Best Keycaps for the Razer Huntsman Mini

Welcome to the fascinating world of gaming keyboards, a land where every tiny detail can make a colossal difference! Today, we’re going to dive into a topic that might seem trivial at first glance, yet holds tremendous power in shaping your gaming experience – keycaps. And not just any keycaps, but those specifically designed for the compact yet mighty Razer Huntsman Mini. This pint-sized powerhouse might be small in size but it’s big on performance and aesthetics. The right set of keycaps can not only enhance its look, but also improve your gaming efficiency and comfort. So buckle up, as we embark upon this exciting journey to discover the best keycaps for your Razer Huntsman Mini!

HyperX Pudding Keycaps

The HyperX Pudding Keycaps are an excellent choice for those looking to add some flair and visibility to their gaming setup. The dual-layer design is made of durable double shot PBT material, and the signature HyperX font allows more light to shine through. This makes the individual keys easier to read and increases visibility in the dark. It’s a great replacement for keycaps that don’t show off your keyboard’s RGB lighting as well, and they’re affordable too!

Plus, these keycaps feature a stylish keycap removal tool included so you can easily switch out your current set without damaging them. And if you have a Razer Huntsman Mini, then you’ll be happy to know that these caps are compatible with it too!
While these keycaps have a lot to offer, particularly for those of us searching for a chic upgrade on a budget, they aren’t without their quirks. For one, they come without alternate keys or modifier layouts, limiting their customization potential. Plus, you might notice that some keys don’t light up quite as brightly as others – it’s as if they’re playing ‘hide and seek’ in the dark! And while we’re on the topic of visibility, the letters and numbers on the keys could do with a bit more glow. But don’t let these minor hiccups deter you – overall, these keycaps bring a lot of style to the table without breaking the bank.

MT3 Dasher Keycap Set

The MT3 Dasher Keycap Set is a great option for anyone looking to upgrade their mechanical keyboard. With its ABS Hi-Profile keycaps and Doubleshot Legends, these keycaps are designed to perfectly fit a fullsize, tenkeyless, winkeyless, 60%, 65%, and 75% keyboards. The set offers a variety of tactile profiles and good quality lettering on the keys with thick keycaps.

However, one downside to this product is that the keys are very tall which may require someone who types for long periods of time to use a wrist rest. There have also been some reported QC issues with missing keys as well as wrapped spacebars. Additionally, the deep dish feature may not be ergonomic for everyone causing finger stress or wrist pain.

All in all, the MT3 Dasher Keycap Set is a great option for someone looking for Razer Huntsman Mini compatible keycaps. With its variety of tactile profiles and high-quality build materials it’s sure to provide an excellent typing experience while adding unique style points to your keyboard setup!

Ducky Azure SA Keycaps

The Ducky Azure SA Keycaps are a great option for anyone looking to upgrade their keyboard set-up. The keycaps have a sleek and sophisticated look, with clear lettering on the alphas that stands out against the vibrant colors of the non-backlit keys. They are made from premium ABS doubleshot material, providing a smooth yet sturdy feel that is grippy and comfortable to type on. The sound these keycaps produce is excellent too, providing an audible feedback that many gamers enjoy.

These keycaps are designed to work with full size, TKL or 60% keyboards which makes them ideal for those who own Razer Huntsman Mini keyboards as they will fit perfectly without any issues. However, it should be noted that they may not support more recent 75 layout keyboards so it’s best to double check before purchasing.

Overall, the Ducky Azure SA Keycaps offer quality build and sound at an affordable price point; making them an ideal choice for gamers looking to take their gaming experience up a notch without breaking the bank.

YMDK Rainbow Carbon

The YMDK Rainbow Carbon Keycaps are a great option for anyone looking for custom keycaps to customize their gaming keyboard. The PBT material is double shot and dyed, allowing the light to shine through clearly and providing crisp text that’s easy to read. It’s compatible with most standard ANSI MX switches mechanical keyboards, making it a versatile choice. Plus, it comes with extra win keys and has lettering that’s just the right shade for backlighting.

The texture may be too fine for some people’s liking, but overall the quality of these keycaps is excellent – perfect for Razer Huntsman Mini users who need keycaps that let the light through better without compromising on readability or contrast with backlighting. Furthermore, the white color will not wear in time like other materials so you can enjoy your custom gaming keyboard set up for many years to come!

G.SKILL Crystal Crown Keycaps

The G.SKILL Crystal Crown Keycaps are an easy way to spruce up your mechanical keyboard. The keycaps come with a standard ANSI 104 Layout and feature a dual-layer design and an easy-to-read font for increased brightness and legibility on your keys. This makes them great for both gaming and typing, as well as enabling you to easily replace your keycaps without the need of a special tool. Plus, it’s compatible with Cherry MX styled cross-stems, which is great if you’re looking to get some replacements for your Razer Huntsman Mini.
You might find a slight hiccup with these keycaps – they don’t always fit like a glove on every keyboard, especially when it comes to the right shift key and the spacebar. Another thing to note is the absence of an FN key replacement in the set. Just a heads up for your consideration before you decide to add them to your cart.
s a keyboard enthusiast, you might be on the lookout for an upgrade that doesn’t hit your pocket too hard. G.SKILL Crystal Crown Keycaps could be your answer! They’re a confident choice – knowledgeable even – for sprucing up your mechanical keyboard. What sets them apart? The keycaps’ transparency allows extra light to shine through. This is a game-changer if you’re all about making your RGB backlight pop even more! So, if you fancy giving your keyboard a glow-up without spending a fortune, these keycaps might just be what you’ve been searching for

Why Upgrade Your Keycap Set?

