Best Mechanical Number Pad

Are you looking to add some additional control to your gaming setup? If so, a mechanical number pad might be just what you need. This specialized keyboard accessory is designed with gamers in mind, offering an extra set of keys for seamlessly navigating menus and entering commands with ease. Not only does it provide gamers with greater convenience, but it also offers the satisfying tactility that comes with using mechanical switches. In this article, we’ll look at what makes a mechanical number pad different from other gaming keyboards, as well as tips for finding the perfect one that fits your needs.

Magicforce Numeric Keypad

The Magicforce Numeric Keypad is an impressive gaming keyboard that offers a range of features for users looking to make the most out of their gaming experience. With its GATERON Blue Switch Wired Gaming Keypad, it provides a super clicky and extremely bright backlight with three different models and six brightness levels that can be adjusted with the FN key. Its mechanical switch ensures fast response time while inputting numbers or symbols using 17 numeric keys and 4 additional keys (Esc, Tab, Back Space, and FN). Not only does it provide crystal case white backlit 21-key mini numpad portability, but also offers Num Lock function independent from any other keyboard connected. Additionally, the unique clear case looks beautiful while being durable enough to store easily.

Although there are definitely some advantages to this product such as its Cherry brown switches and easy backlighting adjustability, some cons should be noted too such as incessant beeping when using Windows 10 Mouse Keys feature or weird Num Lock behavior. Ultimately though, if you’re looking for a reliable mechanical numerical keypad then the Magicforce Numeric Keypad is a great choice for you!

Keychron Q0 Plus Wired Full Aluminum Custom Number Pad

The Keychron Q0 Plus Wired Full Aluminum Custom Number Pad is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable mechanical number pad. From its 6063 aluminum construction and Hot-swap Gateron G Pro Red Switch to the double-shot PBT keycaps and screw in stabilizers, it’s clear that this product was crafted with quality materials and plenty of features. With full QMK and VIA support plus a macro column on the left side and even an rotary encoder knob, you’re sure to get exactly what you need out of this number pad. Highly recommended!

Motospeed Mechanical Numeric Keypad

The Motospeed Mechanical Numeric Keypad is a great choice for gamers and other users looking for a mechanical number pad. It is easy to set up, with smooth and comfortable keystrokes that make typing quickly and accurately a breeze. The swappable Gateron switches provide customizable lighting settings, as well as 14 different backlight models, allowing you to create the perfect look for your keyboard. Unfortunately, the keypad does feel somewhat cheap and there have been reports of some screws being stripped out when trying to tighten them. Additionally, the sound of the keys can be quite hollow and plastic-y at times. Despite these minor issues though, the Motospeed Mechanical Numeric Keypad is still an excellent option for those who want a reliable mechanical number pad with vibrant colors and customizable features.

Havit Mechanical Numeric Keypad

The Havit Mechanical Numeric Keypad is a great choice if you’re in the market for an affordable and reliable mechanical keyboard. The keycaps are made of robust PBT and the Gateron Optical Red switches provide smooth and responsive feedback with satisfying clicks. You can also customize your layout by swapping out keys, and it’s USB wired interface makes it compatible with both laptop and compact mechanical keyboards. It also has additional features like calculator shortcut keys to help speed up your workflow, as well as left or right handed layouts depending on your preference.

However, the Havit Mechanical Numeric Keypad doesn’t have backlit keys which can make it difficult to read in darker environments. Additionally, some users have reported issues with dead cables on arrival so be sure to test yours quickly! Lastly, some may find the stabilizers rattly as they’re not lubed; while this isn’t too much of a problem, it’s worth noting all the same.


The EPOMAKER TH21 is an excellent number pad for gamers, programmers and professionals who need a reliable mechanical number pad. It stands out with its Gateron Pro switches, XDA Profile PBT Keycaps in a grey colorway, customizable keys and stunning RGB backlight effects. The hot swappable feature allows you to easily switch out components without having to throw out the entire keyboard. It has great build quality for an affordable price tag but can be challenging to figure out how to change the rainbow lights or adjust the board’s incline – white is also currently the only color option available. All things considered though, it’s a fantastic product that offers great value.”

Choosing the Best Mechanical Number Pad: A Comprehensive Guide

Whether you’re a data entry pro, an excel wizard, a gaming enthusiast, or simply someone who values efficiency and comfort in their computer interactions, a mechanical number pad (or numpad) might just be the game changer you need. Let’s delve into why.

What is a Numpad?

Imagine a compact piece of equipment that sits next to your keyboard (or operates independently), serving as your secret weapon for data input. That’s a numpad. Typically equipped with 22 programmable keys, it offers flexibility and customizability that can significantly enhance your computer experience.

No longer are you bound by the traditional keyboard layout. With a numpad, you can place your number pad wherever you want – even on the left side of your keyboard if it suits you better. This might sound unconventional initially but there’s a method to this madness.

Numpad on the Left? Here’s Why…

For data entry tasks like Excel, having the numpad on the left allows for smoother navigation. You can input numbers with your left hand while simultaneously moving around cells using the arrow cluster with your right hand. It minimizes lifting hands off the keyboard and increases overall productivity.

However, finding keyboards with built-in left-sided numpads can be tough since they are quite rare in the market. Hence, getting a separate mechanical number pad is an easy solution.

Game On: Numpads for Gaming

If you’re into PC gaming, using only a numpad instead of an entire keyboard can significantly streamline your gaming setup. The distraction of extra keys is eliminated allowing you to focus on controls that matter most to win (still not convinced? Check out these best budget mechanical keyboards).

And yes, with some key remapping magic, you can set up an efficient control layout on your numpad – making it an essential part of dominating your competition.

Efficiency-Master: Macro Usage

For those who live by efficiency and loathe repetitive tasks – rejoice! With a numpad at your disposal, you can write macros for various tasks and map them onto different keys (want to know how this works? Find out here). It’s like creating personalized shortcuts that cut out non-value-added activities and fill up your life with more productive moments.

In Conclusion…

With its customizable features and versatile applications in different scenarios like data entry or gaming etc., choosing to invest in a good mechanical number pad could potentially be one of the best decisions you make for enhancing computer usage efficiency and comfort. So whether you are looking for improved gameplay or faster data entry, don’t underestimate what this small-but-mighty device has to offer.

In conclusion, a mechanical number pad is an invaluable tool for anyone looking to improve their gaming experience or streamline data entry tasks. Not only does it offer better customization and greater convenience, but also provides the satisfying tactility that comes with using mechanical switches. Whether you’re an Excel master or a gaming enthusiast, investing in a quality mechanical number pad can potentially be one of the best decisions you make for enhanced efficiency and comfort.”