (± 10 gf) and operating force at 15 gf, these are some of the best linear switches around.

One downside to these switches is that stock lubing may not be ideal– however this can be easily improved upon with aftermarket lubricants or other mods such as dampening rings or foam sheet modding techniques which help reduce any potential scratchiness in some units. Additionally, it’s impossible to clean lube on certain types of these switches due to their design characteristics but this isn’t necessarily a dealbreaker since they are still highly reliable nonetheless.

Overall, the KPrepublic Everglide Aqua King provides an excellent out-of-box experience coupled with smooth switching action, making them an ideal choice for those seeking quality linear switch keyboards without having to spend extra time modifying their components themselves – definitely worth considering!

Gateron Milky Yellow

For those in search of optimal linear switches, the Gateron Milky Yellow offers a unique solution. Its 5-pin MX design provides an unbeatable smoothness and responsive keystrokes, while its 50+15GF operating force allows for a straight up-and-down motion with some light passing through. Additionally, if you’re looking to add RGB lighting, these switches need only minor modification.

Durability and dependability are two more reasons why this product is so popular among gamers and typists alike; it boasts reliable construction that can withstand extended use without degradation. And due to its compatibility with Cherry mx switches, replacing the Gateron Milky Yellow is easy as pie!

In conclusion, Gateron Milky Yellow is the ideal switch for anyone wanting superior performance and build quality at an affordable price point. With this choice, you’ll get unbeatable smoothness and responsiveness – no wonder it’s become such a hit!

Akko Speed Silver

If you’re after a linear keyboard switch that won’t break the bank, the Akko Speed Silver switches are a great choice. Featuring an MX-style compatible 3 pin design and an approximate lifespan of 60 million keystrokes, these switches offer superior speed and accuracy with their lightweight 50gf actuation force and short 1mm pre-travel. Plus, they come with dustproof stems for improved stability and no lubing is needed as they have out-of-the-box smoothness. Perfect for both gaming and office environments due to their linear design, one thing to bear in mind is that these switches may not fit all plates so check before purchasing. All in all though, the Akko Speed Silver switches provide excellent performance at an affordable price point – making them ideal if you’re looking for a linear switch keyboard!

Cherry MX Speed Silver

Cherry MX Speed Silver switches are an excellent choice for gamers looking for a fast, responsive switch. With an actuation force of 45cN, they’re 40% faster than Cherry Red and offer a slightly heavier feel. We found that 67 of the switches we bought worked perfectly with no defects, but 8 had been bent in the packaging and two weren’t working after straightening. The keys come shipped safely and in good condition, though you’ll need to buy a keycap puller separately if you want to replace your keycaps. These top quality linear switches are reliable, durable and available at an affordable price – definitely worth considering!

Durock Silent Linear

For gamers searching for an affordable keyboard with a tactile gaming edge, Durock Silent Linear switches are an ideal selection. This product includes clear transparent housing and stem of 19-4052 classic blue, POM, along with 62g bottom out style silent linear 5-pin PCB mount. Moreover, its patented silencing rings help to further minimize sound levels. Additionally, the Alpaca, Mauve, Tangerines etc., housing material is comparable to L-Series Linears and both SMD and through-hole LED styles are available. Furthermore, it offers users 3.8mm travel | 2mm operating | 60 million operations actuation force as well as a 62g Gold Plated Spring weight spring force for optimized precision and speed during gameplay. Despite popular misconception that tactiles are louder than linears, this particular offering effectively reduces noise while still providing the tactile advantage necessary for success in gaming.

Gateron Ink Black V2

The Gateron Ink Black V2 switch is a great choice for those looking for the best linear switches. It features a transparent smokey housing that is constructed of a new type of plastic and has contact leaves that can easily be pressed out with your thumb without worry of them falling out. The Black Ink switch has an actuation weight of 60g, bottom weight of 70g, and 4mm travel time. All these components make it one of the smoothest linear switches on the market.

