The Best Gaming Keyboards Under $50 (Gaming on a Budget)

Savvy gamers know that the right gear doesn’t always have to cost a small fortune. We’ve scoured the tech landscape to unearth the best gaming keyboards under $50, melding budget-friendly prices with the performance features you need to conquer your gaming quests. Get ready to unlock a new level of gaming with keyboards that offer a bang for your buck without skimping on quality.

SteelSeries Apex 3 RGB Gaming Keyboard

Eyeing a gaming keyboard upgrade that doesn’t empty your wallet? The SteelSeries Apex 3 RGB Gaming Keyboard might just be your perfect match. Its 10-zone RGB illumination and whisper-quiet gaming switches are sure to pique your interest, but it’s not all about the bells and whistles. This keyboard, priced below 50 dollars, is a testament to the harmonious blend of quality and affordability. The low-friction keypresses guarantee a fluid, responsive gaming experience. Plus, the magnetized wrist rest is there to ensure you’re comfortable and supported throughout.

The Apex 3 stands out with its anti-ghosting technology, assuring you that every rapid key press is recognized without skipping a beat. However, if you’re all about vibrant key illumination, you might find the lighting on the keys’ lettering a tad subdued, potentially limiting your exploration of its customizable RGB lighting prowess. Also, it’s worth noting that this model doesn’t offer a wireless option. So, gamers with a penchant for cord-free gaming might need to scout elsewhere.

All in all, the SteelSeries Apex 3 RGB Gaming Keyboard, with its impressive features and competitive pricing, is a top contender for those eyeing the best gaming keyboards under 50 dollars. It’s an ideal pick for those of you chasing enhanced typing precision and tangible response from your keys, without compromising on comfort or gameplay performance.

Redragon K512 Shiva

The Redragon K512 Shiva is a great choice for gamers looking for a solid gaming keyboard under 50. It has 6 onboard macro keys that are easily programmable and work on the fly without requiring any additional software, allowing you to customize your gaming experience in real time. The dynamic RGB backlighting offers 7 preset lighting modes and 6 slots for customizable modes with adjustable brightness levels. It also features 26 anti-ghost keys and dedicated media controls so you can play, pause, and skip multimedia right from the keyboard without interruption. An ergonomically designed detachable wrist-rest with magnet connectors provides additional comfort during long gaming sessions. The double-shot injection molded keycaps ensure that the keys never fade and are very durable even after 10 million keystrokes tests.

The only downside to this keyboard is that it has some spring noise when typing, big keys, and not the best sound compared to others on the market that are clicky rather than thoncky. Additionally, there could have been more protection added during shipping as it was just put in a regular box without padding or extra protection of any kind.

Overall however, the Redragon K512 Shiva is an excellent option if you’re looking for one of the best gaming keyboards under 50 on the market today. With its preset light control settings, super soft keys, quietness when typing and great feel overall – it’s definitely worth considering if you’re in search of a reliable gaming keyboard at an affordable price point!

Logitech K845

The Logitech K845 Mechanical Illuminated Keyboard is an excellent choice for gamers who are looking for a great gaming keyboard under 50. Its long-life switches and aluminum top case provide modern productivity that lasts, while its 5 backlighting options make it perfect for gaming day or night. With the option to choose between red, blue, or brown switches, you can get sound and tactile key feedback that suits your style of play. And with a surprisingly compact footprint featuring number pad and FN keys, you can game in comfort without sacrificing usability.

The keyboard feels great to type on thanks to its adjustable 4-8 degree tilt and slim front, which provide the perfect angle for comfortable typing. The clear keycap printing also makes it easy to read what each key does at a glance. The USB cable is pliable and thick which ensures there won’t be any connection problems while gaming—plus it’s permanently attached so you don’t have to worry about cables going missing during transport!

Overall the Logitech K845 offers good value for money with all these features included at such an affordable price point. While some might find the keys a bit loud, most will appreciate its quick response time when playing games or completing productivity tasks quickly and efficiently.

Havit KB487L

The Havit KB487L is an excellent option for anyone looking for a reliable gaming keyboard under 50. The keyboard features red switches perfect for office typing or playing games, as well as colorful PBT keycaps that provide an excellent tactile experience. The ergonomic design also reduces the burden on your wrists. On top of that, the keys offer satisfying response with minimal sound and smooth keystrokes, allowing you to game or type late into the night without making too much noise. Furthermore, the Havit KB487L has a sturdy construction thanks to its high-quality components and aesthetically pleasing professional look.

However, there are some drawbacks with this product. For one, accessing the delete key requires extra steps which can be inconvenient during long gaming sessions. Additionally, it is not backlit or have removable USB-C cable which may be important factors in choosing a gaming keyboard for some people.
All in all, if you’re looking for a quality gaming keyboard at an affordable price point then the Havit KB487L is an excellent choice!

Redragon K552-RGB-BA Mechanical Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo

The Redragon K552-RGB-BA Mechanical Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo is a great option for gamers looking to get serious without breaking the bank. It offers a lot of features that you would expect from more expensive keyboards, such as MX Cherry Equivalent switches and RBG lighting options at an unbeatable price. The keyboard has a solid, durable construction with a sturdy weight to keep it in place during intense gaming sessions. It also has 87 assignable keys to customize your gaming experience and 12 multimedia keys for quick access to important functions while playing your favorite games. Plus, its ergonomic mouse helps reduce click fatigue so you can game longer in comfort.

