Best Gaming Keyboard for Left Handers 2023

Are you a left-handed person looking for the perfect keyboard? If so, you’ve come to the right place! As a left-hander, it can be difficult to find the optimal keyboard that is comfortable and easy to use. Fortunately, there are plenty of keyboards on the market designed specifically with left-handers in mind. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best keyboards available that cater to your needs as a southpaw.

DSI Left Handed Mechanical Keyboard

The DSI Left Handed Mechanical Keyboard is the perfect choice for gaming enthusiasts looking for a keyboard specifically designed with left handed users in mind. The Cherry MX Red switches provide an incredibly smooth and quiet typing experience that requires little force to press, making it ideal for those long gaming sessions. With the numpad located on the left side of the keyboard, it frees up valuable desk space on the right side for a mouse, allowing you to sit comfortably centered at your desk.

Unfortunately, there are some drawbacks worth noting. The numpad layout isn’t mirrored and doesn’t line up with finger placement when typing, while the backspace key is tiny compared to an oversized enter key. Additionally, its large plastic bezel takes up even more valuable desk space than necessary. These issues could be easily addressed by future iterations of this keyboard though.

Overall, if you’re looking for a great ergonomic keyboard specifically designed with left handed users in mind then look no further than the DSI Left Handed Mechanical Keyboard. Its Cherry MX Red switches make it quiet and responsive enough to meet any gamer’s needs while still freeing up room on your desk for a mouse or other accessories.

Razer Tartarus v2

The Razer Tartarus v2 is an excellent gaming keyboard for left handers. With its 32 Mecha-Membrane keys and 8-way directional thumbpad, it allows for more natural control and movement when gaming. The tactile feedback of the mechanical key presses on a comfortable membrane rubber dome switch makes this keyboard especially suitable for gaming.

The Razer Tartarus v2 also has a number of features that make it great for personalization and immersion in your game. It comes with Razer Hypershift which allows you to remap all the keys and keypress combinations to execute complex commands, as well as fully syncs with popular games, Razer hardware, Philips Hue, and other gear from 30 plus partners; supports 16 8 million colors on individually backlit keys.

Despite its impressive features, some users have noted issues with the key placement being poor, all the keys feeling similar, difficulty using space bar, and d-pad not being great as joystick. Additionally, some have experienced drivers not being user friendly or intuitive to use.

All things considered though, the Razer Tartarus V2 is a great option for gamers looking for an ergonomic experience while still having access to customizable settings such as macros and RGB lighting effects.

Redragon K585 One-Handed Gaming Keypad

The Redragon K585 One-Handed Gaming Keypad is an excellent choice for gamers looking for a compact, feature-rich gaming keyboard. Its slim profile makes it perfect for lefties who want a full gaming experience without taking up too much desk space. The iconic mechanical keys provide audible clicky feedback with clear tactile response, making it perfect for games that require fast and accurate inputs.

The K585 also packs plenty of features in its small form factor, such as 7 programmable macro keys and 16.8 million colors of RGB lighting to customize your setup as you wish. It even comes with a detachable wrist rest connected via magnets to make long sessions more comfortable. Plus, it has a USB pass-through port which allows you to connect other peripherals without sacrificing game play performance or lag time.

Overall, the Redragon K585 One-Handed Gaming Keypad offers the best of both worlds – great features in a slim and portable design specifically tailored towards left-handed gamers. However, some may find that certain games need to be rebound due to the lack of certain keys on the keypad itself.

Logitech G13

If you’re looking for an ergonomic gaming keyboard that offers plenty of features to enhance your gameplay experience, the Logitech G13 is definitely worth a look. Its contoured design provides comfort over long gaming sessions and the onboard memory lets you save up to five profiles. Plus, its custom backlighting makes it easy to find the right key in low-light conditions or lights-out play.

The WASD keys are concavely dipped so you can easily return to your normal hand position without having to look down. The LCD screen is a great addition too – it’ll show game stats, system info and communications from fellow players, as well as supporting third party programs and games. There’s also 25 programmable keys which give you plenty of options for assigning functions and creating macros on the fly.

On the downside, some users have reported that it took them around three weeks to get used to this keyboard; additionally, there are no keys above WASD which might be inconvenient if you usually use 1-2-3 etc., while its price tag might put off some people who are on a tighter budget. Nonetheless, despite these few issues, Logitech G13 is still an excellent choice if you want comfort and lots of features!

