Best TKL PCB in 2023

tkl pcb

Are you on the hunt for the ultimate gaming performance? Enter TKL PCB (Tenkeyless Printed Circuit Board), increasingly coveted by gamers chasing lightning-fast response times and pinpoint accuracy. Designed with an ultra-responsive gaming experience in mind, a TKL PCB empowers you to act swiftly and accurately in the heat of battle. In this exploration, we’ll uncover what makes a TKL PCB stand out and how it can level up your gaming prowess.

Glorious PC Gaming Race TKL

Want to supercharge your gaming sessions? The Glorious PC Gaming Race TKL could be your game-changer. This tenkeyless mechanical keyboard boasts a hybrid construction of metal and plastic for sound tuning versatility and is compatible with all standard OEM keycaps plus 3-pin plate-mounted linear, clicky, and tactile switches. Its hot-swappable PCB facilitates swift switch changes minus the soldering hassle.

Are you an RGB lighting aficionado? With 16.8 million color options and adjustable brightness levels, this keyboard turns heads with spectacular key effects! It’s ergonomically designed for Windows, Mac, and console systems like PS4/5 and Xbox. To top it off, each purchase includes a one-year limited manufacturer warranty and Amazon’s 30-day return policy – so you can shop with confidence. In essence, the Glorious PC Gaming Race TKL combines high-performance features at an entry-level price point – easy switch installation/removability to customizable lighting effects – letting gamers experience high performance without breaking the bank!


Seeking an extra feature-loaded tkl PCB? The EPOMAKER TH80 Pro checks all boxes. The solid build quality combined with premium materials ensures satisfying typing or gaming feedback. The dampener foams included guarantee smooth sound absorption while the vibrant RGB lights add aesthetic value. What’s more? The scroll knob simplifies media control – no more fiddling around while playing your favorite track! Its triple mode Bluetooth 5.0/2.4GHz wireless/wired connection guarantees seamless connectivity across devices.

While initially tricky to open up, once you get past that hurdle – find specific keycaps may be difficult due to its unique layout – overall this is a great option if you’re looking for an entry-level board bursting with features and good performance.

Glorious Gaming GMMK PRO Barebones

The Glorious Gaming GMMK PRO Barebones is tailor-made for anyone itching to personalize their keyboard setup. It has an appealing slim 75% layout and white aluminum frame that promises endurance, while the included USB-C cable, additional screws, keycaps/switches, stickers give you ample customization options.

At $170 it leans towards the pricier side compared to others in its league; however this includes a 2-year limited manufacturer guarantee once registered on the Glorious website.

The factory-issued stabilizers aren’t top-notch so consider upgrading them for improved acoustics. Also note there’s no flexy gasket mount option – which could be a deal-breaker if flexibility in your keyboard setup ranks high on your list.
But all things considered – GMMK PRO offers plenty of customization leeway without needing any soldering expertise or tools making it perfect for modding fans or those who fancy experimenting with different typing styles.

Hkfos CIY 84keys Hotswap Keyboard Kit

The Hkfos CIY 84keys Hotswap Keyboard Kit is perfect for DIY enthusiasts looking to build their own custom keyboard from scratch. Armed with an aluminum alloy shell, metal positioning plate, sound insulation mat, silicone pad – durability isn’t something you’d need to worry about.
Packed with powerful features like DPI switch function, customizable key lighting, programmable keyboard software; not forgetting a dazzling 16.8 million RGB adjustable backlight that gives your keyboard a vibrant look.

The multi-layer sound insulation mat helps stabilize the positioning board & PCB board while ensuring quieter keystrokes.

Its compact design houses arrow keys making it compatible with most 3pin/5pin switches.
One minor inconvenience is that activating shift lock requires pressing down harder than usual on the shift key – but overall this kit offers great performance at a pocket-friendly price!

Understanding Your Keyboard’s Brain: The PCB

The Printed Circuit Board (PCB) is essentially your keyboard’s brain housing all switches & components tracking every keystroke you make.
Two stars of this show are the microprocessor (like a maestro conducting every keystroke) & your actual keyboard keys.

A Peek Into Keyboards Galore

In keyboards’ universe two types reign supreme: mechanical & membrane keyboards.Mechanical ones echo nostalgic typewriters where spring-loaded switches respond affirmatively when pressed much like striking chords resonating through music rooms.
Membrane keyboards are silent artists: cost-effective practical lightweight & quiet using thin layers pressing on circuit layers registering button presses sans sound or fuss.
If customizing appeals mechanical keyboards let you swap out keycaps just as we change outfits!

Picking Your Perfect Keyboard PCB

Choosing apt keyboard PCB involves considering factors like:

  • Suitability for mechanical switches,
  • Keyboard layout & size (read more here),
  • Software compatibility,
  • Pick between hot-swappable or standard PCBs(hot-swappable allows switch changes without soldering),
  • Quality of PCB(durability matters especially during marathon gaming sessions)
  • Budget constraints.

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In Conclusion…

In conclusion, understanding the heart of your keyboard – the PCB – is key to customizing a gaming keyboard that suits your needs and style. There are a variety of options available when it comes to choosing the type of keyboard, layout, switch compatibility, features, and more. It is important to be mindful of factors such as quality and cost when making your decision in order to get the best performance possible. With the right guidance and knowledge you can create an amazing gaming experience with your very own custom keyboard!