Best Pre-Lubed Switches for a Seamless Typing Experience

Hello there, keyboard admirers and tech aficionados! Regardless of whether you’re an experienced user or someone exploring the universe of gaming keyboards for the first time, we acknowledge the significance of how a keyboard feels under your fingers. It’s not merely about the visual appeal or even the performance—it’s equally about that gratifying click and smooth press that makes each keystroke seem perfect. This is precisely where pre-lubed switches prove to be beneficial.

In this piece, we’re exploring the world of high-quality pre-lubed switches. We aim to confidently guide you on why these switches could be a critical enhancement to your keyboard usage and share some leading recommendations. Sit back and be ready to uncover what could potentially upgrade your typing or gaming experience. There’s no need for complex terminologies here—just clear, straightforward language. So, let’s dive in, shall we?

Gateron Milky Yellow Pro

The Gateron Milky Yellow Pro Switch is a great choice for someone looking for a linear switch with pre-lubrication. These switches offer a comfortable hand feel and the sound produced by them can be quite satisfying. The total stroke of 4mm ensures that you have enough travel time to type without feeling cramped, while the 50±15gf operating force make it easy to press keys without too much effort. The pre-lubrication of these switches also give them an extra smoothness which makes typing even more enjoyable.

However, they are not great for gaming as they don’t provide the same responsiveness as some other switches do. Also, they may feel mushy due to the overly lubed or thick lube used in production. Lastly, they are slightly more expensive than other sellers, but still relatively affordable when considering their quality and longevity.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a good stock linear switch with pre lubrication then Gateron Milky Yellow Pro will definitely be worth considering – it has a great feel and sound plus its durable and long lasting so you get good value for money too!

Glorious Panda Switches

The Glorious Panda Switches are a great option for anyone looking for quality pre-lubed switches. The switch itself is made with premium materials sourced from around the world and offers a strong ‘bump’ at the start of the downstroke with a quick snap back to position in upstroke. This provides an improved sound and feel, and makes it easier to take apart and lube if necessary. Plus, due to its popular mounting profile like that of Cherry MX, these switches offer seamless adjustment of key switches.

In terms of downsides, one issue could be that the switches come loosey goosey in a plastic bag inside a compact box which can cause some bent pins. However, this is easy to straighten out if needed.

Overall, the Glorious Panda Switches offer typists a rush of feeling when typing while also providing precision and clearly noticeable switching point for gaming as well as typing purposes. With high compatibility similar to Cherry MX or Kalih switches, these pre-lubed switches offer all of this along with quality materials used like polycarbonate, PA66 nylon, POM and nickel plated stainless steel making them a great choice all round.

Akko Lavender Pre-lubed Keyboard Switches

The Akko Lavender Pre-lubed Keyboard Switches are a great budget option for gamers who don’t want to have to worry about lubing their switches themselves. These switches come already pre-lubed and ready to go, with a light actuation force and linear feeling that make them great for gaming. The Cherry MX Stem is compatible with Cherry profile keycaps, and the switch has an 18mm extension spring which creates smooth feedback with a high tactile bump at 0.5mm.

Though these switches are pre-lubed, they generally come with poor lubrication out of the box, so it’s best to apply some extra lube yourself if you want the best performance. Additionally, these switches have a long travel at 4mm which may slow down typing speed but won’t affect gaming performance too much.

Overall, the Akko Lavender Pre-lubed Keyboard Switches are an excellent budget option for gamers who don’t want to have to worry about lubing their own switches. With light actuation force and linear feeling along with compatibility with Cherry profile keycaps, it’s perfect for anyone looking for the best pre-lubed switch on the market.

Feker x Matcha Switches

The Feker x Matcha Switches are a great choice for anyone looking for the best pre-lubed switches. These 45pcs linear keyboard switches offer a smooth and quiet operation thanks to their factory-applied lube. The operating force is 43±15gf, end force is 60±15gf, pre travel is 2.0±0.4mm and total travel is 3.5+0/-0.3mm, giving you an incredibly tactile feeling with a round bump, long spring and snappy return – perfect for gaming! Plus they’re compatible with plate-mounted style PCBs and hot-swap mechanical gaming keyboards as well as Outemu compatible pins so they fit into any budget hotswap board with ease. RGB shine through these switches nicely too making them highly visible in low light settings.

The only downside of these switches is that they have stem wobble which can be pretty bad at times but this doesn’t detract from the overall quality of the product or its performance when gaming or typing on them. With 50 million long lifespan for more stable and reliable quality, you can be sure that your Feker x Matcha Switches will last a long time and provide you with great performance every time you use them!

Gateron Oil King

The Gateron Oil King 5 Pin switch is a great choice for those looking for a smooth, pre-lubed mechanical keyboard switch. The bottom of the switch has 65gf actuation and 55gf black-plated 20mm spring for a comfortable typing experience. It’s factory lubed so there’s no need to add your own lubricant, saving you time and effort.
While the Gateron Oil King isn’t perfect – you might find it could glide a bit more smoothly with an extra touch of lube, and it’s a tad on the heavy side without any tactility. Plus, it’s not exactly a beacon when it comes to light pass-through. But hey, no keyboard switch is perfect, right? These minor hiccups certainly don’t steal away from the overall experience too much. So whether you’re a casual typist or a gaming enthusiast, this little guy has got you covered!
Have you ever thought about stepping into the world of mechanical keyboards, but were concerned about dealing with lubricants or compromising on quality? Well, let me introduce you to the Gateron Oil King. This keyboard is a dream come true for beginners and experienced users alike.

