Akko World Tour Keyboard Review

As someone who appreciates a good keyboard, you might be on the hunt for a blend of beauty and performance. In that case, the Akko World Tour Tokyo 3061S keyboard could be your perfect match. This distinctive piece of tech showcases Akko’s knack for mingling sleek design with quality functionality. It’s clear that they understand keyboards can serve as both aesthetic centrepieces and high-performance tools.

Design and Build Quality

Featuring a compact 61-key layout, this keyboard is housed in a solid plastic case that belies its durability. The pink cable and type C interface lend an appealing touch to your gaming setup. However, the real showstopper here is the keycap set. Drawing inspiration from Japanese folklore and imagery, it’s almost like having a piece of art right under your fingertips.

Despite being primarily design-oriented, the Akko World Tour Tokyo 3061S doesn’t skimp on build quality. Though some may find the plastic case less premium than metal alternatives, it still offers robustness needed for intense gaming sessions.

One of the standout features of the Akko World Tour Tokyo 3061S is the feel of the keys. The PBT Dye-Sublimation OSA Profile Keycaps contribute to a durable and resistant typing experience. The keys feel luscious under your fingertips, making typing or gaming a pleasure.

The keyboard also employs Jelly Pink Switches which provide a distinct tactile feedback and smooth keystroke operation. However, some users might notice a slight inconsistency due to some key stabilizers not being pre-lubed.


This keyboard uses Cherry switches which are renowned for their consistency and reliability in the world of mechanical keyboards. You get to choose from blue, brown, or red switches depending on your preference for tactile feedback and noise levels.

One minor hiccup is that while the space bar stabilizer comes pre-lubed from the factory enhancing smoothness and reducing rattle noise, other key stabilizers do not. This might require some additional work if you’re particular about an entirely smooth typing experience.

In terms of gaming performance, it does quite well with its anti-ghosting keys and N-key rollover feature ensuring no keystrokes are missed during those high-stakes moments.


The programmable RGB backlit allows you to customize light animation effects, adding a dash of personality to your keyboard. This is done through Akko’s software which also provides options for customization and macros.

Noise Reduction

This keyboard incorporates plate noise reduction foam, which can help dampen the sound produced during typing or gaming sessions. This is particularly useful if you’re sharing your space with others or prefer quieter keyboards yourself. However, because of its hollow nature, some users have suggested that it might benefit from additional sound-damping material inside.

Package and Delivery

It’s important to note that there have been some reported issues with packaging and delivery. Some users have reported receiving their keyboards with minor scratches and dirt on the back, while others found their packages opened with everything in a mess. Also, there were isolated instances where the “P” key was broken upon delivery, so it might be beneficial to check for any physical damage upon receiving your keyboard.

Connectivity and Features

The keyboard uses a USB Type-C connector which is flush, making it compatible with aftermarket cables. This could be a point of interest if you’re into custom cables for aesthetic or practical reasons.


Priced at around $100, the Akko World Tour Tokyo 3061S sits comfortably in the mid-range category. Considering its design appeal and solid build quality, it certainly offers value for money especially if you appreciate its unique aesthetics.

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Does the Akko World Tour Tokyo 3061S have wireless connectivity?

Unfortunately, this keyboard doesn’t come with wireless capabilities. Instead, it connects via a USB Type-C connector

What type of switches does the Akko World Tour Tokyo 3061S use?

The keyboard we’re talking about brings into play Cherry switches, a name that rings a bell for their remarkable reliability and consistency. Whether you’re typing up a storm or casually gaming, these switches won’t let you down.

And guess what? You can pick your favorite from blues, browns, and reds. Maybe you like the tactile feedback of blues or the quiet, smooth action of reds. Or perhaps, you’re all about that balanced brown switch.

Does the keyboard come with pre-lubed stabilizers?

Only the space bar stabilizer comes pre-lubed from the factory. Other key stabilizers do not come pre-lubed.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, the Akko World Tour Tokyo 3061S isn’t your typical gaming keyboard – it’s a beautifully designed piece that can act as the star attraction of any setup. While it may not have every feature on a keyboard enthusiast’s wishlist, its budget-friendly price, striking design, and dependable performance make it a worthy consideration for both gamers and avid typists.

So if you’re someone who values unique design and solid performance without needing every single high-end feature in the book, this could be your ideal typing companion. Interested in exploring more keyboards with hot-swap capabilities? Here’s an article on pink hot swappable keyboards that might catch your fancy.