Best Switches for osu! in 2023

Are you on the hunt for the best switches to boost your osu! gaming experience? You’re in the right spot! Osu!, a wildly popular rhythm game demanding swift reflexes and pinpoint control, requires a keyboard fitted with suitable switches for optimum performance. This article covers which switch types are ideal for playing osu! and their importance. We’ll also review some of the leading gaming keyboards that integrate these features. By the end, you’ll be well-equipped to decide on the keyboard that best fulfills your needs. Let’s get started!

Cherry MX Speed Silver

For the gaming connoisseur, Cherry MX Speed Silver Switches offer an unrivalled combination of performance and affordability. With a 45cN actuation force on their linear switch and a lightning-fast 40% faster response rate than traditional Reds, these keys will give FPS players the edge they need in competitive gaming. If you prefer silence, then the Silent Black switches are an ideal choice; boasting an actuation force of 60cN and virtually no audible click when typing or playing. It should be noted that there are no switch LED holes at the top cover of these keys, so 2 pin/4 pin plugs can’t be used directly with them.

We were delighted by how quick our order was shipped – well within the estimated delivery date! On arrival, we found all 67 switches in perfect condition (apart from 8 which had been bent in transit). The only thing missing from our package was a keycap puller – something you’ll need to buy separately if you plan on changing your keycaps.

In conclusion, those seeking peak performance in osu! would do well to consider Cherry MX Speed Silver Switches for their precision accuracy, speed and reliability at an affordable price point.

Kailh Speed Copper

For gamers looking to take their gaming experience to the next level, Kailh Speed Copper switches are an excellent choice. With shorter travel and activation distance than other types of mechanical keyboard switches, they offer 40-50% faster performance – perfect for games like osu!! that require fast keystrokes with accuracy. The 70 million cycle lifetime ensures durability, while the box switches are waterproof and dust-proof with reduced wobble. In addition, it includes tweezers and a quick start guide for easy installation.

The peak force of 45g provides just the right amount of resistance when playing osu!!, plus you can customize your backlight using SMD LED technology if desired. Key stabilization works well in most cases but some keys may still wobble depending on how they’re stabilized on the keyboard. Nevertheless, these Kailh Speed Copper switches provide great speed and accuracy for gaming needs – making them one of the top options out there today!

Gateron Milky Yellow

If you’re looking for a great typing experience and the convenience of easy switch replacement, Gateron Milky Yellow switches are an excellent choice. Boasting a linear feel with an operating force of 50+15GF, they provide superior performance and accuracy. Plus, they let some light through—perfect for all your RGB lighting needs!

That being said, if you’re particular about RGB effects, you may need to do some chopping since they come with 36pcs Yellow and 35pcs Yellowundefined. Fortunately though, these are minor issues that experienced gamers can easily deal with.

All in all, Gateron Milky Yellow switches offer the ideal combination of features for osu! gamers – smooth operation and high accuracy along with attractive lighting options so you can customize your keyboard as you please. Definitely worth checking out!

Kailh Box White

The Kailh Box White switches are an excellent choice for gamers looking for a reliable and responsive gaming keyboard. With an IP56 rating, these switches are dust and water-resistant, making them more durable than other models. The actuation distance of 1.8mm is perfect for precise gameplay, allowing you to hit your targets with greater accuracy. They also feature double feedback and a tactile force of 55g, ensuring that you never miss a press. Furthermore, they have a lifespan of 80 million cycles so you know that they’ll last a long time.

What makes the Kailh Box White switches perfect for osu! players is their responsiveness and stability; the actuation force is only 45g which allows for quick key presses while still being stable enough to prevent accidental keystrokes. Additionally, the 3-pins box switch with cross stem makes it easier to differentiate between keys during fast-paced games like osu!! Finally, these switches have an attractive white border around each keycap which gives your gaming setup some flair without compromising on performance or durability.

Cherry MX Red

Cherry MX Red switches are a solid option for those seeking a superior switch. Capable of enduring over 50 million keystrokes, these switches can withstand heavy usage while consistently delivering reliable performance. The linear design is fast and responsive, making it ideal for gamers who want to up their game. And with silent operation, late night gaming won’t disturb the neighbors! Best of all, they are hot swap compatible which makes them easy to replace if needed.

For osu! players, the Cherry MX Reds provide an excellent setup. Their linear design allows for rapid inputs and the fast response time ensures that commands come out on time every time. Additionally, being plate mounted means they’re highly compatible with most keyboards so you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues or any extra modifications necessary to make them work.

The only downside of the Cherry MX Reds is that there’s no LED installed in them and posts may arrive bent due to their fragility. Still, those are minor issues compared to the overall quality and performance that this switch provides gamers everywhere.

Kailh Box Pale Blue

Kailh Box Pale Blue switches are a terrific choice for budget-conscious gamers and DIY custom keyboard users alike. With 90 pieces included in the package, you can mix and match to find the perfect feel – be it swift tactile typing with a clicky sound or speedy keystrokes without much wobble. The IP56 rating also ensures dust-proofing and water resistance, making it more reliable than other options on the market.

When it comes to osu!!, Kailh Box Pale Blue is a great option due to its light actuation force, comfortable pre-travel and travel distances that produce an optimal gaming experience. Plus, this product is SMD LED compatible – allowing you to customize your keyboard with stunning lighting effects!

The only downside is that the switch puller tool included in the set isn’t especially helpful – necessitating two 65 switch packs of unused switches if you want to completely outfit a 104 switchboard. Additionally, Jades have been known to be too hard for coding use or overly fatiguing during gaming sessions – but these issues don’t affect Kailh Box Pale Blue switches. All things considered, these are some of the most affordably priced yet high quality mechanical keyboards available!

Choosing The Right Switch for !osu

For osu! gamers, selecting the most suitable switch for their keyboard is a must. When choosing the right switch, you should think about spring weight, smoothness and tactility, travel distance as well as durability. Generally, lower spring weights (between 35g and 50g) offer a good balance between speed, accuracy and precision. Smoother switches are usually preferred to tactile ones for fast-paced osu! gaming due to less resistance when pressed quickly.

Additionally, travel distance should be considered with long distances making it easier to accurately time inputs but too long of a distance can hinder rapid key pressing or combos during gameplay. To ensure optimal performance over time, research into the construction and materials used in each switch is essential before settling on one. Lastly, there are various types of switches available like mechanical, optical Topre or Hall Effect that vary in features so have a look around before selecting one that suits your playing style.


In conclusion, finding the right switch for osu! gaming requires research and consideration of a range of factors. Mechanical switches are often preferred due to their relatively low actuation force, greater durability, and smoothness. Depending on your preferences and budget, there is a plethora of options available such as Cherry MX Speed Silver Switches, Kailh Speed Copper Switches, Gateron Milky Yellow Switches or Kailh Box White Switches. Ultimately having the best switch for osu! will give you an edge in terms of speed and accuracy – allowing you to fully enjoy this popular rhythm game!