Yunzii KC84 Keyboard Review

If you’re someone who values both aesthetics and functionality in a keyboard, the Yunzii KC84 might just be your perfect match. This compact, portable keyboard offers a unique colorway of orange keycaps set against a dark background, giving it an eye-catching appeal that sets it apart from the usual sea of black and white keyboards. Its 75% form factor makes it not only desk-friendly but also travel-friendly, catering to all types of environments.

But what really elevates the Yunzii KC84 beyond its visual appeal is its host of practical features. It’s not just about looking good; this keyboard is designed with usability and customization in mind.

Customization at Your Fingertips

The Yunzii KC84 comes with hot-swappable Gateron switches that can be replaced without any soldering needed – making it a breeze for beginners to mod. If you’re new to hot-swappable keyboards or if you want to learn more about them, check out this informative article I came across which provides a detailed overview on the subject.

Beyond its physical customization options, the keyboard also offers macro recording capabilities and customizable RGB effects. The RGB lighting is not just limited to your typical color spectrum but also includes true white light – a feature not commonly found in many RGB keyboards.

Quality Build and Design

The build quality of this keyboard truly shines through its sturdy design with minimal flex, providing a solid typing experience. The keycaps are designed differently than most keyboards – they are flatter, wider, and have an ergonomic dip, which might feel a bit unfamiliar at first if you’re used to traditional keycap designs. However, the quality of these PBT keycaps is undeniable, with the 85% PBT dye-sublimation technology ensuring a durable, oil-resistant keycap that stays true to color for a long time.

Customer Service and Additional Features

In my experience, Yunzii’s customer service deserves a special mention. The company doesn’t hesitate to send care packages with new switches and freebies. Furthermore, the keyboard uses a USB-C cable with three channels for the cable to exit (left, right, or front). This thoughtful design detail might not be something you notice immediately but definitely shows Yunzii’s attention to user needs and preferences.

Points to Consider

Despite its many advantages, there are a few things to consider before investing in a Yunzii KC84. Some users have reported difficulty in removing switches and one of my own switches arrived broken. Fortunately, Yunzii’s excellent customer service was quick to resolve these issues.

Moreover, the RGB customization provides a bounty of choices, yet some might find the software a tad perplexing. As for the unique keycap design – it’s a love at first sight for me! However, if you’re more familiar with conventional designs, it might require a little time to adjust. Lastly, just a heads up – the tucked-away USB opening might not be best friends with custom cables that sport thicker USB protectors.

Performance and Typing Experience

If you’re curious about how the Yunzii KC84 performs, it’s safe to say that it doesn’t disappoint. The hot-swappable Gateron switches provide a solid and satisfying typing experience. Whether you’re typing long essays or coding for hours, the keyboard remains comfortable and responsive. However, do keep in mind that if a switch arrives broken – which happened in my case – it might slightly hinder your initial experience.

Unique Aesthetics and Ergonomics

One look at the Yunzii KC84 and you’ll immediately notice its unique vibe. The bold, daring choice of orange keycaps set against a dark backdrop is not something you see every day! But the Yunzii KC84 doesn’t just win points for being a head-turner. This keyboard goes beyond superficial charm and boasts an ergonomic design that’s all about your comfort. Picture this: keycaps that are flatter and wider than your average keys, with a gentle ergonomic dip. It’s like they’re custom-made to cradle your fingertips during those marathon typing sessions. So, whether it’s the aesthetics that drew you in or the promise of comfort, one thing is clear – the Yunzii KC84 isn’t just another keyboard on the shelf.

The RGB Lighting Effect

The magic of customizable RGB lighting effects can truly bring this keyboard to life. The diverse range of settings and modes available gives you the power to tailor your typing experience to match your current vibe or workspace look. And here’s a fun fact – you can hit pause on the RGB lighting mode whenever you fancy, letting you freeze-frame a particular spectacle of light.

Easy Modding and Customization

Are you a tech enthusiast who revels in modifying your gear? If so, the Yunzii KC84 is a perfect match for you. This keyboard boasts hot-swappable switches that are especially friendly to beginners in the realm of customization and modding. Even if this is your first venture into the world of keyboard modification, fret not. Accompanying this keyboard is a handy tool designed to simplify the process of removing and replacing keys or switches. So go ahead, get creative without any fuss.

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Is the Yunzii KC84 compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems?

Yes, the Yunzii KC84 offers strong compatibility with both Mac and Windows operating systems.

Can the switches be replaced without soldering?

Yes, the Gateron switches on the Yunzii KC84 are hot-swappable and can be replaced without any soldering needed.

Does the keyboard have RGB lighting?

Yes, the Yunzii KC84 comes with customizable RGB lighting effects. It even includes a true white light, which is not common in many RGB keyboards.

Will the keycaps fade over time?

The keycaps of Yunzii KC84 are made using 85% PBT dye-sublimation technology, making them durable, oil-resistant, and anti-fade. They should retain their color for a long time.


To wrap it up, the Yunzii KC84 is an excellent product that offers high-quality build and unique design features. Its strong compatibility with both Mac and Windows operating systems makes it versatile for different users. Despite minor setbacks in terms of switch removal and software navigation, its pros far outweigh its cons. It’s beginner-friendly for customization and modding, making it a great option for those looking to dip their toes into the world of custom keyboards.