40% Keyboard Benefits

40% keyboard benefits

With the evolving workspace and changing needs, the traditional full-sized keyboards are getting replaced by more compact keyboard variants. One such emerging trend is the 40% keyboards, which offer a unique blend of portability, functionality, and speed. Let’s delve deeper into 40% keyboard benefits, advantages, and potential drawbacks.

Key Features of 40% Keyboards

Ah, the compact world of 40% keyboards! If you’ve ever wondered about those cute, space-saving keyboards, you’ve stumbled upon the right section. These niche pieces of tech pack quite the punch, proving that size isn’t always an indicator of functionality.

Compact Layout:

40% keyboards, as their name suggests, are on the petite side. What they lack in size, they make up for in functionality. They typically do away with the number row, arrow keys, and many punctuation keys, offering users a tighter space to navigate. It’s a minimalist’s dream!

Efficiency First:

Despite having fewer keys, users of 40% keyboards often find they can type or game more efficiently. With practice, the layout can optimize hand movement, leading to quicker reflexes, whether you’re typing up an email or diving into your favorite game.


Less size often translates to a lighter hit on the wallet. With fewer materials needed for production, these mechanical keyboards can be more affordable than their larger counterparts. But, just like a cup of artisanal espresso, sometimes less really is more.

Ortholinear Design:

Quite a few 40% keyboards embrace what’s known as an ‘ortholinear’ layout. This simply means that all the keys line up in tidy rows and columns, instead of the staggered pattern you typically see on conventional keyboards. This doesn’t only give them a distinctive charm, it also provides an ergonomic benefit for certain users.

Functionality through Modifer Keys:

To make up for the missing keys that you usally find on a full size keyboard, these small keyboards rely on something called modifier keys. By holding down a modifier key, you can change the function of another key. Imagine having a closet where, with a simple gesture, winter clothes transform into summer wear. That’s the magic of modifier kets in the world of 40% keyboards.

A Rarer Breed:

You might’ve noticed that these keyboards aren’t as ubiquitous as the standard ones. Their specialized design means they cater to a particular crowd, making them less common in the market. But for those in the know, 40% keyboards offer a unique and efficient typing experience.

In summary, while the 40% keyboard might seem daunting or overly minimalistic at first glance, diving deeper reveals a world of innovation, efficiency, and ergonomic design. For those willing to spend some time getting accustomed, it might just become your next favorite piece of tech.

Key Benefits of a 40% Keyboard


One of the standout features of 40% keyboards is their portability. Due to their compact size, they easily fit into backpacks or laptop bags, making them ideal travel companions for digital nomads or anyone frequently on the move. You can practically take it anywhere without any hassle.

Small Footprint

A 40% keyboard’s small footprint isn’t just beneficial for portability. It also means more space on your desk for your mouse, particularly advantageous for gamers who require a large swiping area. This article provides more insights into the impact of keyboard sizes. On top of that, a 40% keyboard offers more functionality per square inch compared to larger keyboards, ensuring you’re not compromising utility for size.

Potentially Faster Typing

With a 40% keyboard, every key press is available within 2u of the home row. This layout leads to minimal finger movement, allowing for potentially faster typing speeds once you’re accustomed to the format.

Advantages of 40% Keyboards

portable keyboard

Saving Desk Space

The compact form factor of smaller keyboards makes them excellent space savers. If you’re working in a small home office or a shared workspace, every inch of desk real estate matters. By choosing a 40% mechanical keyboard, you can free up significant space, creating a less cluttered and more productive environment.


Designers and artists often prefer a neat working area with their graphics tablet and a small keyboard. 40% keyboards shine here with their high customizability, allowing the user to tailor the layout to their needs. This helps to create a more streamlined and efficient workspace.

Disadvantages of 40% Keyboards

Two-Handed Operation

Despite their numerous benefits, 40% keyboards are not without their downsides. One such issue is that they require both hands for complete key accessibility. This means that for some, using them with one hand may be less feasible.

Lack of Numpad

Another potential downside is the lack of a numeric keypad. If your work involves extensive numerical data entry, this can be a challenge. Although you could purchase a separate numpad, this might negate the space-saving advantage. Our guide to the best 40% keyboards can help you find models with creative solutions to this issue.

