The Cheapest Keycaps in 2023 (Affordable Customization)

Venturing into the realm of gaming keyboards? Keycaps are more than just fancy add-ons; they’re vital to your tactile experience and can significantly elevate your gaming sessions. The sheer variety of options available might seem daunting, but fear not! Today, we’re delving into the most affordable keycaps available, and guiding you on what factors to consider while shopping. From exploring diverse materials and styles to comparing prices, we’re here to help you navigate this journey and choose the keycap set that’s a perfect fit for your needs.

Guffercty kred GTSP XDA Honey Milk Keycaps

The Guffercty kred GTSP XDA Honey Milk Keycap set provides a great choice for gamers seeking an economical solution. The PBT Japanese Bee keycap 140-Key Set is designed to fit most MX switches, while its dye sublimation printing ensures that the font won’t fade with time. Additionally, the XDA profile offers increased contact and touch area for improved typing precision. With 140 keycaps fitting 61/87/104/108/84/68/64/98/96 mechanical keyboards, this set is suitable for almost any setup. Not only did I appreciate the thicker PBT material which reduced my keyboard’s “clacky” sound when typing, but some minor issues (e.g., keys falling off with light pressure and a slightly loose spacebar) failed to detract from their overall quality. All in all, if you are looking for an affordable yet high quality set of keycaps, then Guffercty kred GTSP XDA Honey Milk Keycap set is certainly worth considering!

Akko Shine-Through Keycaps

The Akko Shine-Through Keycaps offer a great typing experience with their ASA profile, which is designed to match the height of OEM keys while keeping the look and spherical top of classic SA profile. With a variety of sizes available, including 61-key (60%), 64-key, 68-key (65%), 84-key (75%), 87-key (TKL), 98-Key (Classic 1800), 100-Key (96%) , Alice and full 108-key size, they are compatible with most keyboards. These keycaps also feature PBT Double Shot Keycaps that are extremely durable and resistant to wear for decades as well as bright shine through legends that create unique RGB effects.

The texture on the keycaps is nice and matte providing good grip when typing, and they come packaged carefully to prevent scuffing or damage during transportation. The only downside is that they are slightly lighter weight than non shine through double shot caps so they can sound a bit more “poppy/clacky”. Additionally, small dark lines may be visible in closed loop legends at close range.

Overall, these Akko Shine Through Keycaps provide an enjoyable typing experience for those used to Cherry profile – all at an affordable price point making them a great option for those looking for the cheapest keycaps.

Matcha keycaps

The Matcha Keycaps Set is an excellent value for those looking for the cheapest keycaps on the market. This set includes 124 keys and is PBT XDA profile, suitable for 61/64/87/104/108 Cherry Mx Switches Mechanical Keyboard. It comes with a key puller to facilitate installation and all of the keys have the same height and wide top, providing a comfortable typing experience. The keycaps are made from thick PBT material with an oil repellant coating which have lasted over a year without breaking or showing any signs of wear. Furthermore, these include different size keys for smaller form styles with clear legends that do not fade easily.

Unfortunately, one downside is that the backlighting does not shine through as well as other more expensive sets. There may be some irregularities in shape, placement of stems, or rough edges which need cleaning up; however this should be insignificant compared to overall performance. In addition, since it is a static colour it cannot be changed. Overall though, considering its price point and durability it is definitely worth investing in if you’re looking for something affordable and long-lasting!

Botanical Keycaps

The Botanical Keycaps are the perfect balance of affordability and quality, making them an ideal choice for gamers looking to spruce up their gaming setup. Featuring 141 keys designed to fit 75% keyboards, they boast a thickness of 1.4-1.5mm that ensures good durability along with an ergonomic Cherry profile which is higher than XDA profile for comfortable typing. Plus, they’re made from thick PBT material with a matte texture that’s both easy to clean and anti-grease, providing a nice sound profile as well as extra protection against wear and tear over time.

For the price point, these keycaps offer great value; however there are some minor drawbacks such as sideways pound symbol on 3 keys, question mark looks to be different font or wrong size and space bar didn’t fit Durock V2 stabilizers – but these issues can easily be overlooked in comparison to more expensive alternatives out there. In conclusion, the Botanical Keycaps make an excellent purchase if you’re looking for quality at an affordable cost.”

Embarking on the Journey of Budget-Friendly Keycaps

Personalizing your gaming keyboard is an exciting endeavor, and keycaps are the perfect starting point. They’re a cost-effective way to infuse some personality and even enhance your typing or gaming sessions. But with a plethora of options available, how do you begin? This guide will steer you through the myriad of economical keycaps and help you discover ones that blend with your style and wallet.

The Role of Material

Keycap material is the first stop on your buying journey. Most keycaps are crafted from ABS or PBT plastic, but what exactly does that entail?

ABS plastic provides a lighter touch and smooth typing feel. However, they might sport a glossy sheen over time due to wear and tear. If you notice some keys reflecting light after prolonged usage, that’s ABS in action.

PBT plastic offers a textured sensation and matte finish. It holds up better against time compared to ABS, resisting that shiny patina.

The best part? The choice between ABS or PBT boils down to your preference! For more insights on picking between these materials, check out this informative article.

If you’re gravitating towards ABS keycaps, there’s no shortage of budget-friendly choices in the market. This article provides an overview of some standout options.

Illuminating Your Gameplay: RGB Shine-Through Keycaps

Have an RGB-backlit keyboard? Let those colors radiate! Numerous keycaps facilitate some degree of backlighting from the keyboard PCB (That’s tech jargon for the circuit board nestled inside your keyboard).

To maximize this effect, consider “double-shot PBT” keycaps. These are essentially two pieces of plastic melded together which allows for transparent legends (the symbols on your keys) that enable RGB light penetration.

Or opt for “pudding keycaps” boasting solid colors atop semi-transparent sides. These deliver an impressive underglow effect that permits ample RGB light passage.

Discovering Your Profile: Navigating Shapes and Sizes

Keycap profiles pertain to their shape and size – they could be flat like laptop keyboards or exhibit more height akin to traditional desktop keyboards. The profile can significantly alter typing or gaming feel.

Don’t shy away from experimentation here! Discovering which profile sits comfortably under your fingers can drastically boost your overall experience.

The Importance of Compatibility

Before hitting ‘Buy Now’, confirm that your selected keycaps align with your keyboard’s layout (typically either ANSI or ISO). Keep in mind different keyboards might sport varying-sized space bars or shift keys so always double-check before making a purchase.

Pinning Down Your Budget

Like all things in life, keycap prices can span widely – from extremely affordable online options to premium brands that might put you back over $150 for a set! Establish a budget before commencing research; this will streamline your choices and safeguard against unexpected credit card shocks!

Bear in mind: Opting for cheap keycaps doesn’t denote compromising on quality or style; there’s an abundance of wallet-friendly alternatives out there that don’t cut corners on either! quality or style; there are plenty of budget-friendly options out there that don’t skimp on either!
Wrapping up, investing in new keycaps is a thrilling and cost-effective method to infuse your personal touch into your gaming setup. Armed with the insights from this guide, you’re all set to make a smart purchase. Enjoy your shopping spree, and here’s to an upgraded gaming experience!


In conclusion, purchasing new keycaps can be an exciting and economical way to customize your gaming setup. With the right information, you can find keycaps that are compatible with your keyboard’s layout, fit your budget, and provide a typing or gaming experience tailored to your preference. Whether you’re looking for PBT or ABS plastic material, shine-through legends or pudding keycaps, there are plenty of budget-friendly options out there that don’t sacrifice on quality. So start searching and find the perfect set of keycaps for you!