Best Switches for Typing (Your Ultimate Guide)

The type of switch used in gaming keyboards is a crucial determinant of the comfort and responsiveness of your keystrokes. Whether you’re a pro gamer or someone who enjoys the tactile sensation of typing, the right switch choice can significantly impact your gaming experience. In this piece, we delve into some of the top-rated switches for typing and elaborate on their unique features, aiding you in making an informed switch selection that aligns with your preferences.

Gateron Zealio V2

The Gateron Zealio V2 switches are an amazing option for anyone looking for a smooth and responsive typing experience. They come in four variants, with the 62g being similar to MX Browns weight wise but with a larger tactile bump than Holy Pandas. The 65g has a smooth, long drawn out tactile bump from the top with cushion during bottom out. The 67g is crisp and responsive with more cushion during bottom out than the 65g variant. Finally, the 78g version is slightly lighter than MX Clears and has a bigger and smoother bump than both MX Clears and Holy Pandas.

These switches are PCB mounted but can be used in many plate mounted keyboards if they have two extra holes next to the center post. Many users find them to be an intoxicating experience when typing, as they have an amazing tactical feel that is even smoother when lubricated. All in all, Gateron Zealio V2 switches are worth it for those seeking an incredibly responsive switch that provides great feedback without feeling too heavy or light.

Kailh Box White

The Kailh Box White switch is a great option if you’re looking for the perfect combination of tactile and clicky feedback. With an actuation force of 45g and a total travel distance of 3.6mm, these switches provide a satisfyingly responsive and comfortable typing experience. The dust/water resistant IP56 rating also makes them incredibly durable, with a lifespan of up to 80 million cycles.

If you prefer a loud clicking sound when typing, then Kailh Box Whites are definitely the way to go. Unlike MX Blues or Razer Purples, these switches don’t have an annoying or scratchy feeling when pressed down – instead they offer double feedback in both the tactile and clicky department. This makes it easy to tell when you’ve successfully pressed down on a key while still providing enough resistance that heavy handed typers will enjoy using them.

The only downside to the Kailh Box Whites is that sometimes when pressing certain keys quickly, you may miss pressing them altogether due to their soft and responsive feel – but this isn’t too big of an issue overall. Additionally, some may not be fond of the white boarder around black boards as it can make for an ugly look overall – but this mostly depends on personal preference anyway.

All things considered though, Kailh Box Whites are one of the best switches available when it comes to typing performance and durability; making them an ideal choice for those looking for reliable gaming keyboards with great tactile feedback.

Cherry MX Brown

The Cherry MX Brown switches are perfect for those looking for a tactile and non-clicky feel when typing. They provide an actuation force of 45cN, which is slightly lower than the Blue switches so it offers some cushioning while typing. The linear switch design makes them ideal for gaming as well since they offer fast key presses with no resistance.

The package arrived earlier than expected delivery date and contained 68 pcs Brown 3 pin Cherry MX Switches in a nice container with bubble wrap protection. The size and form was the same as factory keys and clarity matched factory key giving it an authentic look. However, there were some issues with the packaging as 8 of the switches were bent, 2 did not work after straightening, 5 didn’t work out of box. It would have been great if a keycap puller was included to make installation easier but that was not provided in this pack.

All in all, Cherry MX Brown switches are great for both typing and gaming purposes due to its tactile feel and low actuation force that allows quick key presses without any resistance or sound.

NovelKeys Sherbet

Those searching for top-notch typing switches should look no further than the NovelKeys Sherbet Switch. Boasting a peak force of 83g, an actuation force of 45g and bottom out force of 70g, as well as a plate mount design, it provides an enjoyable experience from the outset with its pen ball point sound. For those who crave clicky switches, Kailh’s offering with Clickbar and 4.0mm travel is certain to satisfy. With its loud noise and tactile feedback, it’ll be the perfect companion when tackling written tasks – although not ideal if you’re after something quieter! All in all, this amazing switch offers remarkable performance that any typist worth their salt will appreciate.

