Best Akko Switches in 2023 [A Comprehensive Review]

Hey there, fellow keyboard enthusiasts! You’ve just clicked into the right place if you’re on a quest to find the best switches for your gaming setup. Today, we’ll be diving deep into the world of Akko switches, a brand that’s been causing quite a buzz in the gaming community. From their sturdy builds to their satisfyingly tactile feedback, Akko’s got some serious game when it comes to enhancing your typing experience. So whether you’re a pro-gamer looking for that extra edge or a casual typist wanting to add some comfort to your keystrokes, stick with us as we unravel why Akko switches might just be the perfect fit for you. No jargon, no fluff – just everything you need to know about these little gems. Ready? Let’s hit those keys!

Akko Speed Silver

The Akko Speed Silver switch is the perfect choice for those looking to upgrade their gaming keyboard with a reliable and responsive switch. It’s compatible with most hot swappable keyboards and Outemu boards, making it an easy transition. This linear switch has a dustproof stem that provides enhanced stability and a short pre-travel of 1mm, ensuring fast typing speeds. Additionally, its 50g switch weight makes it light enough for comfortable typing while still providing good feedback.

For gamers, the CS Piano switches offer a fast travel distance of 3.5mm which helps improve responsiveness when playing games or coding applications. The only downside is that they are only available in 3 pin switches so there are limited options and stability compared to other brands like Cherry MX. However, these switches come with built-in LED slots ready for LED mod/assembly if desired, giving users more customization possibilities than ever before.

Overall, the Akko Speed Silver switch is an excellent option for those who want an improved gaming experience without breaking the bank. With its smooth feel out of the box and good price to performance ratio, this product truly stands out amongst its competitors as one of the best akko switches on the market today.

Akko V3 Cream Yellow

The Akko V3 Cream Yellow Pro Keyboard Switch is one of the best options when it comes to mechanical gaming keyboards. It comes with a dustproof stem and offers a laboratory durability test lifespan of 60 million keystrokes, making sure that your investment will last for years. The package includes 45 switches and a plastic tray, along with an LED slot that is SMD compatible. Moreover, the MX Style compatibility allows you to use most keycap sets that have an (X) cross stem.

The switch itself is smooth and creamy due to its 18mm extension spring and POM/PC/PA materials, as well as its lubed rail for enhanced feel. Furthermore, the alloy copper and palladium gold contact provide better conductivity, stability, and durability than other switches on the market.

On top of all these features, the Akko V3 Cream Yellow Pro Keyboard Switch has some great advantages over cheaper alternatives such as being compatible with most hot swappable keyboards or Outemu only boards; having a smooth out-of-the-box feel without needing lube; providing light switches with an early actuation point for fast typing; having piano switches with 3.5mm travel and heavier keys for improved typing speed; or offering silent switches suitable for office or library environments. The only downside is that they are more expensive than they used to be and that they are incompatible with plateless keyboards due to their 3 pin switch design.
All in all, if you’re looking for quality akko switches, then the Akko V3 Cream Yellow Pro Keyboard Switch is definitely a great option worth considering!

Akko CS Jelly Black

The Akko CS Jelly Black is an excellent choice for someone looking for a high-quality gaming keyboard. The MX style compatibility makes it compatible with most keycap sets, and its 60 million keystroke durability test guarantees long-term performance. It also has a built-in LED slot that will allow you to customize your own lighting effects, plus the jelly black 50gf linear switch features both a light switch and heavy keys for improved typing speed. Furthermore, the Dustproof stem reduces stem wobble while the translucent polycarbonate (PC) bottom gives better RGB backlit effects.

When it comes to advantages, this keyboard offers great price to performance ratio as well as smooth out of box performance. Crystal switches have a long throw and early actuation point while piano switches are heavy keys with shorter travel times for improved typing speed. Silent switches work well in office environments too.

The only drawbacks are that it can be more expensive than other gaming keyboards on the market and may not fit perfectly into some boards such as Tecware Phantom 87 board. Additionally, it can interfere with backlit boards from side viewing angles and is not ideal for gaming due to lack of difference in reaction time since there are only 3 pin switches limiting options and stability.

Overall, if you’re looking for top quality akko switches at an affordable price then Akko CS Jelly Black is definitely worth considering!

Akko Silent Linear Haze

The Akko Silent Linear Haze switch is a great choice for those looking for a smooth, near-silent typing experience. These switches are compatible with MX style keycaps, and have an approximate lifespan of 60 million times of keystrokes based on laboratory durability tests. The 43gf silent linear switch also has sound dampeners which significantly reduce the decibel output during typing. Plus, these switches come equipped with an LED slot and SMD compatible LED underneath the switch if you want to add your own lighting effects.

What makes these switches really stand out is that they don’t require lubing out of the box, making them very easy to install in hot swappable boards like keyboard kits. Furthermore, their price to performance ratio is quite good compared to other options. The only downside worth mentioning is that there may be some interference with backlit keyboards due to it having a green tinted light and it may not fit perfectly on certain boards such as the Tecware Phantom 87 board.

Overall though, Akko Silent Linear Haze switches are great for someone seeking a smooth and quiet typing experience who doesn’t mind spending a bit extra for reliable features and performance.

Akko Lavender

The Akko Lavender switch is a great option for those looking for an optimal typing experience. Its 3 pin 36gf tactile keyboard switches provide excellent feedback, with a high tactile bump at 0.5mm and an approximate lifespan of 60 million times of keystrokes based on laboratory durability test. It’s compatible with most hot swappable keyboards and Outemu only boards, offering a 50g (slightly heavier than Outemu Red switches) smooth out of the box feel that’s comparable to Gateron Pro Reds in terms of performance. The light switch has a very early actuation point and long throw at 4mm with heavier keys on release for better sense of location and 3.5mm travel for improved typing speed, making it silent enough to use in office or library environments.

