Best Silent Switches (2023’s Top Picks Revealed)

Welcome to our article about the best silent switches for gaming keyboards! If you’re looking for a keyboard that won’t disrupt your gaming session with loud clicks and clacks, then you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we’ll provide expert advice on which switch type is best suited for silent keyboard use, and what features make them optimal for gamers who want a quieter experience. We’ll also discuss how these switches can benefit competitive players who need quick response times without sacrificing sound levels. Let’s dive in and get started!

Durock Silent Linear

Those seeking to reduce the sound of their mechanical keyboard should consider the DUROCK Silent Linear Switches. With a 62g bottom out style, patent silencing rings, and 3.8mm actuation force, these 5-pin PCB mount switches bring about a considerable reduction in sound whilst still providing tactile feedback. The housing is similar to other L-Series Linears such as Alpaca, Mauve and Tangerines; they also come with LED styles in both SMD and through-hole varieties. Furthermore, the cost per switch is competitive compared to other solutions available on the market today – despite there being an assumption that linears are generally quieter than tactiles – proving that this does not always have to be the case.

Kailh Deep Sea

If you’re looking for a silent mechanical gaming keyboard, the Kailh Deep Sea switch is an excellent choice. Featuring patent technology like contact plate and leaf isolation in a ‘box’ to reduce oxide formation, as well as gold crosspoint technology for durability, this switch offers incredible performance that won’t let you down. With an approximate lifespan of 100 million keystrokes based on laboratory tests, it’s designed to stand the test of time.

The Deep Sea switch comes in both tactile and linear options – with 45gf actuation force and 2.0mm or 1.8mm travel respectively – making it compatible with most hot-swappable mechanical keyboards or custom builds. Whether you’re after smooth typing or quiet gaming sessions, this switch provides great performance without breaking the bank!

Cherry Silent Black

If you’re a gamer who values quiet but doesn’t want to compromise on performance and accuracy, the Cherry Silent Black switches should be on your list. They come with 68 authentic Cherry MX keys with tactile feedback that match the factory key perfectly. The linear actuation force of 60cN is lower than other models like Red (45cN) or Blue (50 cN), so you get a quieter experience without sacrificing functionality. Plus, they come in a nice container shipped with bubble wrap for safe delivery.

Unfortunately, there have been some issues reported too; 8 of them were bent out of the box and 2 had slightly bent pins which meant they did not work despite straightening afterward. Additionally, no keycap puller was included and media could not be loaded either. But overall, these switches offer an excellent gaming experience at a good price.

Kailh Box Silent Mechanical Keyboard Switches

The Kailh Box Silent Mechanical Keyboard Switches are a great option for anyone looking for the best silent switches. These 3 Pin, plate-mounted switches come in both linear (Pink) and brown (Tactile) versions and have been rated for 80,000,000 cycles – delivering a long lasting performance. The main sound that these switches make is much lower frequency and sort of “duller” rather than the sharp high pitched tap normal switches make. Users will also appreciate the excellent feedback they provide when pressed – even if it’s done slowly – as well as the solid thick casing and smooth linear movement.

On the downside, some users might find these switches slightly squishier than proper mechanical linear switches, and the silencing bumpers might slightly interfere with their tactile feel. However overall this is a very quiet switch which performs very well and is perfect for any environment where noise level would affect others.

Akko Silent Linear Haze

The Akko Silent Linear Haze is an ideal choice for gamers who seek a keyboard with silent switches. This switch features sound dampeners to reduce typing decibals, making it perfect for office or library use. The Haze Pink 43gf Silent Linear Switch also provides a smooth experience right out of the box, no lubing necessary. It also offers slightly better sound and feel than Outemu switches and works well in hot swappable boards for a good price to performance ratio. However, one potential downside may be the green tint interfering with backlit keyboards with north facing LEDs as well as not being a perfect fit on Tecware Phantom 87 boards due to only 3 pin switches limiting options and stability. All things considered, the Akko Silent Linear Haze is an excellent option for those seeking silent switches that provide satisfying typing feelings and create a quiet work environment.

Durock Daybreak

The Durock Daybreak Silent Linear Switches present gamers with the ultimate advantage; response times are remarkably swift while still providing a comfortable and serene gaming experience. The tactile sensation of these switches is unparalleled, almost as if you were soothing an angel! Additionally, the price tag is quite reasonable for what you get in the package: 70 switches including smokey shell that is ideal for RGB keyboards.

Moreover, their patented silencing rings effectively diminish noise levels so you can enjoy your gaming without disruption or annoyance. This switch also features a gold-plated spring which adds to its longevity and dependability when used frequently. Plus, the Nylon and PC blend housing combined with a soft POM stem offer superior flexibility making the Daybreak a perfect option for those seeking durability.

All in all,the Durock Daybreak Silent Linear Switches provide an optimal solution for silent gaming without compromising on performance or quality. Not only do they grant lightning fast response times but also reduce sound significantly due to their patent silencing rings – thus enabling you to keep playing uninterrupted while not disturbing anyone around!

Gateron Silent Yellow

If you’re after a silent mechanical keyboard experience that doesn’t skimp on quality or performance, the Gateron Silent Yellow switches are an excellent choice. These well-crafted switches offer a lifespan of up to 50 million keystrokes, ensuring they’ll stand the test of time. The linear actuation feature offers smooth and quiet keystrokes with an actuation force of 50g for fast execution. Plus, their ‘milky’ feel and smoothness make them comfortable to type on. To top it off, they come in chic blister packaging boxes for easy storage. All this makes the Gateron Silent Yellow one of the best silent switches available today – perfect for anyone who wants a reliable, durable and silent typing experience.

How To Choose The Right Silent Switches

If you’re seeking a silent mechanical keyboard, the choice of switch is paramount. Whether you’re gaming during working hours or simply don’t want to disturb your flatmates, the right switch can make all the difference. The best keyboard switches can drastically vary based on your needs, and some are better sidestepped when pursuing silence. Notably, Cherry MX Blue, Green, and White; Kailh BOX White, BOX Navy, and Kailh BOX Jade, usually labeled as ‘clicky’ switches, are better suited for environments where noise is less of a concern.

Furthermore, high-pitched sounds tend to be picked up more by microphones and may be even more irritating for those nearby. This means factors such as keyboard size, its case material and even what surface it rests on must be taken into account when considering noise output. Stabilizers also play a vital role in reducing sound levels when typing or gaming on your keyboard – minimising how much individual keys shake yields overall sound reduction.

Finally, if you already have a keyboard with silent switches but still want further quietening options there are some modifications available: installing dampeners inside the case; lubricating individual switches; or adding O-rings. These alterations can help muffle sound without significant cost or effort. So, regardless of your chosen switch type, there are various methods to make your keyboard quieter without significant expense or adjustments.

For those beginning their journey into the world of mechanical keyboards, the best beginner keyboard switches guide can provide insights into the right starting point.


In conclusion, finding the right silent switch for your keyboard can be a daunting task but with the right information it is possible to make an educated decision and find the best switch solution for your needs. Considerations such as stabilizers, case material, surface and even modifications should be taken into account when trying to reduce noise output. With so many options available today – ranging from Durock Silent Linear switches to Gateron Silent Yellow switches – it is now easier than ever to find a mechanical keyboard that meets both performance and sound requirements without breaking the bank.