Gazzew Boba Black U4

The Gazzew Boba Black U4 Switch is a superior choice for those seeking out a mechanical keyboard switch that can endure vigorous typing. Its Silent Tactile Switch with 62g and 68g spring weights provides an MX base style along with an RGB slot and PCB-Mount (5-leg). This compatibility amongst various socket types, from Outemu to Kailh to Gateron, makes it a truly remarkable option. Additionally, its shrapnel design enhances the tactile feeling while also lessening noise – plus it’s compatible with any lamp beads (for the RGB version). Moreover, this switch features a new black plastic case which is softer than nylon PA66 for smoothness and comfort.

For anyone who values longevity in their typing experience without compromising on performance or pleasure, this switch is definitely worth considering. Even though dryness and scratchiness might be undesirable traits to some, lubing up will negate these issues – as well as making it hot swappable. Ultimately, if you want one of the top switches for typing that offers silent tactile feel that improves key presses both quieter and smoother then Gazzew Boba Black U4 should be your go-to.

Buying Guide to Finding the Best Switches for Typing

Identifying the perfect switch for typing is instrumental in maximizing productivity and comfort during your computer-based tasks. With the plethora of switches out there, picking the best can be daunting. Here’s a guide addressing key considerations when searching for the ideal typing switch.

Actuation Type

The actuation type of a switch determines how it feels when pressed. There are three main types: linear, tactile, and clicky. Linear switches are smooth and require the least amount of force when pressed. Tactile switches have a noticeable bump when pressed that provides feedback as you type. Clicky switches are similar to tactile but include an audible click sound with each press. For a list of the best of all of these options, click here.

Actuation Force

The actuation force measures how hard a switch needs to be pressed in order to actuate (register the keystroke). The range is from 35g up to 100g – the higher the number, the harder you need to press down on the switch. Generally, lighter switches are better for typing because they require less effort and fatigue less easily than heavier ones.

Travel Distance

The travel distance is how far down a switch has to be pressed before it registers the keystroke. The standard travel distance is 4mm but speed switches can be shorter. Typically, longer travel distance is more accurate and comfortable, but if you’re looking for speed then shorter travel distance might be better suited for you.

Noise Level

Clicky switches are by far the loudest followed by tactile then linear; quiet variations with rubber dampening are also available if you want something quieter. If you’re in an office environment or shared living space, this may be something you want to consider before purchasing your switches.


Ergonomics should also play an important role in your decision-making process when selecting a switch for typing. This includes factors such as elbow angles, chair height, desk height, keyboard angle, and overall body posture while working at your computer or laptop setup. Taking breaks and rolling out/stretching your wrists often throughout range of motion will help reduce fatigue and improve comfort levels while typing long documents or emails.

Lubed Switches/Stabs

Lubing can improve responsiveness on larger keys such as space bar, enter, backspace, shift etc., by reducing friction and rattle caused by keycaps being held down too tightly against their stems or housings due to dust build-up over time.

Keycap Profile

Lastly, you’ll want to consider what type of keycaps you prefer on your keyboard since this can affect not only feel but also sound when typing. Sculpted keycaps such as Cherry or OEM are preferred over uniform keycaps like DSA or XDA since they provide more feedback when pressing down on them which results in better accuracy and faster response times between strokes during long bouts of typing work.


In conclusion, finding the right switch for typing is a matter of personal preference and depends on factors such as actuation type, actuation force, travel distance, noise level, ergonomics, lubed switches/stabs, and keycap profile. While there are many options available on the market today, Gateron Zealio V2s are an amazing option for anyone looking for a smooth and responsive typing experience; Kailh Box Whites offer double feedback in both the tactile and clicky department; Cherry MX Browns have an excellent tactile feel with low actuation force allowing quick key presses without any resistance or sound; and NovelKeys Sherbet Switch boast remarkable performance that any typist worth their salt will appreciate. Ultimately, it’s important to consider your preferences when selecting a switch for typing so you can have an enjoyable experience while achieving peak productivity levels.