SA vs OEM Keycaps (Profile Showdown)

In the expansive universe of mechanical keyboards, where a subtle shift in nuance can reshape an entire typing or gaming experience, keycaps play a vital role. Today, we’ll delve into two popular profiles: SA and OEM.

SA Keycaps: Touching Vintage Skies

SA keycaps are known for their tall, sculpted profile that produces a distinctive “thock” sound as you tap away. While this might seem peculiar to newcomers, it’s precisely this uniqueness that makes them a favorite among enthusiasts.

The height of these caps might take some getting used to, especially if you’re transitioning from standard profiles like OEM. But once you do, your fingers will dance on what feels like tiny skyscrapers forming a cityscape beneath your fingertips.

The Vintage Appeal

Even the aesthetics of SA keycaps are designed to make keyboard aficionados swoon. They boast of a vintage look reminiscent of old typewriters that adds character and depth to any desk setup.

OEM Keycaps: The Everyday Heroes

OEM keycaps are the standard size and shape for most keycaps – it’s likely what you’re using right now if you own a pre-built keyboard. They’re sculpted just right, almost as if they were tailored to welcome each finger with familiar warmth.

These caps don’t aim to draw attention with grandeur or striking sounds but provide an understated, comfortable typing experience that many people love. They are easy to get used to and remain one of the most popular profiles for aftermarket keycaps.

Sound and Feel: The Sensory Experience

The ‘thock’ of an SA keycap under your fingers isn’t just unique—it’s a sensory experience. It’s like the symphony of a vintage typewriter, lending a soothing rhythm to your typing or gaming sessions. On the other hand, OEM keycaps produce a sound similar to Cherry profile caps, offering a more subdued audio feedback.

When it comes to feel, SA keycaps provide an elevated touch experience due to their height. This might seem unusual at first but once you adapt, it’s quite enjoyable. OEM, with its sculpted design that conforms to your fingers, offers a more traditional and comfortable typing experience.

Durability: The Longevity Factor

While we’ve addressed the look and feel of SA and OEM keycaps, let’s not overlook durability—a significant factor for gamers and heavy typists. Both profiles deliver solid performance when it comes to lasting power, but remember, longevity can also depend on the material of your keycap.

Aesthetic Considerations

Visual appeal is another critical aspect worth considering. The vintage charm of SA keycaps can add personality to your setup, making it stand out in its own right. On the flip side, OEM keycaps offer a sleek and modern aesthetic that blends well with most setups.

The Impact on Gaming

Gaming doesn’t just require precision—it also demands comfort during long gaming sessions. While both profiles are suitable for gaming, some gamers prefer the sculpted design of OEM keycaps as they provide better comfort for marathon sessions.


What makes SA Keycaps unique?

SA Keycaps are known for their tall sculpted profile that produces a distinctive “thock” sound when pressed. They also have a vintage look that adds character to any desk setup.

Why are OEM Keycaps so popular?

OEM Keycaps are popular due to their standard size and sculpted design which provides comfort during typing or gaming sessions. They’re easy to get used to and are common on pre-built keyboards.

How do I choose between SA and OEM?

Choosing between these two profiles depends on your personal preference in terms of height, sound, feel and aesthetics. For instance if you prefer robust feedback and a vintage look – go for the SA profile. However if you value familiarity and comfort – choose OEM.

Where can I find unique keycap profiles?

You can find unique profiles from various online platforms such as Amazon for rapid delivery options, Banggood for cheaper alternatives or websites like KDBfans which provides comparisons across all profiles.

Deciding Between SA and OEM

When deciding between these two profiles, consider factors such as height, sound, and feel (for more tips on choosing your keycap check out this guide). If you love robust feedback and want something reminiscent of yesteryear’s typing experience – go for the SA profile. However, if familiarity and comfort rank high on your list – OEM is your best bet.

Finding Unique Profiles

If you’re intrigued by unique profiles beyond the realm of SA & OEM, places like Amazon offer rapid delivery options while Banggood provides cheaper alternatives. Websites like KDBfans provide comparisons across all profiles we’ve touched today while Drop offers unique profiles like MT3 (learn more about MT3 here). For keyboard enthusiasts seeking novelty in design or fair pricing options is an excellent resource too.

Final Thoughts…

In the end, remember it’s all about personal preference! Whether it’s the towering elegance of SA or the familiar comfort of OEM – find joy in the journey towards discovering your perfect keycap!