Sporting a striking dragon theme in bold red and black hues, the keyboard’s design is certainly eye-catching. The font deviates from the norm, which might require a bit of adjustment, but considering its price point, it’s quite satisfactory. Plus, it comes equipped with rubber feet at the base, adding an extra layer of stability during intense gaming sessions or prolonged typing.

All in all, the Redragon K552-RGB-BA Mechanical Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo is one of the best gaming keyboards under 50 available today. For gamers who are looking for a reliable yet affordable way to upgrade their gaming setup without sacrificing on quality or performance, this combo will fit perfectly into their budget!

RK Royal Kludge RK61

Looking to maximize your budget without compromising on quality? The RK Royal Kludge RK61 could be just the gaming keyboard you need. Its ergonomic design and ultra-compact layout make it ideal for those craving a clutter-free desktop. The brown switches deliver a tactile response sans any intrusive audio feedback, ensuring your focus remains unbroken. With 18 vibrant RGB and 8 monochrome backlight modes, it promises to add a dash of flair to your gaming sessions.

The package also throws in a keycap puller and additional keycaps, giving you the freedom to add a personal touch to your keyboard. No matter if you’re using Windows, MacOS, or Android, compatibility is a non-issue. And should you stumble upon any hiccups or queries related to the product, rest assured – dependable customer support is at your disposal round the clock.

Overall, the RK Royal Kludge RK61 is one of the best gaming keyboards under 50 dollars on the market today. It has all of the features necessary for serious gamers while keeping price tag low – something that can’t be overlooked!

Roccat Magma membrane keyboard

Gamers on a budget seeking a top-tier gaming keyboard should consider the Roccat Magma membrane keyboard. It features an advanced anti-ghosting technology and silent, responsive rubber dome keys, plus a low-maintenance sealed surface that keeps out dust and dirt. Moreover, you can customize the AIMO illumination eco-system with 16.8 million colors and unique sounds; what’s more, it comes equipped with an adjustable palm rest for comfortable hours of gaming! The 104 linear keys are also quite impressive for such an affordable price! However, its key reassignment feature is not optimal for gamers and its pressure/angle could be improved. Despite this, it remains one of the most cost effective keyboards on the market – offering unbeatable value and performance!

Best Gaming Keyboards Under 50 Dollars: A Comprehensive Buying Guide

In the realm of gaming, each piece of equipment holds significant weight. What’s one of the most quintessential weapons in your gaming repertoire? You guessed it – the keyboard. However, hunting for that ideal gaming keyboard when you’re strapped for cash can feel akin to seeking a proverbial needle in a haystack. That’s exactly where we step in. This guide is crafted with the aim to navigate you towards the best gaming keyboards that won’t burn a hole in your pocket – all under 50.

Choosing the Ideal Keyboard: Key Factors to Consider

Selecting a mechanical keyboard involves more than just comparing price tags. Here are some essential features to keep in mind:


Wired or wireless? That’s the question. Many gamers lean towards wired keyboards, attracted by the superior value for money and reduced latency which translates to quicker response times. But if you’re a disciple of minimalism or require something that can fit into your backpack, a wireless keyboard could be your perfect match.

Size Matters

Big isn’t always better when it comes to keyboards. Standard ones typically have 104 keys, but if you’re short on desk space or want something more compact and ergonomic, smaller options with as few as 45 keys are available.

It’s All About The Switches

Switches play a major role in how a keyboard ‘feels’. There are three main types: clicky switches that give you audible feedback; tactile switches that provide a bump feel when pressed; and linear switches that are smooth and quiet.

Light It Up With RGB

Sure, RGB lighting won’t make you game better but it does add some serious style points to your setup.

For more detailed information on these features, check out this handy guide on the best budget gaming keyboards.

Avoiding Common Pitfalls In Budget Keyboards

Choosing a budget-friendly option doesn’t necessarily mean compromising on quality. Here’s what to bear in mind:

Keycap Quality

A good keycap is like a good pair of shoes – it needs to withstand heavy use without falling apart. Look for double-shot injection keycaps as these tend to be more durable.

The Switch Situation

Cheap switches can make your gaming experience frustrating rather than fun. Always opt for keyboards with sturdy switches.

Durable Chassis Construction

The housing of your keyboard should be robust and resistant to dust and water – because let’s face it, accidents happen!

Now that we’ve armed you with all this information, finding the best gaming keyboard under 50 should be as easy as beating that boss level (okay… maybe not quite that easy!). Remember, while budget-friendly options may lack some premium features found in pricier counterparts like Ducky keyboards, they still deliver solid performance at an affordable cost.

And who knows? Maybe one day you’ll even venture into the wild world of weird keyboards! But until then, happy gaming!


Embarking on a gaming journey doesn’t require a hefty investment, and our selection of keyboards proves just that. These contenders for the best gaming keyboards under $50 offer a gateway to improved gameplay without the sticker shock. While each has its quirks, the common thread is clear: you don’t have to spend big to win big. As you venture back into your virtual world, consider which features are your non-negotiables and make your choice. Responsive, durable, and with a touch of personal flair – your new gaming keyboard awaits.