NZXT Function TKL Review

So you’re on the prowl for a top-tier gaming keyboard, huh? Well, let’s shift your focus onto NZXT’s latest keyboard – the Function TKL. This tenkeyless wonder not only promises to up your game with its astounding performance but also comes equipped with Gateron Red mechanical switches that guarantee swift and silent keystrokes. Plus, the fact that it’s hot-swappable means you can easily customize it to fit your gaming style. Now, isn’t that something any keyboard enthusiast would appreciate?

Design and Build

The first thing you’ll notice about the Function TKL is its robust build quality. The top plate is made from aerospace-grade aluminum, which ensures durability and a premium feel. The Function TKL comes in black, white, or gray – each version boasting a sleek and minimalistic look.

Let’s chat about user-friendly features for a second, specifically those nestled on the top left-hand side of your keyboard. You’ll find a nifty, built-in rubberized wheel for volume control. It’s as smooth as silk and just as satisfying to use. Nestled below it are three handy buttons: a mute button, windows lock key, and an RGB button – all there to keep you in your gaming zone without any frustrating interruptions. Now that’s what I call easy access!

In the realm of comfort, NZXT showcases confidence and expertise. Both the full-size and TKL versions offer a thoughtful inclusion – a detachable rubberized magnetic wrist rest. This feature is a godsend during those long, intense gaming sessions. It’s a bit of a bummer though, that the Mini TKL version misses out on this feature.


NZXT has equipped the Function TKL with Gateron Red linear mechanical switches that are fast and quiet – a perfect combination for gaming enthusiasts. These switches are pre-lubricated along with stabilizers and sound-dampening foam for smooth key presses. However, some users may find the stabilizers rattle slightly which can be bothersome during intense gaming sessions.

The NZXT Function TKL also features N Key Rollover – ensuring no keystroke is missed even during rapid-fire inputs. Furthermore, rubber pads on corners prevent the keyboard from sliding on your desktop, while flip-out feet offer two different modes of elevation to suit your typing comfort.


One of the standout features of the Function TKL is its hot-swappable capability. This means you can easily replace or experiment with different switches without any soldering involved. If you want to know more about hot swappable TKL keyboards, check out this article on the best tkl hot swappable keyboards.

The keyboard is also complemented with NZXT’s unique CAM software, designed to make customization a breeze. But let’s be honest here – some of our fellow keyboard enthusiasts have voiced concerns about the software feeling a bit outdated and perhaps not as user-friendly as one might expect.


The Function TKL includes RGB backlighting to add flair to your gaming setup. While some may find the lighting effects somewhat choppy and the RGB dull on gray and black versions, they still provide a decently vibrant display overall.

Keycaps and Stabilizers

An important aspect of any keyboard, gaming or otherwise, is the feel of its keycaps. The NZXT Function TKL uses ABS keycaps which, while they may not be to everyone’s taste due to their tendency to pick up fingerprints and smudges, provide a pleasingly tactile experience. However, users who prefer a different feel or wish to personalize the keyboard further can easily swap these out owing to the standard bottom row layout.

Equally crucial are the stabilizers that help maintain an even key press across larger keys such as Enter or Spacebar. In this case, the stabilizers provided have been reported to produce some rattle and can be tricky to modify due to their plate-mounted design. This might be a minor setback for those who seek a completely quiet typing experience.

Software Experience

Customizing your keyboard is now the norm, but what truly differentiates one from another is how effortlessly you can make it truly yours. The CAM software from NZXT offers a plethora of options, from crafting your own macros to adjusting the keyboard’s backlight. However, we won’t sugarcoat it – some of our fellow keyboard enthusiasts have found it a bit tricky to navigate. Remember, personal experiences with software interfaces can vary widely, so don’t let this deter you from exploring the unique features NZXT’s CAM software has to offer.

Volume Wheel and Additional Buttons

Handy multimedia controls are increasingly becoming standard on many keyboards and the NZXT Function TKL is no exception. The volume wheel on the top left-hand side provides quick access for audio adjustments during intense gaming sessions or casual browsing. Additionally, the mute button, windows lock key, and RGB control button all add extra functionality without cluttering up the keyboard layout.

Build Program

NZXT brings to the table a standout service that lets you infuse your personal touch into your keyboard right at the outset. Fancy a black, white, or even a gray one? No problem! You’re also free to pick from full-size, TKL, or Mini TKL layouts to suit your style and needs. But just as a heads up – this unique customization privilege does come with a somewhat steeper price tag.

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What does Tenkeyless (TKL) mean?

Tenkeyless refers to keyboards that do not feature the traditional number pad found on the right side of standard keyboards. This creates a smaller footprint and can free up desk space.

What are Gateron Red switches?

Gateron Red switches are linear mechanical switches. They provide smooth keystrokes without any tactile bump or clicky noise, making them great for both gaming and typing.

What is hot-swappable functionality?

Hot-swapping allows you to change the keyboard’s switches without needing to solder or desolder anything, making switch replacement or experimentation much easier.

Is the wrist rest included with all versions of the NZXT Function TKL?

The wrist rest is included with full-size and TKL versions but not with the Mini TKL version.

Can I replace the keycaps on the NZXT Function TKL?

Yes, you can replace the keycaps. The keyboard features a standard bottom row, which increases compatibility with custom keycap sets.


Overall, the NZXT Function TKL boasts a solid build quality, excellent functionality, and great customization options. While it does have a few shortcomings like non-lubed stabilizers and an outdated software interface, its pros certainly outweigh these minor cons.

When it comes to the cost, you might notice that these keyboards hold a bit of a heftier price tag compared to some other options out there. The full-size model rings in at $150, while the TKL version is available for a slightly friendlier $130. Now, if you ask me, the Mini TKL model is quite the catch. Not only does it boast a compact size perfect for those of us who appreciate minimalism and functionality, but its price is also slightly more palatable at $120.

Having said that, suppose you’re a keyboard enthusiast seeking a robust gaming beast packed with top-tier features. In that case, you might find the NZXT Function TKL as a valuable contender. Sure, it might be a bit of an investment, but isn’t it worth considering if it enhances your gaming experience? So, if you don’t mind loosening those purse strings slightly, this could be the perfect addition to your gaming arsenal.