Are Gaming Keyboards Waterproof?

Having a waterproof gaming keyboard can provide several benefits, particularly when it comes to extending the longevity of your device. First and foremost, they do offer protection against accidental spills. Even if you are careful, accidents do happen, especially during those intense gaming moments. A waterproof keyboard saves you from the potential cost of replacing an entire unit due to water damage.

Moreover, they’re a breeze to clean. Thanks to their water-resistant properties, these keyboards let you do a quick spruce-up without any fret over moisture sneaking into the inner workings. As someone who’s into keyboards, you’ll appreciate how this nifty feature saves you both time and stress. A dash of humor here; imagine spilling your morning coffee on your keyboard and not having to panic – what a world! So, whether it’s dust bunnies or accidental spills, these keyboards got you covered. It’s clear that with benefits like these, they’re an excellent choice for anyone serious about their typing experience

Are Gaming Keyboards Waterproof?

If you’re a gaming enthusiast, you have probably experienced that heart-stopping moment when you accidentally eject your favorite drink onto your prized keyboard during a heated game. That’s why many gamers are asking the question: are gaming keyboards waterproof?

Understanding the Difference: Waterproof and Water-Resistant Keyboards

Typically, most gaming keyboards are not designed to be completely waterproof, but some models boast water-resistant features. A water-resistant keyboard is made with materials and seals that protect its internal components from water damage. These keyboards often use rubber keycaps that can be easily washed and sealed switches with an outer shell to help keep water out. Some even feature a drain hole at the bottom to let any liquid escape quickly.

However, it’s crucial to understand that these keyboards are designed only to resist spills and splashes, not full submersion or immersion in water. So, if you’re planning on taking your gaming gear for a swim – think again!

Our Favorite Splash-Proof Keyboards for Gamers

There are several great options available when it comes to water-resistant keyboards built for gaming. Here’s a quick run-down of some top picks:

Corsair K55 RGB

This versatile keyboard is not only good for gaming but also suited for all-around use due to its actuation force and pre-travel distance. It features a three-zone backlight, six extra macro keys for user customization, an IP42 rating for dust and spill resistance, and a detachable armrest.

SteelSeries Apex 3

The Apex 3 offers RGB backlighting, silent switch technology, a magnetic wrist rest, and – most importantly for our topic – water resistance.

Corsair K68

Famed for its versatility and enhanced tactile features, the Corsair K68 is a favourite among gamers worldwide. Its dustproof and waterproof qualities (thanks to an IP42 rating) make it a reliable choice for those prone to occasional spillage.

Razer Blackwidow Ultimate

Compact yet mighty, the Razer Blackwidow Ultimate boasts ten backlight modes and responsive, tactile feedback when keys are pressed. Its non-slip, splash-proof design makes it another excellent option for gamers.

Here is where you can purchase these keyboards if you’re interested!

The Technology Behind Waterproof Keyboards

Waterproof keyboards utilize some pretty nifty technology to keep the water out. They’re usually made with high-grade plastic or metal that’s resistant to water penetration. More importantly, they feature sealed membranes around each key to prevent water from reaching the electronic parts inside.

Some designs even incorporate a unique drainage system at the bottom of the keyboard that allows spilled liquids to exit quickly without harming the sensitive components within.

Waterproof Keyboards vs Traditional Keyboards

When comparing waterproof keyboards to their traditional counterparts, one primary difference stands out: durability against spills. Traditional keyboards tend not to have this level of protection against liquids, meaning a spill could potentially lead to permanent damage.

On the other hand, waterproof gaming keyboards are designed with this in mind and can tolerate minor liquid exposure. However, this does not mean they’re invincible – prolonged or significant liquid contact can still cause damage even on these specially designed units.

Looking After Your Waterproof Gaming Keyboard

While having a waterproof gaming keyboard does give added security against accidental spills, it’s still essential to look after your gear properly. Avoid intentionally spilling liquids on it and always ensure you clean up any accidents as soon as possible.

Regular cleaning should also be part of your routine – dust and dirt can affect the performance of your keyboard over time. Using compressed air can help remove debris from between the keys, and gentle wiping with a slightly damp cloth can help keep your keyboard looking as good as new.


1. Are all gaming keyboards waterproof?

No, not every gaming keyboard boasts of being waterproof. While there are a few models out there with water-resistant capabilities, it’s generally a good practice to keep them clear of liquids as much as you can. After all, we know how heated gaming sessions can get – a bit too intense and the next thing you know, your energy drink is all over your precious keyboard! So, even though some keyboards might survive a minor splash or two, it’s best not to test those limits.

2. Can I submerge my waterproof gaming keyboard in water?

No, you should not submerge your keyboard in water. Even though some keyboards are designed to resist spills and splashes, they’re not meant for full immersion in water.

3. How do I clean my waterproof gaming keyboard?

You can wipe down the surface and keys with a slightly damp cloth. For more detailed cleaning instructions, check out this guide on how to clean your gaming keyboard.

4. What is the best waterproof gaming keyboard?

There are several excellent options available when it comes to water-resistant keyboards for gaming including Corsair K55 RGB, SteelSeries Apex 3, Corsair K68, and Razer Blackwidow Ultimate.

A Final Word

It’s important to note that while many keyboards boast impressive water-resistance, they’re not exactly built for deep-sea diving. In addition to water-resistance, there are other key features you should be aware of like anti-ghosting. This nifty feature can drastically enhance your gaming experience. Here’s to making every gaming session a victorious one – happy gaming!