That said, the Akko Lavender switches are more expensive than they used to be and some don’t fit perfectly into Tecware plate; plus its green tint may interfere when viewed from the side on backlit keyboards since it’s only 3 pin switches which limits options and stability. All things considered though, this switch is still one of the best akko switches out there right now – perfect for anyone who wants both great performance as well as a smooth typing experience!

Akko Matcha Green Switches

The Akko Matcha Green Switches are an ideal choice for gamers looking to take their keyboard gaming to the next level. With an MX style structure and LED slot ready for LED Mod/Assembly, they offer compatibility with most keycap sets. Additionally, their light actuation force makes them feel linear and responsive. The pre-lubed switches provide a smoother, creamier, and deeper pop sound while reducing ping and maintaining fast actuations.

Unfortunately, out of the box they have more of a clack sound than a pop due to poor factory lubrication. However, you can easily open up the switches and apply extra lube based on your personal preference. All in all, these Akko Matcha Green Switches are great budget options that allow you to experience faster actuations with less noise – perfect for those who want an immersive gaming experience without breaking the bank!

Akko Ocean Blue

The Akko Ocean Blue is a great choice for those looking for a budget switch that has a Cherry MX compatible stem. It’s part of the Akko Custom Series (CS) switches, and comes with 45 switches – each having a plastic tray that can be used as lubing station.

It offers a decently smooth and slight pop sound out of the box, with an even deeper and creamier pop sound after lubing by hand. The actuation force is light with linear feeling, while the long throw and early actuation point make it great for gaming. Furthermore, its 3.5mm travel makes it 25% shorter than CS Crystal switches!

However, some users may find that it has an initial clack sound out of the box due to its Kailh Box style housing which may need to be filmed for better results. Additionally, it does come lubed in the box but needs to be opened up and lubed by hand if you want optimal performance – something to keep in mind if you’re not comfortable doing so yourself.

Overall, the Akko Ocean Blue provides an excellent balance between price and performance making it an ideal option for those looking to get into mechanical keyboards or upgrade their existing one on a budget.

Introduction to Akko Switches

Akko, a Chinese company established in 2016, has quickly made a name for itself by creating affordable, high-quality mechanical keyboard switches that cater to the needs of keyboard enthusiasts worldwide. Known for their deep, “thocky” sound profile, Akko switches provide excellent value for money without sacrificing quality. Whether you’re looking for tactile, linear, or clicky key switches, Akko has got you covered. If you’re interested in learning more about the best keyboard switches out there, check out this informative article.

Akko’s Versatility and Range

Akko doesn’t just make switches; they also use them in their own range of custom keyboards and accessories, demonstrating their versatility and commitment to quality. On top of this, they stock other manufacturers’ switches such as those from Gateron and TTC. These are sometimes even co-developed or used in their pre-built keyboards. If you’re wondering how good these Akko switches really are, read this guide.

Recommended Akko Switches for General Use

If you’re looking for general-use switches with a “poppy” and “clacky” sound profile and a tactile bump that’s just right, consider the Lavender Purple Switches. Alternatively, the Akko Sponge switch offers light tactile features with a dual tactile bump and snappy spring.

Premium and Budget Options

For those willing to shell out a bit more cash for premium clacky switches, the TTC x Akko Demon Switch is an excellent choice. But don’t worry if you’re on a budget; the Matcha Greens offer the same actuation force and sound profile as the Demon Switch at a more affordable price.

Noise Levels and Lubrication

Do keep in mind that all Akko switches have moderate to loud sound profiles. This makes them less suitable for quiet or professional environments but perfect for personal applications where you can enjoy their unique sounds without disturbing others. Some of these switches come factory lubed and feel smooth with little to no pings right out of the box! If you want to deepen the clacky sound profile though, adding some extra lube can do wonders.

The Need (or Lack Thereof) For Filming

Thanks to their Kailh Box-type housing design, there’s no need to worry about stem or housing wobble with Akko switches – they simply don’t need filming!

Changing Mechanical Keyboard Switches

If all this talk about different types of switches has got you itching to change up your own keyboard setup but you’re unsure how – don’t worry! This handy guide on how to change mechanical keyboard switches will have you swapping out your old ones like a pro in no time.

Are Gateron and Cherry Switches Interchangeable?

If you’ve been wondering whether Gateron or Cherry MX keys are interchangeable with Akko’s offerings then I’ve got good news! Check out this article which explains it all.

No matter your preferences or requirements when it comes to mechanical keyboard switches, it seems pretty clear that Akko has something suitable for everyone – from novices trying out mechanical keyboards for the first time right through to seasoned enthusiasts who know exactly what they want.


In wrapping things up, Akko’s diverse selection of mechanical keyboard switches truly caters to everyone – whether you’re on a tight budget or eager to splurge on premium options. Their array of tactile, linear, and clicky key switches, coupled with an assortment of custom keyboards and accessories, make them the perfect go-to for gamers wanting to elevate their setup without emptying their pockets.

Need a silky sound profile? Or maybe quick actuation times are what you’re after? Well, Akko has got your back! Their generous range of customizable switches can be effortlessly installed in hot swappable boards like keyboard kits. And here’s a fun fact: Gateron and Cherry MX keys are interchangeable with Akko’s offerings.

If you’ve been pondering over changing your own setup, then we’ve got just the thing for you – our handy guide on how to switch up your mechanical keyboard switches. Remember – the world of gaming keyboards is vast and varied. Don’t be afraid to explore it!