Redragon K628 Pro Comprehensive Review

Are you a passionate gamer or a keyboard enthusiast? Then, you can’t help but appreciate the allure of the Redragon K628 PRO. This compact yet stylish mechanical keyboard combines versatility and standout features with flair.

A Unique Look

The Redragon K628 Pro isn’t just another gaming keyboard. It throws a unique punch with a color scheme that dares to be different, blending black, white, and red. It’s bold without being in-your-face, making it a remarkable fit for any gamer’s sanctuary. The best part? It doesn’t stop at looks! Its lightweight design is coupled with textured keycaps, offering that sought-after grip that makes your fingers feel right at home. In the world of keyboards where performance meets aesthetics, the Redragon K628 Pro certainly knows how to play the game.

The Features You Need

Imagine a world where you could customize your keyboard switches without the hassle of soldering or desoldering anything. Welcome to the universe of hot-swappable keyboards, and this particular model is a shining star in that galaxy. Its hot-swap capability allows you to change switches with ease – think plug and play! If you’re a keyboard aficionado like us, this feature is going to be music to your ears. Curious about the world of hot-swappable 75% keyboards? Dive right into it with this in-depth read.

Are you in need of a keyboard that adapts to your connection preferences? Then the Redragon K628 Pro could be your new best friend. This savvy piece of tech doesn’t limit you to a single mode of connection. Instead, it offers the power of choice with its impressive tri-mode technology. Whether you prefer the reliability of a USB wired connection, or the freedom of BT 3.0/5.0 and 2.4Ghz wireless modes, this keyboard has got you covered. Just think about it – no more being tied down by cables or struggling with compatibility issues. With the Redragon K628 Pro, it’s all about connecting your way and enjoying a seamless typing experience.

Let There Be Light

The RGB lighting on the K628 Pro is nothing short of stunning. With up to 20 preset backlighting modes and adjustable brightness and speed, you can customize your keyboard’s look to match your mood or setup. There’s even a music sync mode that makes the lights dance along with your tunes.

Subtle Upgrades Make a Big Difference

The Pro version of the K628 is not just about aesthetics. It boasts numerous upgrades over the original model – improvements that make this keyboard more than just a pretty face. The Pro software available from the Redragon website allows users to customize three different profiles, create macros, shortcuts and choose their preferred colors.

Our Thoughts: The Good and The Bad

While there’s a lot to love about this keyboard, it’s not without its flaws. Some users may find the dark, subtle icons hard to distinguish or struggle with learning how to use all of its features. The cool tone of light may also make it challenging for some to get just the right color using the provided software.

On the flip side, however, this keyboard offers plenty of benefits. It promises reliability, backlit letters and numbers, and a compact design that will free up space on your desk. The premium feel of its keycaps and its overall look and sound make it a significant upgrade over the original K628.

Diving Deeper: The Keycaps and Font

One of the subtle upgrades that Redragon lavished on the K628 Pro involves the fonts on its keycaps. Unlike the original K628, the Pro version has smaller, cleaner-looking fonts – a change that adds a touch of sophistication to the keyboard. The keycaps themselves are crafted with premium materials and a texture that feels luxurious under your fingers. However, font choice is subjective, and some may still prefer the larger letters on the original model.

Switching Things Up: The Redragon Optimum Red Switches

The K628 Pro employs Redragon’s own Optimum red switches. These switches offer a quiet yet satisfying typing experience thanks to their basic linear mechanical design and soft key travel. If you’re not fond of loud clicky keys but still crave tactile feedback, these switches could be right up your alley.

The Tri-Mode Connection Technology

Let’s talk about something pretty cool – the tri-mode connection technology in the K628 Pro. It’s like having three keyboards in one! You can go old school with a trusty USB wired connection, or go untethered with either BT 3.0/5.0 or 2.4Ghz wireless modes. Love the dependability of wires? This keyboard’s got it. Crave the liberty of going wireless? It’s got that too. The K628 Pro is all about delivering your preferred typing experience, just the way you like it.

Compatibility and Convenience: The Hot-Swap Free-Mod PCB Socket

The hot-swap free-mod PCB socket is a significant feature for keyboard enthusiasts who like to experiment with different switch types. This socket makes it compatible with almost all switch types in the market (3 or 5 pin), making it even more versatile.

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Final Thoughts

All in all, if you’re looking for a compact mechanical keyboard that doesn’t compromise on features or style, the Redragon K628 Pro is certainly worth considering. It combines functionality with aesthetics in a package that’s sure to appeal to gamers and typing enthusiasts alike.