Best Gaming Keyboard for Small Hands 2023

Are you a gamer with small hands? Looking for the ideal gaming keyboard can be challenging, especially when it comes to finding one that fits your hands comfortably. The good thing is that there are plenty of excellent gaming keyboards created specifically for those with smaller hands. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best gaming keyboards available for small hands and provide tips on how to make sure you select the right one. From custom ergonomic designs and backlighting features to mechanical switches and more, we’ll cover everything you need to know when choosing a gaming keyboard suited to your needs. Let’s jump in!


The GK GAMAKAY TK68 is an excellent choice for gamers looking for a reliable and well-crafted keyboard that won’t break the bank. This keyboard has all the features you’d expect in a gaming keyboard, including Gateron Silver switches and hot swappable terminals, triple mode connection (Bluetooth 5.0 + 2.4Ghz + Type-C wired) with a detachable USB type-c cable, RGB backlight with 1900mAh rechargeable lithium battery, NKRO support and more. But it’s also designed for comfort and convenience, with its compact 68 keys design that saves lots of desktop space to give your hand and mouse more room to move around without sacrificing performance or quality. Its PBT XDA profile color matching keycaps provide excellent tactile response, which is perfect for gaming as well as daily use.

In terms of drawbacks, there are limited options available when it comes to building or modding this keyboard yourself – making it best suited to those who want a solid entry level gaming keyboard out of the box without any tinkering necessary. Additionally manual disassembly can cause the accessories to fall off or get damaged due to small reserved clearances on the product itself.

Overall though the GK GAMAKAY TK68 is an impressive gaming keyboard that offers great value even at its entry level price point – especially for those looking for something designed specifically for smaller hands!

Guffercty kred GK61 60%

The Guffercty Kred GK61 60% is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a gaming keyboard with small hands. This mechanical keyboard features custom hot swappable switches and RGB backlit NKRO type-C cable, compatible with Mac and Windows, PC, XBOX and PS4. The 16.8 million color RGB effects give off a beautiful light show while the oil-resistant doubleshot PBT keycaps provide a comfortable feel when typing or gaming.

The switch feel is nice and the stabilizers feel premium which really helps to maintain the quality of this product. The RGB shines through nicely giving off different colors depending on your settings. Furthermore, the seller was helpful in providing all of the details needed for modding and communicated well throughout the whole process, ensuring that my product arrived before its estimated delivery date.

Unfortunately, there are some drawbacks to this product such as the fact that the stabilizers can rattle slightly as well as software not being user friendly at times which can be frustrating when trying to customize your settings. Overall though, The Guffercty Kred GK61 60% is still a great option if you’re looking for a gaming keyboard that works well with small hands – just make sure you are prepared to put in extra time into getting used to its software!

Keychron K1

The Keychron K1 is an ultra-slim wireless mechanical keyboard with a tenkeyless layout and full aluminum body construction. This makes it great for gamers who have small hands, as it requires less force and finger travel which helps reduce fatigue. It’s also highly versatile as it can connect to up to three devices via Broadcom Bluetooth 5.1, making it ideal for multitasking needs. Plus the unique Mac layout allows the user to use iOS, Windows or Android operating systems with extra keycaps included.

What really sets the K1 apart is its low-profile Gateron Mechanical red switch that has a 50 million keystroke lifespan ensuring an unrivaled linear responsiveness. Plus you get N-key rollover (NKRO) on wired mode or 6KRO on wireless mode for maximum accuracy and control in gaming situations. Its 2000 mAh battery can last up to 110 hours with backlight off so you can enjoy your games uninterruptedly and alter the color of white LED backlight according to your mood or setting.

Some people might wonder if wireless keyboards are good for gaming? In short, if portability and freedom of movement are important to you then a wireless model might be worth considering, but if latency issues are an issue then it might be better to stick with a wired model instead.

Overall, the Keychron K1 is an excellent choice for any gamer looking for a slim yet sturdy mechanical gaming keyboard that offers great ergonomics, quality typing experience and good performance at an affordable price point – although there are some minor issues like no tilt adjustability, harder than expected keys and no angle adjustments – these don’t take away from its overall usability.


The KINESIS FREESTYLE Edge RGB Split Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is a great choice for those who want to improve their gaming experience. The versatile split design allows you to move the right module out of the way and bring your mouse in close for improved endurance and more precise aim, or separate the modules up to 20 inches for an ergonomic typing posture. Furthermore, this keyboard comes with genuine Cherry MX Blue mechanical switches that offer professional-grade responsiveness and unmatched durability (50M clicks). You can also enjoy immersive RGB lighting with 16.8M colors per-key backlighting with 10 customizable effects like wave, spectrum, rebound, pulse, rain, etc. All 95 keys are fully programmable so you can customize them however you like using the dedicated SmartSet key or SmartSet app. This keyboard is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome (1 full-size USB port required), and it’s 100% plug-and-play – no special drivers required.

On the downside, this keyboard may decrease typing speed & accuracy compared to previous keyboards; remapping keys and adjusting key responses can be difficult; some users may find Cherry Blue switches too loud; it’s expensive and missing palm rests in used versions; Ctrl modifier key mapped to thumb keys leads to errors in typing while Cherry Brown switches provide subtle tactile feedback which may not be noticed by everyone who bottom out the keys.

Overall though, if you’re looking for a great gaming keyboard that fits small hands perfectly – then look no further than Kinesis Freestyle Edge RGB Split Mechanical Gaming Keyboard!