Its operation? Smooth as silk. The best part? It comes pre-lubed. That’s right, no fussing around with your own lubricant here! It’s like they’ve read our minds and eliminated one of the biggest headaches in getting started with mechanical keyboards.

So, if you’re hunting for pre-lubed switches that don’t compromise on quality, I’d say your search ends here. The Gateron Oil King stands tall as one of the finest choices available on the market today.


The JWICK V2 is a great option for anyone looking to upgrade their gaming keyboard. It features a tactile switch with selected plated spring and long operating life of up to 60 million cycles. The POM raw material lubrication ensures smooth and comfortable typing all day long, while factory pre-lubing reduces the need for any additional maintenance. The actuation force of 55±10gf and bottom force of 67±10gf give you a strong tactile bump that’s perfect for touch typing.

On top of this, the JWICK V2 can be easily modded to reduce leaf crunch and spring pinging, making it even more enjoyable to use. Plus, its cost effective pricing makes it an attractive choice for budget conscious gamers.

The only downside is that some bent pins were found in the packaging which may require extra effort during installation. Additionally, the stock sound is quite loud and scratchy but this can be improved by lubing the switches properly.
All in all, if you’re looking for a reliable gaming keyboard with quality pre-lubed switches at an affordable price then the JWICK V2 is worth considering!

Epomaker Sea Salt

The Epomaker Sea Salt is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a budget-friendly gaming keyboard with crisp, responsive typing. The onboard LEDs provide a bright RGB shine-through effect, while the double shot Cherry profile keycaps prevent interference from south facing LEDs. This keyboard includes factory lubed and self-lubing switches that are rated to last up to 60 million keystrokes based on laboratory durability tests. These switches offer an initial force of 35g and end force of 60g with a total travel of 2.00mm for smooth typing experience without much sound or noise.

The prelubed switches offer near silent performance with no scratchiness, making this keyboard suitable even for quiet environments such as libraries or offices. Despite its budget price range, the Sea Salt feels amazing and responds well to inputs; however, it does have somewhat mushy feeling compared to more expensive alternatives that might put off some users. Overall, this is still one of the best options you can find for its price range thanks to its great features like RGB shinethrough and prelubed switches which make it worth considering if you’re looking for the best value gaming keyboards out there today.


Hello, fellow keyboard aficionados! If you’ve been thinking about enhancing your gaming or typing endeavors, the introduction of pre-lubed switches could be a game-changer. These small yet impactful components can significantly alter the feel and performance of your keyboard. However, given the plethora of choices out there, making an informed decision might seem daunting. But worry not! We’ve devised a comprehensive guide to assist you in identifying what factors to consider when selecting pre-lubed switches.

How You Plan to Use Your Keyboard

Your first consideration should be how you plan to use your keyboard. Are you a hardcore gamer needing swift, responsive keys? Or perhaps you’re a writer who values accuracy over speed? For those of you who game or glide type, going with medium-to-lightweight switches is typically the best bet. But if gaming and typing are both on the agenda, heavy linear switches can provide that sweet spot between responsiveness and precision.

Gaming or Typing – The Linear Switch Dilemma

When it comes to linear switches, there are mainly two types: light and heavy. Light ones are great for gaming because they allow for quick actions due to their low actuation force. However, if accuracy is your priority – as it is for many typists – heavy linear switches would be more up your alley. They require a bit more push, which means less chance of accidental keystrokes.

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Understanding Actuation Points and Travel Distances

Another factor worth pondering over is the actuation point – that’s where the keystroke gets registered. For linear switches, this usually falls between 1-2 mm, but the exact point can affect switch speed.

Alongside this, don’t forget about travel distance – that’s how far down the key needs to be pressed before it registers a command. Linear switches generally have a pre-travel distance of 40–50 mm and total travel distance of 55–60 grams. If speedy actuations are what you’re after (hey gamers, looking at you), then opt for a switch with lower travel distances.

All About Switch Stems and Housings

Switch stems are another crucial component as they actuate the switch and remain in contact with the keycap. Ideally, they shouldn’t have any tactile feedback and should be round in shape.

Let’s also talk about switch housing – this not only holds the stem but also affects how RGB lights shine through your keyboard. Transparent housings give off brighter colors while opaque ones do not.

Taking Care of Your Switches

The longevity of switches depends on their mounting methods too. Plate-mounted (usually 3-pin) switches are mounted onto a metal plate with PCB underneath making them more durable while PCB-mounted (usually 5-pin) ones are directly mounted onto PCB.

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The Brand Matters

Like many things in life, brand matters when choosing these switches too! Go for renowned brands like Cherry, Gateron, Akko or Glorious to ensure quality performance.

Speaking of brands here’s an interesting comparison between Glorious Panda vs Holy Panda.


That wraps up our guide! Remember: understanding how you’ll use your keyboard is key (pun intended!) in determining what kind of switch works best for you. From there on out it’s all about personal preference – from actuation points and travel distances to housing types and brands.
We hope this guide helps light up your path towards finding the best pre-lubed switches for an incredible typing or gaming experience!