How to Change the Color of a Havit Gaming Keyboard

Do you have a Havit gaming keyboard and want to express your own unique style? Customizing your gaming setup by changing the color of your Havit gaming keyboard is a great way to make it more personal. In this guide, we’ll explain how to adjust the color of your Havit gaming keyboard so you can customize it to look exactly as you desire!

What is a Havit Gaming Keyboard?

Havit offers gaming peripherals that are designed to enhance your gaming experience – from keyboards equipped with RGB lighting, macro keys and mechanical switches to headsets and mice. Their keyboards are specifically crafted for gamers, providing an ergonomic design and robust construction for a comfortable and responsive gaming experience. The customizable RGB lighting, anti-ghosting technology and macro keys allow you to react quickly and accurately when gaming at a competitive level. With Havit’s budget gaming peripherals, you can take your performance to the next level for an affordable price.

How to Change the Color of Your Havit Gaming Keyboard

Changing the color of your AULA LED Backlit Gaming Keyboard is a breeze! To get started, press and hold the Fn key, then press the Backlit (lightbulb) key. This will cycle through six backlighting modes on your keyboard. Depending on which mode you’re in, you may also be able to switch between sub-modes by pressing the Backlit key again – for example, when in Breathing Single Color Mode, you can press and release the Backlit key to change between seven different colors. Keep pressing until you find a lighting pattern that suits your mood or preference!

Customizing Color Schemes

Customizing color schemes on your AULA LED backlit gaming keyboard is a great way to make it uniquely your own and stand out from the crowd. To customize the colors, you need to use the various modes available on the keyboard. The modes are: Solid Rainbow Mode, Breathing Rainbow Mode, Single Color Mode, Breathing Single Color Mode, 7-Color Breathing Mode, and On-Click Zone Lighting Mode.

Solid Rainbow mode is the first mode you will see and in this mode each zone of the keyboard will show a different color making it look like a rainbow. You can also adjust the direction of movement (left/right) by pressing Fn + Left/Right.

Breathing Rainbow mode works similarly to Solid Rainbow mode but with one key difference – in this mode light of the keyboard will turn on and off regularly as if it’s “breathing” giving it an even more unique look. You can adjust its breathing rate with Fn + Up/Down keys.

Single Color mode lets you switch between seven different colors by pressing Backlight Key once while in this mode. You can also increase or decrease brightness with Fn + Up/Down keys.

Breathing Single Color is similar to Breathing Rainbow but instead of showing multiple colors at once like in Solid Rainbow or Breathing Rainbow modes it only shows one single color which turns on and off slowly creating an ethereal effect that stands out among other lighting options available for keyboards today. Again, you can adjust its breathing rate with Fn + Up/Down keys.

7-Color Breathing mode combines features from both previous modes — solid rainbow and breathing single color — allowing you to create an even more dynamic looking lighting display as each time it breaths new colors show up giving your keyboard even more personality than before!
Finally, On-Click Zone Lighting allows you to have complete control over individual zones of your keyboard so when any key is pressed that zone lights up in one of seven preselected colors for added visual flair!

Overall customizing color schemes on your AULA LED backlit gaming keyboard is a great way not only to make your setup unique but also add some extra flair that draws attention without having too much excess light flooding your desk space which makes working harder than necessary during late night sessions!


Changing the color of your Havit gaming keyboard is an easy way to customize its appearance and make it look exactly how you want it! All you need is some toggle between the different modes and a few minutes of time – then you can have a totally unique looking keyboard that reflects who YOU are! To learn how to change color on any keyboard, check out this article.