Best Tactile Switches [A Comprehensive Review]

Seeking the top tactile switches to enhance your gaming keyboard’s performance? With an overwhelming number of options, knowing where to start can be a challenge. This guide is designed to help you comprehend the advantages and drawbacks of various tactile switches and identify the perfect fit for your gaming requirements. We’ll discuss everything from activation force, actuation point, and life expectancy to customization options and more. By the end of this article, you should feel confident picking out a tactile switch that will give you a competitive advantage!

Durock T1

The Durock T1 tactile switches are an outstanding choice for anyone looking to upgrade their typing and gaming experience. These 5-pin switches offer just the right amount of resistance, and the linear feeling with no pre-travel is sure to provide you with extra accuracy when gaming or typing. On top of that, they make a satisfying sound without being too loud! They also boast great durability thanks to the polycarbonate top housing, POM stem, gold-plated metal leaf/spring, nylon bottom housing, and smokey housing/teal stem. Although there have been some reports of inconsistent performance and defects in one or two cases, these switches still provide a great value for money given its “stepped” tactile feel between Kailh Box Royals and Holy Pandas.

Glorious Panda Switches

The Glorious Panda Switches are an excellent choice for those seeking the best tactile experience. Expertly crafted with premium materials from around the world, these switches offer a strong and satisfying bump at the start of each keystroke, as well as a crisp snap back to position in upstroke. Made from polycarbonate, PA66 nylon, POM, and nickel plated stainless steel, these switches are incredibly durable and built to last. Plus they come pre-lubed with high quality switch lube that enhances their sound and feel. The popular mounting profile makes them compatible with Cherry MX and Kalih models, while their precise switching point is perfect for gaming or typing purposes.

The only downside is that they can be quite loosey goosey in their plastic bag packaging inside a compact box – pins may also be bent but this is easily rectified. Despite this minor issue though, Glorious Panda Switches provide an enjoyable rush of feeling due to their precision switching point and improved sound/feel thanks to the switch lube coating on each key – ideal for any serious gamer or typist looking for reliable tactile switches!

Cherry MX Brown

The Cherry MX Brown switches are an excellent option for anyone who wants to experience the best of tactile feedback without the clicky sound that comes with Blue switches. They require a 45cN actuation force, delivering a satisfying bump with each press while remaining completely quiet. The keys themselves look and feel just like factory keys and arrive quickly, in bubble wrap protection to prevent any shipping damage. Unfortunately, they don’t come with a keycap puller, which could be an issue if you want to replace existing keycaps. On top of that, some users have reported issues such as bent pins or non-functioning switches, but these seem to be rare occurrences. All things considered though, the Cherry MX Browns provide great tactile feedback with minimal noise – perfect for gaming or typing!

Kailh Cream Speed Pro

If you’re looking for an optimal gaming experience, then the Kailh Cream Speed Pro is the perfect choice. It offers four distinct switch types – Copper, Silver, Gold and Pink – each with a lifetime of 80 million clicks and 3.5mm total travel distance. Pre-travel measures between 1.1 to 1.4 millimeters, allowing for smooth yet responsive gaming action. Moreover, it has a 70 million click rating which ensures consistent performance even after heavy usage.

Furthermore, this switch model is highly customizable with its compatibility to SMD \ 2x3x4 sqaure led \ 3mm round \ 1.8mm led; its tight housings deliver a full sound when typing or playing games which makes it an enjoyable experience overall . However, some users have experienced minor issues such as EVGA keyboards with speed switches having poor quality switches or NK Cream switches being scratchy initially but improving over time after lubrication and wear/tear; yet these drawbacks are minimal compared to the benefits offered by this product in terms of performance and customization options for gamers who demand only the best tactile switches available in the market today.

Gazzew Boba Black U4

The Gazzew Boba Black U4 Switch is ideal for anyone seeking a dependable mechanical keyboard. It’s equipped with Outemu switches, offering tactile and quiet typing – perfect for those who don’t want to disturb others while gaming. The springs also come in weights of 62g and 68g (bottom-out force), giving them a robust feel to last through extended gaming sessions. This switch has a MX style base with RGB slot and PCB-Mount (5-leg) compatibility, so it works with any keycap height like Cherry, XDA, SA, OEM etc. Moreover, the shrapnel design aids touch sensitivity while reducing noise and is compatible with any lamp beads (SMD, four pin, two pin lamp beads). On the downside though – it can be quite dry and scratchy at first if not lubed beforehand (which isn’t mentioned in the description). But this can be easily remedied by adding your own lubrication. All in all, this switch is an excellent choice for someone looking for long-lasting performance without compromising on typing comfort or sound level.