Corsair K65

The Corsair K65 RGB MINI is the perfect gaming keyboard for anyone looking for a compact design with big features. It’s equipped with 100% CHERRY MX SPEED RGB Silver Mechanical Keyswitches and PBT Double-Shot Keycaps, both of which are designed to provide lightning-fast response times and long-lasting durability. The ergonomic design also helps reduce soreness in wrists and fingers, making it ideal for gamers who may experience fatigue or pain during extended gaming sessions.

Thanks to its dynamic per-key RGB backlighting, you can customize your play style and show off your personal flair. And with CORSAIR AXON Hyper-Processing Technology transmitting inputs up to 8x faster than conventional keyboards, you’ll feel like you’ve got superhuman reaction times! Plus, the USB-C cable is lightweight yet strong for easy portability.

The only downsides are that some keys don’t light up well, the spacebar is too sensitive while typing, it lacks adjustable legs so it sits quite high on your desk, and the icons on the front face of the keyboard can be difficult to see at night. But overall this is an excellent gaming keyboard that provides all of the features you need in a small package—ideal for gamers with smaller hands!


The HK GAMING GK61 is an ideal gaming keyboard for those with small hands or who are looking to conserve desk space. It features a smaller form factor mini 60% layout, and has 61 keys with individual backlighting – allowing you to customize the keyboard to your own preferences. The switches used in this keyboard are Gateron Optical Switches which are extremely fast response time and provide an advantage in gaming, plus they’re hot-swappable and rated for 100 million keystrokes.

The GK61 also comes with fully programmable macro recording, advanced lighting effects, customizations through software and multimedia keys through multiple layers. It has full anti ghosting mode n-key rollover (NKRO) for ideal FPS, MOBA and MMO gaming experiences. Plus it’s spill and dust resistant making it perfect for accident prone gamers!

The pros of getting the GK61 include its value proposition, typing experience with brown switch, gaming performance with brown switch as well as improved stabilizers due to the optical switches. On the other hand if you’re an RGB crazed mad man then you may not be too satisfied with its limited lighting options; however there are still 16 million color combinations available so plenty of scope still remains! Additionally glossy sides on key caps may not be preferred by some users but these can easily be swapped out using the included keypuller tool.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a compact yet feature rich gaming keyboard then look no further than the HK GAMING GK61 – it offers great value at a competitive price point!

Epomaker TH80

The Epomaker TH80 mechanical gaming keyboard is a great choice for anyone looking for a compact and feature-rich gaming keyboard. Its 75% layout offers the perfect balance of typing comfort and space consciousness, while its hot-swappable sockets make it easy to switch out switches whenever you like. The TH80 also comes with Gateron Pro switches that are pre-lubed for smooth travel and have a 50 million keystroke lifespan. Additionally, this model has three means of connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0, 2.4 GHz, and USB-C wired output, so you can choose the best option for your setup.

This product also looks great with its unique MDA profile PBT dye-subbed keycaps that stay true to color even after heavy use and LED backlighting effects that offer plenty of customization options thanks to included software. Even better, all these features come at an excellent price!

That said, there are some drawbacks to consider as well before buying this product – the MDA profile may be higher than ideal; the knob is hard to actuate; keycap lines and lettering can be inconsistent; it produces a marbley sound when typing; the spacebar is slightly warped and rattles; lighting mode options are limited; manual and software don’t perfectly align; etc.

Overall, if you’re looking for a quality mechanical gaming keyboard at an affordable price with lots of features in a compact size – then the Epomaker TH80 could be a good fit for you! It’s especially useful if you have small hands since it takes up less desk space than traditional full-sized keyboards but still provides plenty of functionality.

Guide to Finding the Best Gaming Keyboard for Small Hands

Finding the right gaming keyboard can be a challenge, especially if you have small hands. Fortunately, there are several high-quality options available that provide both comfort and practicality. Here are some tips for finding the best gaming keyboard for small hands:

Size Matters:

When shopping for a gaming keyboard for small hands, size matters. Look for a compact form factor with a width of 14.5 inches or smaller, depending on the manufacturer and features. This will ensure maximum speed and fewer mistakes during gaming sessions.

Mechanical Switches:

For maximum performance and accuracy while gaming, consider keyboards with mechanical switches. These provide faster response time with less pressure when typing or gaming compared to traditional models. Membrane keyboards can still be good for gaming but mechanical switches are usally the prefered choise for gamers. Many gamers ask the question are gaming keyboards good for typing? The short answer is that yes, they can be good for typing if they have good mechanical switches.

Comfort and Design:

It’s important to keep comfort in mind when selecting a keyboard, especially if you have small hands. Look for ergonomic designs that provide support along with customizable RGB lighting or other features. Having a ergonomic design will also help you better position your hand on a keyboard for gaming.

Number Pad:

Due to their compact size, many gaming keyboards designed for small hands may not include dedicated number pads. If you need access to one-touch numerical data entry, look for models with built-in number pads or dedicated media keys instead.

Build Quality:

Finally, research the manufacturer and customer reviews of each product before making your purchase decision to ensure quality of build is up to par and that it will last through your toughest gaming sessions


In conclusion, finding the best gaming keyboard for small hands can be tricky. It’s important to consider size, mechanical switches, comfort and design, number pad, and build quality in order to ensure you pick the right one for your needs. From custom ergonomic designs and backlighting options to mechanical switches and more, there are plenty of great gaming keyboards on the market today designed specifically for those with smaller hands – so make sure you do your research before buying!