The Best Keychron Q1 Keycaps

Welcome aboard! Today, we’re exploring the fascinating world of Keychron Q1 Keycaps. Whether you’re a PC gaming pro, a casual enthusiast, or just taking your first steps in the gaming scene, keycaps are an indispensable part of your arsenal. The Keychron Q1 has carved out a place for itself among today’s most sought-after mechanical keyboards, thanks to its keycaps that masterfully blend durability, good looks, and versatility. Let’s delve into what makes these keycaps a cut above the rest and offer some handy tips to keep your keycaps in tip-top shape. Ready to explore the magic of the best Keychron Q1 keycaps? Let’s dive right in!


If you’re looking to give your Topre stems or clone keyboards a stylish upgrade, then the KPREPUBLIC Domikey HHKB Kecyaps keycaps are an excellent choice. This 66-key set is specifically designed for the HHKB keyboard and features cream-colored alphas, beige modifiers, and orange accents that combine to create a beautiful finish. With their DM profile (1-2-3-4-4) – similar to the HHKB profile – these double shot ABS plastic keycaps offer great build quality with comfortable typing experience. However, some users have reported that they tilt slightly to the left when installed on their keyboards; if this isn’t an issue for you then these keycaps should certainly be considered. Just bear in mind that they don’t include any other items aside from the caps themselves.

GMK Pules

The GMK Pulse keyboard has become a real hit with both professional and enthusiast users alike. When it was released in 2014, its eye-catching combination of black alphas and bright turquoise modifiers made it the perfect choice for anyone looking to add some colour and style to their setup. It also features doubleshot ABS plastic that is semi-matte finished, guaranteeing that your legends won’t fade after time. The Pulse kit has all the keycaps you could need to cover 40%, 60%, 65%, 75%, TKL, 100% as well as custom keyboards like Pearl, Planck/Preonic, XD60, DZ60, XD64, GK64, Anne Pro, Poker ,Tada68 ,Massdrop ALT/CTRL and more – all sculpted in the comfortable German Cherry profile. In addition Q1 keycaps from Keychron are also compatible for those looking to upgrade or replace existing keys.

Although slightly pricier than other sets on the market and not having ideal kitting options for 75% layouts this still offers great value if you’re wanting something unique without sacrificing quality. All things considered GMK Pulse is definitely worth considering!

Glorious Aura V2

The Glorious Aura V2 is a great choice for anyone looking to upgrade the look and feel of their keyboard. These pudding keycaps have an OEM profile that’s widely used across mechanical keyboards, and come in black or white colors. The double-shot injection legends, backlight RGB LED compatibility, transparent legends, and thick high-quality PBT plastic keys make this product stand out. The updated font compared to Aura V1 is also a nice touch.

The package comes with all the keys needed to fit your keyboard, including an extra Glorious ASCEND ESC key and original Aura ESC key – perfect for those looking for Keychron Q1 keycaps! You’ll love the look from typing distance as well as how the glow and color spread adds to the experience and beauty of your keyboard. Additionally, these keys are quieter than many originals so you can type without distracting those around you.

While some may not like all icon choices or find the quality of iconography on PgUp/PgDn keys lacking, overall it’s still a great value for money considering what you get in return. With visible injection molding tabs on some of the keys being its only major downside, you’ll be sure to enjoy your new Glorious Aura V2 upgrade!

GMK White-On-Black

If you’re aiming for top-tier, timeless keycaps, the GMK White-On-Black keycap set is a strong contender. Originating from Germany and crafted with original Cherry tooling, this set stands out as one of the most robust and superior quality options in the market. The ABS keycaps’ classic CR Black and WS1 White hues offer broad compatibility with several keyboard types. So whether you have a standard layout like 60%, 65%, Tenkeyless, or 104 Keyboard, or even nonstandard ones such as HHKB, 66% (Clueboard / Leopold FC660), 75%, or 1800 Layouts (Redscarf 96), these keycaps fit right in.

The doubleshot manufacturing process ensures that legends won’t fade and the overall quality is nearly unmatched. Legends are clear, lined up properly and spaced evenly from the edges of each key providing a nice aesthetic look to your keyboard. Additionally, these keycaps have solidness to them with good sound and feel when typing or gaming. Moreover, they offer value especially when on sale under $100 through Drop vendor.

Although expensive compared to other aftermarket GMK or others sets out there on the market today, some sprue marks can be found on some of the keys which shouldn’t be there as well as being US ISO only. Also the legends may be sharp but slightly too bold for a White-on-Black colorway. However overall this makes for an excellent option for someone looking for Keychron Q1 Keycaps due its compatibility with multiple layout options as well as its solidness in terms of sound/feel when used!