Akko Lavender

The Akko Lavender is a great choice for those who are looking for the best tactile switches. Featuring PC transparent housing and LED slot ready for LED mod/assembly, these 3 pin 36gf tactile keyboard switches have an approximate lifespan of 60 million times of keystrokes based on laboratory durability tests. They also come with a 18mm extension spring that creates unique and smooth feedbacks followed by a high tactile bump at 0.5mm, which gives users an incredibly comfortable typing experience without sacrificing performance.

These switches are compatible with hot swappable keyboards as well as Outemu only boards, making them versatile enough to fit any keyboard needs you may have. With their 50g weight (slightly heavier than Outemu Red switches) and light switch with early actuation point, these keys offer improved typing speed while also being silent enough to use in office or library environments.

The main downside to this product is its price – it’s more expensive than they used to be, although the quality justifies it in most cases. It’s also worth noting that some switches don’t fit perfectly into Tecware plate and the green tint may interfere when viewed from the side on backlit keyboards but this doesn’t affect performance at all.
Overall, this product provides an excellent balance between comfort and performance and its reliability makes it one of the best options when it comes to mechanical gaming keyboards.

Gateron Brown

Gateron Brown switches are a great choice for gamers and typists alike. They provide a tactile bump with moderate noise level, so you can concentrate on your tasks without disruption from loud clicking noises. Plus, the actuation force of 55g gives you feedback when pressing keys without feeling too heavy. Not to mention that they’re SMD compatible – perfect for RGB LED keyboards!

These switches boast an impressive durability rating of 50 million keystrokes, meaning they’ll last several years even under heavy use. Additionally, their shipping includes extra switches in case any get damaged or need replacing. The only downside is that the switches may come slightly bent if not handled carefully during installation; however, this shouldn’t be a problem as long as proper handling procedures are followed.

All things considered, Gateron Browns offer an excellent balance between gaming and typing performance at an affordable price point. They deliver a smooth typing experience while dampening sound and allowing your lighting effects to shine through beautifully. If you’re looking for reliable switch performance with good feedback and longevity then Gateron Browns should certainly be on your list!

Buying Guide: The Best Tactile Switches for Gaming Keyboards

Considering an upgrade for your gaming keyboard, but unsure where to begin? Choosing the right switches is pivotal to assembling an optimal setup. If a tactile experience is what you’re after, there are several superior tactile switches in the market. Let’s delve into why gamers find these particularly appealing.

What Are Tactile Switches?

Tactile switches get their name from the distinct bump that is felt when pressing one. This feedback helps ensure accuracy and comfort during long gaming sessions without any misclicks. They are designed for audible use, but at an acceptable level so as not to disturb your surroundings. This makes them perfect for gamers who want both an immersive experience and accuracy.

Types of Tactile Switches

The amount of tactile feedback varies depending on the type of switch you buy. Clicky switches produce a tangible bump along with an audible click – perfect if you want both physical and auditory feedback while gaming. On the other hand, linear switches provide a smooth keypress without any bumps, making them quieter and more discreet – ideal if too much distraction or disruption isn’t desired during gameplay. However, there are some switches that are still not so noisy, something you can read more about in our article about whether tactile switches are quiet. For those particularly interested in the quietest tactile switches, check out our guide on the best silent tactile switches.

Popular Tactile Switch Brands

A range of brands offer different levels of feel and sound output when it comes to choosing a tactile switch for your gaming keyboard. Popular choices include Holy Pandas, Boba U4Ts, Akko Lavender Purple and Glorious Panda “clones” – each offering slightly different experiences that may be more suitable depending on individual needs – so research thoroughly before buying! Budget-conscious? No worries! Here’s our curated list of the best budget tactile switches.

Which Switch is Right For You?

It all comes down to personal preference when deciding between tactile or linear switches – typists often prefer tactile ones due to their comfort and accuracy; whereas gamers who need quick reactions usually opt for linear ones as they’re quieter and faster responding . Ultimately though it depends on how you want your gaming experience to be – so take some time trying out different types before settling on one particular switch type!


In conclusion, the quest for the perfect switch for your gaming keyboard largely hinges on personal preference. The market is teeming with diverse types of tactile switches, each boasting their unique benefits. Clicky switches provide both physical and auditory feedback, linear switches are quieter and faster responding, and popular brands like Holy Pandas, Boba U4Ts, Akko Lavender Purple and Glorious Panda “clones” offer slightly different experiences that may be more suitable depending on individual needs. Ultimately though it all comes down to what type of gaming experience you want – so take some time trying out different types before settling on one particular switch type. We hoped these product recommendations helped you find the best tactile switches for your gaming setup. If you want to learn a bit more about tactile switches, make sure to check out our article: Are Tactile Switches Good for Gaming?