Azeron Cyborg

The Azeron Cyborg Gaming Keypad is a great option for gamers looking to step up their game. This next-generation keypad offers unprecedented adjustability and ergonomics, allowing you to customize the angle, distance, and position of the towers and buttons to perfectly match your hand. The thumbstick is also adjustable with dead zones and sensitivity settings, making it ideal for WASD or 360° movement. Additionally, there are 29 programmable keys that can be set up as keyboard, controller, mouse buttons or Macros. And with two on-board memory slots for quick switching between profiles you can easily map your keys in just two clicks.

The Azeron Cyborg Keypad is also incredibly responsive with lightning fast response times that provide precision control even during intense gaming sessions. It’s perfect for all kinds of gaming genres such as FPS, MOBA and RPG games. For example, its great for doing spell combos in Dota 2 and its almost one of the best gaming keyboards for Dota 2. Plus, it’s specifically designed for left-handed people so they can enjoy playing with the mouse in their right hand while using this keypad with the left hand.

Overall this keypad gets high marks from gamers thanks to its adjustable features and responsiveness but one potential downside is that after a month of use some users reported that the middle finger plastic snapped off so it may not be quite as durable as other gaming keyboards out there. That said overall this is an excellent keyboard choice for left-handers who want an edge when it comes to gaming performance.

Bloody Gaming B930 TKL Tenkeyless

If you’re a serious gamer looking for a reliable, customizable keyboard, the Bloody Gaming B930 TKL Tenkeyless is worth considering. With its durable construction and hot swappable optical switches with NKRO support, it enables lightning-fast response times with zero latency. Plus, you can customize your RGB backlighting with 16.8 million color options to match your battle intensity or represent your squad or clan. The individual switches are replaceable with Cherry MX equivalents and could potentially last a long time. However, the RGB lighting isn’t as detailed as more expensive models and you may experience some typing errors due to its low travel – both of which are expected from tenkeyless keyboards of this size. Additionally, there’s no detachable USB cable included so that’s something to bear in mind when making your purchase decision. If these limitations don’t faze you then the Bloody Gaming B930 TKL Tenkeyless might be just what you need.

Buying Guide: The Best Gaming Keyboard for Left Handers

Left-handed gamers can have a great gaming experience with the right keyboard. Here’s what to look for when selecting the best option.

Build Quality

When looking for a gaming keyboard, build quality is essential. Metal keyboards are more durable, reliable and long-lasting; although they tend to be pricier than plastic models. Consider your budget and determine how much you’re willing to spend in order to get a quality build that will stand up to intense gaming sessions.


The keycaps on your gaming keyboard play an important role in comfort and performance. ABS plastic is the most common material used, but PBT (polybutylene terephthalate) options are also available which offer greater durability and wear resistance.

Customization Options

High-end gaming keyboards often come with features such as RGB lighting, game mode, and programmable keys which allow you to customize your experience. RGB lighting provides visibility in dark conditions while adding an aesthetic appeal; standard or RGB depending on your preference.

Response Time

Wired keyboards tend to provide faster response times than their wireless counterparts so if this is important factor for you opt for one of these models over a wireless option. Response time is an important factor in any gaming keyboard – you want one that quickly registers keystrokes accurately for improved accuracy during gameplay.


The type of switch used in your keyboard will determine how it feels when typing or playing games; linear switches provide a smooth feeling while tactile switches provide additional feedback when pressed down and clicky switches make an audible click sound with each key press – consider which works best for you before making a purchase. If none of the keyboards on the list have your favorite switches check out our list of the best affordable gaming keyboards.

Other Features

You don’t usually need a numpad on your gaming keyboard – it isn’t necessary for most games and can actually get in the way if space is limited or extra keys aren’t needed – however some gamers like having a wrist rest attached so bear this mind when making your selection. For those who prefer something more compact or specialized, one-handed keyboards or even gaming keypads can offer enhanced precision during intense sessions. Yes, one handed keyboards are good for gaming.


In conclusion, left-handed gamers have a plethora of gaming keyboards to choose from. With careful consideration, it is possible to find the perfect keyboard for your setup that caters to your individual needs. From ergonomic design to mechanical switches and macro support, there are options available that can enhance your gaming experience. Ultimately, this guide should help you in making an informed decision that will bring you the best in gaming performance.