When using this switch in something like a Keychron K2 hotswap, you’ll get an amazing sound that rivals even some of its more expensive options. You will need to lube and film this switch to ensure proper functioning, but once done you won’t experience any spring ping or other issues. Additionally, although getting them from China may take a month and they don’t come with extra accessories, the Gateron Ink Black V2 offer fantastic value for their price point.

Novelkeys Cream

For those seeking a linear switch, the Novelkeys Cream offers an ideal solution. Their 4mm travel distance, 2mm operating force, 55g actuation and 70g bottom out weight make them perfect for gaming keyboards. Crafted from self-lubricating POM material, they exude a unique feel and experience while their MX style latching housing makes them well-suited for frankensteching. While these switches may be initially noisy and scratchy, with proper break in and lubrication after heavy usage, they become quite strong mid tier switches. It is important to note however that these cannot be interchanged with Outemu or optical switches. All in all, if you’re looking to upgrade your gaming keyboard with linear switches then the Novelkeys Cream provides smoothness and speed combined with a nice tactile bump at an attractive price.

What are Linear Switches?

Linear switches are mechanical key switches that offer a smooth, uninterrupted travel when pressed. Unlike clicky or tactile switches, linear ones don’t produce any audible click or tactile bump when pressed, making them faster and ideal for speed-focused users and gamers who don’t want any extra feedback from their keys.

Though gaming often takes the limelight when discussing mechanical keyboards, we shouldn’t overlook the typists among us. If you’re working on an intense writing project or coding, the comfort of your keyboard can significantly impact your productivity. To understand how linear switches perform when it comes to typing, check out this comprehensive guide.

Smoothness and Wobble

When choosing a linear switch keyboard, two important factors to consider are smoothness and wobble. Smoothness is how easy it is to press the switch; lubing can help improve this. Wobble is an unintended movement of the stem inside the housing due to differences in tolerance between components; modding with switch film can reduce this issue. Both of these depend on personal preference so read user reviews before making your purchase.

The Quiet Factor: Are Linear Switches Silent?

While silence may not be the most apparent trait of linear switches, it’s an important factor to consider, especially in shared spaces. To save your housemates from the click-clack concert, check out this comprehensive guide to find out if linear switches are quiet and our list of the best silent linear switches.

Game On: Are Linear Switches Good for Gaming?

Linear switches, with their fast action and no tactile feedback, have become a staple for many gamers. Whether you’re a pro esports player or a casual gamer, the speed and responsiveness are key. Still questioning, “Are linear switches truly the best for gaming?” Take a look at this analysis on the suitability of linear switches for gaming.

Where to Buy

Online shopping for linear switches can be tricky; after all, feeling them out in person usually helps to decide. Ensure you thoroughly research and read user reviews before purchasing to find your perfect match. Numerous trustworthy online retailers carry a wide array of linear mechanical switches, complete with detailed product descriptions to aid your decision-making process. If you’re looking for something affordable make sure to read our guide to the best budget linear switches.

Finding the Right Fit: Heavy Vs. Thocky Linear Switches

The world of linear switches is diverse and expansive. If you prefer a weightier feel to your key presses, check out this guide on the best heavy linear switches that lead the pack. They’re perfect for those who like a sturdier touch, while still enjoying the consistent flow that linear switches offer.

Alternatively, if you appreciate a deep, resounding ‘thock’ with each key press, we have something for you too. Take a look at this roundup of the best thocky linear switches to satisfy your thock cravings.


Linear mechanical switches provide a stellar typing experience, devoid of extras that could introduce latency or noise. Fast and reliable, they’re a hit with gamers and professionals in environments where clicky or tactile switches might be frowned upon. Whether you desire a lightweight switch with minimal resistance or one that’s more tactile and responsive, the best linear switches awaits you. With the right linear switch, your gaming sessions will be transformed!