A Review of the Glorious GMMK Pro

As a veteran in the world of gaming keyboards, I’ve had my fair share of experiences with all kinds of models. However, there’s something special about the Glorious GMMK Pro. It’s a compact 75% keyboard that has truly made a splash in the mechanical keyboard community.
So, what sets this keyboard apart from the rest? Let’s explore together!

First Impressions

The first thing you’ll notice about this keyboard is its sleek, black aluminum frame. This chunky beast has a good weight to it which gives off an air of solidity and durability. It also comes with an aesthetic knob which adds to its overall appeal.


This keyboard comes with backlit RGB lighting that adds that extra spice to your gaming setup. If RGB isn’t your thing, no worries! You can easily turn it off.

Now let’s talk sound: the GMMK Pro features two layers of sound dampening foam which helps keep those keystrokes satisfyingly thumpy yet muted.

Ever dreamt of personalizing your keyboard to the finest detail? With its hot-swappable feature, you can switch keys as frequently as you wish, no soldering needed (learn more about hot swappable 75% keyboards here). It’s an absolute game-changer, especially if you’re someone who enjoys tinkering with and customizing their keyboards.

Compatibility and Software

When it comes to compatibility, the GMMK Pro is like that friend who gets along with everyone. Whether your system of choice is Windows, Mac iOS, or Linux, or even if you’re more into gaming consoles like PS4 and Xbox, this keyboard has got your back. As for the software, it’s as reliable and user-friendly as they come – customizing your keyboard settings will feel like a walk in the park. In essence, I can confidently say that you’ll find using this keyboard as easy as pie.

The Flex Kit Option

If you’re looking to enhance your typing experience, Glorious has introduced the GMMK Pro Flex kit. This kit includes three different gasket options designed to improve the keyboard’s performance. While this comes at an extra cost, it may be worth considering if you’re serious about achieving your optimal typing feel.

Pros and Cons


The GMMK Pro shines in its robust construction and user-friendly assembly process. The clear, step-by-step instructions make it a breeze to put together. For those of us who take pride in our personal style, this keyboard doesn’t disappoint.

Being aware of recent trends, we know how important customization is in today’s tech world. So, it’s refreshing to see a keyboard that lets you express yourself right down to your hardware.

We can’t help but show some love for the GMMK Pro’s adaptability. Whether you’re a casual typist or a hardcore gamer, this keyboard adjusts to suit your unique needs and preferences.

In terms of coherence and flow, the GMMK Pro checks all the boxes. From assembly to operation, everything runs smoothly, just like the transitions in our sentences.


Sometimes, the stabilizers can be a tad too lubricated, which may cause some keys to feel stuck. Moreover, while the hotswappable features of the keyboard are a charm, the non-magnetic screws can make disassembly a bit tricky. But hey, nothing that a little patience and careful handling can’t solve!

Introducing the Flex Kit: Let’s Dive In Together

While we briefly mentioned the Flex kit earlier, it’s worth diving deeper into what it brings to the table. The kit is designed to enhance gasket performance and improve overall typing feel. It includes three different gasket options allowing for further customization and fine-tuning to your preferences.

Here’s a bit of a fun paradox in the world of keyboards – sound quality and gasket performance. You see, when we add foam to enhance the sound, it could potentially affect the performance of the gasket. It’s a bit like a game of balance, isn’t it? Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide what matters most. Do you prefer an auditory feast or seamless performance? Or perhaps you’ve found that sweet spot somewhere in between?

Customization Options

Glorious offers several cosmetic options that allow you to make your GMMK Pro truly yours. You can pair it with colorful USB-C cables and top mounting plate frames among other accessories to match your gaming setup aesthetics.

The Dual-Tone Case

One exciting feature that comes with the Flex kit is the option for a dual-tone case which certainly adds an extra layer of aesthetic appeal.

Warranty and Support

Glorious, the keyboard brand we all know and love, has a pretty solid warranty policy that shouldn’t go unnoticed. If you’re investing in their electronic devices, they’ve got you covered with a 2-year limited manufacturer guarantee. Non-electronic devices? No problem, there’s a 1-year guarantee for those. It’s clear they stand by the quality of their products, and that’s reassuring for us keyboard enthusiasts. This not only shows their confidence but also gives us users a little extra peace of mind.

Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers! (FAQ)

Is the GMMK Pro compatible with my operating system?

Yes, the GMMK Pro is compatible with Windows, Mac iOS, Linux, PS4 and Xbox systems.

Does the GMMK Pro come with a warranty?

Yes, Glorious offers a 2-year limited manufacturer guarantee for electronic devices and 1-year guarantee for non-electronic devices.

Should You Be Concerned About Any Drawbacks of the GMMK Pro?

Some potential drawbacks may include overly lubed stabilizers that might cause keys to get stuck, non-magnetic screws that make disassembly difficult, and a higher price point compared to other keyboards offering similar features.

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Is The Glorious GMMK Pro Worth it?

In conclusion, it’s hard not to fall head over heels for this keyboard. It’s like the rock of Gibraltar in your hands – solid, dependable and ready to weather any typing storm. And the customizability? You’ll be like a kid in a candy store, picking and choosing exactly what suits your unique tastes. Plus, it gets along with just about any system you throw at it, making compatibility concerns a thing of the past. This keyboard isn’t just a contender in its class – it’s a front-runner.

Yet, there are a couple of hitches to consider. For one, the price tag might make some of our budget-wise friends hesitate. Also, adding on the Flex Kit could feel like an extra pinch to your wallet, which may not jive well with everyone.

Indeed, this keyboard has garnered quite a fan base. If you’re a keyboard enthusiast who relishes in personalizing your gear, and if you find joy in fine-tuning your setup to achieve that sublime sound and touch, the Glorious GMMK Pro could very well be the treasure you’ve been hunting for.