Learning Curve

Switching to a 40% keyboard from a full-size or even a TKL or 60% keyboard can require some adjustment. It’s a bit of a learning curve, as you’ll need to get used to layers and function keys for the missing keys. Forr more insight into the distinctions among keyboard sizes, you can consultcomprehensive comparison.

Understanding the 40% Keyboard Layout

small 40% keyboard

Embarking on the 40% keyboard journey, one of the first things you’ll notice is the unique layout. Unlike standard full size keyboards or even their TKL and 60% counterparts, 40% keyboards have a significantly stripped-down design. The intent is to maximize functionality while maintaining a compact form factor.

A typical 40% keyboard does away with the number row, function keys, and often punctuation keys as well. You might wonder, how then do we access these extra keys? Well, they’re cleverly hidden in layers and can be accessed using certain key combinations, often involving the Fn (Function) key. Picture it as having multiple keyboards stacked in one, each offering different keys with a press of the Fn key.

The absence of a dedicated number row means the numbers are typically accessed via the Fn key in conjunction with the top row of letters. Similarly, function keys and special characters have their designated spots in the layers. With practice, navigating through these layers becomes second nature, and the process can be quicker than moving your hands around a larger keyboard.

This condensed layout does more than just save space. By keeping all keys within a small radius, it minimizes finger movement and could potentially increase your typing speed. That said, getting the hang of the layout takes some time and patience. Once mastered, though, it might just revolutionize your typing experience.

Specific Use Cases for 40% Keyboards

purple compact keyboard

Given their unique attributes, 40% keyboards are far from being a one-size-fits-all tool. Rather, they find their charm in specific use cases where their advantages shine brightly. Let’s explore a few such scenarios.

First up, the nomadic digital professionals. Are you constantly on the move, setting up your workstation in cafes, coworking spaces, or even at the beach? A 40% keyboard is a portable companion that easily fits in your bag, taking up little space and adding barely any weight. It’s a breeze to set up, giving you more time to focus on your work rather than cable management.

Next, we have the gamers. For those who love first-person shooter or MOBA games, a 40% keyboard can be a game-changer (pun intended). The compact size of these keyboards frees up valuable desk space, allowing you ample room for broad mouse movements, a critical aspect of many games.

Graphic designers and digital artists are another group who may find 40% keyboards an appealing choice. When paired with a graphics tablet, the keyboard’s small footprint allows the artist to have their hands on both the tablet and the keyboard simultaneously, potentially speeding up workflow.

Last but not least, 40% keyboards can be an ideal fit for minimalist keyboard enthusiasts too. If you aim for a clean, clutter-free workspace, replacing your traditional keyboard with a 40% variant can considerably reduce visual noise and promote a minimalistic aesthetic.

In all these use cases, the 40% keyboard provides a unique blend of compactness, functionality, and potentially increased efficiency, making it a versatile piece of tech that caters to a diverse array of needs.


Despite the learning curve and the need for two-handed operation, 40% keyboards bring significant benefits to the table. Their portability and small footprint make them a top choice for those who value mobility and desk space. Moreover, the potential for faster typing and customizability make them a versatile tool for a wide range of users, from digital artists to hardcore gamers.

The disadvantages, while worth considering, are not deal-breakers for many. A separate numpad can solve the numerical input issue, and with time, users can adapt to the new layout and key combinations. Remember, the perfect compact keyboard is a subjective matter, and it ultimately depends on your specific needs and preferences.

So, are you ready to make the switch to a smaller keyboard?

40% keyboards offer a unique blend of functionality and compactness that can revolutionize your typing experience. Whether you’re a traveling professional, a gaming enthusiast, or a digital artist, these keyboards can cater to your needs while having less desk space. So why wait? Explore the world of 40% keyboards and elevate your typing game!

Final thoughts on the value of 40% keyboards

In this digital age, where productivity and convenience are paramount, the 40% keyboard emerges as a strong contender in the keyboard market. By packing essential features into a smaller form factor, it offers a unique blend of efficiency, speed, and portability. Despite some initial adjustments, users may find the 40% keyboard benefits outweigh the potential downsides, making the switch worthwhile. Happy typing!