RK Royal Kludge RK84 Review

For anyone with a passion for gaming or typing, the right keyboard is more than just an accessory. It’s an essential tool that influences performance, comfort, and overall experience. In the vast ocean of keyboards in today’s market, I’ll be taking you through a deep dive into the wonders of the RK Royal Kludge RK84, a wireless RGB 75% triple mode mechanical keyboard teeming with nifty features.

First Impressions

Upon first glance, the RK84 strikes you with its compact yet clever design. The innovative 75% layout trims off unnecessary space without sacrificing crucial keys like arrow, multimedia, and control keys. It’s all about efficiency here – but without skipping on style. The frame can be removed if you prefer your switches sitting directly on the deck for a different aesthetic.

The Feel & Performance

The RK84 uses TTC KS4 switches comparable to Gateron switches, delivering a satisfying clicky feedback. But here’s where it gets interesting: its hot-swap PCB allows you to change 3 pins/5 pins switches freely without any soldering issue. If you’re curious about what a hot-swappable keyboard is or why it matters, check out this informative article on the topic.

With three modes to choose from – stable Bluetooth 5.0 wireless mode, hassle-free 2.4GHz dongle plus USB-C wired mode – versatility is at your fingertips (quite literally). The keyboard also supports connections to five devices via Bluetooth – a feature I personally found handy when multitasking between devices.

Battery Life & Extras

When it comes to battery life, this keyboard boasts a hefty 3750 milliamp-hour battery, one of the largest in the game. With the backlight switched off, you’ll get up to an incredible 200 hours of continuous use. To help save power, the keyboard smartly features an energy-saving mode – after about a minute of inactivity, it dims the RGB lights without going into full sleep mode. This way, it’s always ready when you are, but still preserving that precious battery life.
The RK84 not only brings you a fantastic typing experience, but it also comes with some delightful extras. You’ll find additional switches, a handy keycap puller, and a combo cap nestled in the box. But that’s not all – think about the possibilities of having two powered USB-A ports right on your keyboard! This feature lets you plug in peripheral devices like your trusty mouse, or even charge your phone without needing an extra socket. It’s this kind of practical convenience that I absolutely loved about the RK84.

The Aesthetic Touch

The RGB lighting on your keyboard isn’t just for show (although it does add a stylish touch). The diverse modes, hues, and configurations let you tailor your keyboard’s appearance to your personal taste, no software necessary. Not only does it serve an aesthetic purpose, but it also adds a unique and personal touch to your gaming or typing experience. If you’re curious about the visual appeal of hot-swappable 75% keyboards, or wondering why they’ve been gaining popularity recently, this article offers some enlightening insights.

Not All Smooth Sailing

Despite its many perks, the RK84 isn’t without its flaws. The unconventional key positions may require an adjustment period for some users. Some keys are located closely together which could lead to unintended inputs during rapid typing or gaming sessions.

While the magnetic risers provide flexibility in adjusting keyboard height based on preference, there were instances where the magnets fell out – indicating potential build quality issues over time.

Build Quality and Durability

The RK84 is not only a powerhouse performer, it’s also designed to stand the test of time. You’ll find it to be a sturdy companion under your fingers, devoid of any shaky or creaking qualms. However, we should keep it real and let you know that it doesn’t come with the bells and whistles of foam or gasket mount in its design. For keyboard enthusiasts who are particular about sound dampening or customizability, this might be worth considering.

The Switch Experience

Let’s talk about a feature of the RK84 that may just make your day: its hot-swappable switches. If you’re just dipping your toes into the world of mechanical keyboards, or if you’re an old hand who can’t resist experimenting with different switch types, this aspect is going to be a revelation. With both 3-pin and 5-pin switches on the table, the keyboard gives you a host of ways to personalize your typing experience.

It’s like having an all-you-can-eat buffet of switches at your disposal. For those who aren’t familiar, imagine being able to switch between a light airy touch or a satisfyingly solid thump at will. That’s what hot-swappable switches bring to the party. It’s not just for show either; it can drastically change how you interact with your keyboard.

Software & Customization

Here’s something I really appreciate about the RK84 – its driverless design. You can customize all the RGB directly on the keyboard, no software installations necessary. Isn’t that neat? However, and this is just a heads-up, you might need to install a generic driver for full compatibility with some devices or operating systems.


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Do I need to install any software for the RK84?

No, all RGB customization can be done directly through the keyboard itself. However, for full compatibility with certain devices or operating systems, you might need to install a generic driver.

What kind of switches does the RK84 use?

The RK84, a favorite among keyboard enthusiasts, comes equipped with TTC KS4 switches. But here’s the fun part – this particular keyboard boasts a hot-swappable feature. What does that mean for you? Well, whether you’re a fan of 3-pin or 5-pin switches, you can customize this keyboard to your heart’s content. It’s all about giving you the power to perfect your typing experience!

How long is the battery life of the RK84?

The keyboard houses a 3750 milliamp-hour battery and can last up to an impressive 200 hours of continuous use with the backlight off.

Can I connect multiple devices with the RK84?

Yes, the keyboard supports connections to up to five devices via Bluetooth. You can easily switch between these connected devices.

Final Thoughts

The RK Royal Kludge RK84 is a solid choice for those looking for a versatile, aesthetically pleasing, and affordable mechanical keyboard. Its unique features like hot-swappable switches, multiple connection modes, and customizable aesthetics offer great value – making it a worthy contender in the realm of 75% keyboards.