Imagine strolling through a park and spotting two identical cars parked side by side. Upon closer inspection, one vehicle boasts a pop of custom paint, shiny new rims, and personalized plates. That’s the same kind of distinction you can achieve with your Razer Huntsman Mini by simply upgrading your keycaps.
Keyboard enthusiasts, we know you’re always on the lookout for that special something to make your typing experience not just functional, but truly enjoyable. When it comes to standard keyboards, they typically arrive with mass-produced keycaps. They’re functional, sure, but let’s be real – they lack a certain spark of personality and style.

Enter the game-changer: custom keycaps. These tiny modifications can dramatically transform your keyboard from just another device into an extension of your personal style. Custom keycaps don’t just enhance the look of your keyboard; they can also elevate even a budget-friendly model to appear like a top-tier piece of tech.

So whether you’re a seasoned typist or just starting your keyboard journey, remember this – the magic is in the details. And sometimes, those details come in the form of cool, customized keycaps.As a fellow keyboard enthusiast, perhaps you’ve considered the appeal of custom keycaps. These tiny elements offer a remarkable opportunity to express your unique style and preferred color palette, while also harmonizing with RGB lighting for an added flair. More than just aesthetically pleasing, custom keycaps are known for their robustness – they stand up to wear and tear with gusto and feature legends that resist fading over time, unlike certain standard keycaps. So why are these little components so adored within the keyboard community? We believe their appeal lies in their blend of style, durability, and inherent personalization.

Customizing your keycaps also provides an opportunity to change the keycap profile, which can improve the efficiency and comfort of your typing experience.

To learn more about how to choose keycaps for your keyboard, refer to this comprehensive guide.

Decoding Keycap Materials

Keycap material impacts not only how your keys feel under your fingers but also their durability and sound when typing.

ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) is one commonly used material for keycaps. ABS keycaps are typically smoother and quieter when typing due to their lower density. They are usually cheaper but wear faster over time.

On the other hand, PBT (Polybutylene Terephthalate) is a denser and more durable material. PBT keycaps tend to be slightly louder when typing due to their higher density but offer better longevity. They’re also textured which gives them an appealing aesthetic touch.If you’re currently exploring options for a new keyboard, chances are you’ve encountered a myriad of materials these devices are crafted from. It’s like a fascinating journey into the world of keyboards, isn’t it? One such material that might have caught your eye is Polycarbonate, fondly referred to as PC. This option is widely favored owing to its impressive impact resistance and durability – it’s like that reliable friend who never lets you down! Now, isn’t that all we really want in a keyboard?

Then there’s POM, short for Polyoxymethylene. This one has a unique feel to it that many find appealing. If durability and heat resistance are your game, PVC or Polyvinyl Chloride might be your go-to.

And let’s not forget Resin and Clay – they may sound unusual in the world of keyboards, but they each have their unique characteristics that could make them the perfect fit for your typing needs.

Remember, when choosing a keyboard material it’s all about finding what suits your individual needs and preferences best.If you’re as passionate about keyboards as we are, you’ll undoubtedly value the superior quality and tactile sensation of PBT keycaps. Navigating the sheer variety of options can be overwhelming, so to simplify your quest, we’ve discovered this comprehensive guide. It highlights some of the finest PBT keycaps currently accessible in the market. Here’s to finding your perfect match! Happy hunting!

Lighting Up Your Keyboard: RGB Backlit Keyboards

If you’ve got an RGB backlit keyboard like the Razer Huntsman Mini, double-shot or pudding keycaps are perfect for showing off that glorious rainbow of colors as they allow backlighting to shine through nicely.

However, if you’re rocking a keyboard sans RGB lighting (which is totally fine too!), single-shot keycaps might be just what you need.

The Art of Choosing Keycap Profiles

The profile of a keycap refers to its overall shape—this could be flat or rounded among others. Some popular profiles include OEM, Cherry, DSA, XDA, and SA each offering unique characteristics that can change both the look and feel of your keyboard.

You’ll also run into uniform or sculpted profiles—the former having a flat surface while sculpted ones feature a slight angle aimed at improving typing comfort. The best part? It’s all down to personal preference!

As someone who has used multiple profiles on different keyboards like my Keychron K6, I can attest that experimenting with different profiles is part of the fun!

So there you have it—a complete guide on why you should consider upgrading your Razer Huntsman Mini’s standard keycap set along with various factors that could influence your decision-making process. Remember—your keyboard is an extension of yourself; let it reflect who you are!


In wrapping up, let’s get personal about this – upgrading your keycap set is a surefire way to make your keyboard truly yours. It’s like adding a little spice to your gaming experience, as they say. The right set of custom keycaps hits the sweet spot between style, comfort, and performance. Whether you’re after something that screams ‘chic’ or leans more towards functionality, there’s a whole universe of options out there that can cater to all tastes and budgets. So when it comes to hunting for the perfect keycaps for your Razer Huntsman Mini, think about aspects like material type, profile, lighting compatibility and layout. Then you’ll be well on your way to making a purchase you won’t regret.