Akko Bred

The Akko Bred 158-Key ASA Profile PBT Double-Shot Keycap Set is an excellent choice for gamers and typists looking for a quality keycap set. The ASA profile offers a familiar and comfortable typing experience, while the PBT double-shot keycaps are extremely durable and resistant to wear even after decades of use. It’s suitable for a variety of layouts ranging from 61 (60%) to 108-key sizes so it will fit most keyboards. The unboxing experience is great, with black and red combination keys with white accents inspired by a 1980s basketball shoe that was banned at the time.

The keys have a nice contrast, finish, and legends which is complemented by their pleasant matte surface texture. Additionally, they have a deep marbly sound profile when typing which adds to the overall great user experience. For all of these features the price tag is quite reasonable at 1/4th of what you would pay for GMK keycaps. The only downside is that there isn’t a black variant available for the backspace or red variant available for the |/ key, but this doesn’t detract from its overall functionality or usability in any way.

Overall, if you’re searching for keychron q1 keycaps then look no further than Akko Bred 158-Key ASA Profile PBT Double-Shot Keycap Set! It’s an excellent option providing great comfort & durability along with attractive aesthetics & sound profiles – all at an affordable price!

Refresh Your Keyboard with Custom Keycaps

We all know the feeling; your trusty keyboard has been by your side through thick and thin, but it’s starting to lose its shine. Maybe the keys are showing wear and tear, or perhaps you’re just looking for a new look to match your updated gaming rig. Fear not! This guide will take you through everything you need to know about refreshing your setup with custom keycaps, focusing on the Keychron Q1.

Styles of Keycaps: Pudding vs Artisan

Let’s kick off with understanding the most common styles of keycaps – pudding and artisan. Picture this: you’re chilling in a dark room, fingers flying over the keys as you chase victory in your favorite game. Suddenly, your keyboard erupts in a brilliant flash of color. That’s what pudding keycaps bring to the table. These keycaps have translucent sides which allow RGB light to seep through, resulting in a vibrant and exciting keyboard.

On the other hand, artisan keycaps are like little pieces of art for your keyboard. They are often custom-made and full of personality, perfect for showing off on less-used keys like ESC. If you’re someone who appreciates aesthetics and likes their setup to have a personal touch, artisan keycaps might be what you’re looking for.

The Material Matters

Ever wondered how the materials of your keys can influence not only their aesthetic appeal but also the unique sound they produce with each click? ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) and PBT (Polybutylene Terephthalate) are two popular contenders in the realm of keycap materials.

ABS keycaps are more affordable and come in vibrant colors thanks to their shiny finish. However, they’re made from thinner plastic which can show oils from fingers over time. If shiny and bright is what makes your heart sing, then ABS might be your best bet.

PBT keycaps offer an alternative that is more durable and resistant to oil marks due to their thicker plastic construction and matte finish. While they may not be as vibrant as ABS caps, they lend a chic minimalistic look that many find appealing. Although these caps can sometimes warp under heat stress, don’t worry; this can easily be fixed by applying some heat (see here for some top-notch PBT recommendations).

Finding Your Perfect Profile

The profile or shape of a keycap can significantly impact typing comfort and efficiency based on whether you do more typing or gaming (or both!). The OEM profile is what comes standard with most mechanical keyboards—slightly sculpted with varying heights amongst different rows.

If you prefer something lower profile yet still familiar, Cherry profile keycaps might be up your alley—they’re similar to OEM but slightly shorter (learn how to choose here). For those who enjoy flat keys similar to laptop keyboards or non-mechanical ones, DSA profile could be an ideal fit.

And then we have the SA profile—tall and aesthetically pleasing but potentially challenging for some typists. Loved by enthusiasts for their unique sound, these could provide an interesting change if you’re up for trying something new (learn about another tall option – MDA profile here).

Verdict: Best Keychron Q1 Keycaps

In conclusion, refreshing the look of your Keychron Q1 keyboard with custom keycaps doesn’t just mean a visual upgrade—it means enhancing its feel under your fingertips too! Whether it’s the colorful glow from pudding caps or unique designs on artisan ones, sturdy PBT or vibrant ABS materials—there’s a world out there waiting for every type of gamer or typist!

Remember – while we’ve given suggestions here based on our knowledge and experience – these choices are personal. You’ll likely need to experiment before finding what feels just right (and hey—that’s half the fun!). Now go forth into this world of customization—the perfect keys await!

In conclusion, custom keycaps are a great way to upgrade the look of your Keychron Q1 keyboard without sacrificing performance. From pudding keycaps to artisan ones, ABS plastics to PBTs, and profiles ranging from OEM to SA – there’s a wide range of options available to suit all needs and preferences. With this guide in hand, you’ll be able to find the perfect set of keycaps for you in no time!