Best Sounding Switches (Expert Guide)

Sound often takes a backseat in the gaming keyboards’ world, but the right keyboard equipped with the best-sounding switches can catapult your gaming performance. With a wide array of switches in today’s market, identifying the perfect sound-enhancing one for your gaming needs can be challenging. This article reviews some of the most acclaimed switches and underscores their significance in an excellent gaming experience. Additionally, you’ll find tips on selecting the perfect switch to optimize your gaming keyboard’s performance.

Kailh Box Jade

The Kailh Box Jade Switches are an excellent choice for anyone looking to customize their gaming keyboard. They offer great performance with light-touch, 1.8mm pre-travel and 3.6mm total travel distance, SMD LED compatibility and a high compatibility 3-pin design that allows them to be used in both hot swap mechanical gaming keyboards as well as DIY custom keyboards. The 65 pieces included in the pack also make it great value for money. With IP56 rating dust and water resistance, these switches are perfect for those who game on the go or outdoors. The only downside is that the switch puller tool provided is not very useful, but besides this minor issue, these Kailh Box Jades provide an excellent sound with little to no hysteresis – making them one of the best sounding switches on the market today!

Holy Panda Switches

The Drop + Invyr Holy Panda mechanical keyboard switches are an excellent choice for those who want the best possible typing experience. These plate mounted tactile switches are Cherry MX style, and feature a 67g spring. Moreover, they’re compatible with plate-mounted Cherry-style PCB’s and perfect for hot-swap compatible barebones kits such as the Drop ALT, CTRL, SHIFT, ENTR, Carina, Planck and Preonic.

When it comes to feel and performance these Holy Pandas combine the best of both worlds from Halo and Invyr Panda switches. They offer a snappy yet tactile switch that is satisfying to type on without being too noisy or loud. The packaging was solid with a layer of foam to keep switches in place; all 70 switches were in perfect working condition – no factory lube applied nor bent pins – all same size springs.

However some users have reported quality control issues in the past while its price is higher than some Panda variations making it not ideal for most gamers since tactile switches usually aren’t preferred by “hardcore” gamers plus there’s little difference between Holy Pandas and Cherry MX reds when it comes to sound so if you’re looking for the best sounding switch this might not be your pick.

Overall if you want a top tier product with great typing experience then the Drop + Invyr Holy Panda mechanical keyboard switches are an excellent choice!

Kailh Box Pink

Anyone on the hunt for a high-quality switch should look no further than the Kailh Box Pink. Boasting an operating force of 55g±15gf and tactile force of 65g±10gf, these clicky switches are ideal for those who appreciate audible feedback when typing. The clear covers also makes them perfect for SMD switch RGB, while they are 5 pin but can be cut to 3 pin as needed.

We were thrilled to see these switches delivered swiftly in impeccable condition, with performance exceeding our expectations. Their ideal blend of resistance and responsiveness makes them excellent for both gaming and typing, with the added bonus of being waterproof!

In conclusion, we think the Kailh Box Pink Switches offer unbeatable value in terms of quality and sound without compromising on feel or accuracy. They deliver a great balance between speed and precision – making them an excellent selection for gamers or typists alike.

Novelkeys Cream

The Novelkeys Cream switches are a great option if you’re looking for a linear switch with smooth and quick actuation. These are Kailh-made switches that have 4mm travel, 2mm operating, 55g actuation and 70g bottom out. The housing and stems are made of self-lubricating POM material, so the keys move quickly without feeling too mushy or sticky.

I was pleasantly surprised by how fast these switches arrived from China – they came in about one week, which is a good price point too. If you lube these switches prior to usage or when you notice them becoming scratchy after heavy usage, they become smooth and nice sounding – almost like no other switch on the market! They also feature MX style latching for the housing which makes it easy to frankenstech with other types of switches.

The downside to these Novelkeys Creams is that they can be quite scratchy out of the box and produce a unpleasant stock spring crunch sound like chalk on a sidewalk – but this can be resolved by using some light lubrication before use. Overall though, I think these are excellent quality linear switches that offer amazing performance at an affordable price point – definitely worth considering if you’re in the market for gaming keyboards!

Gateron Milky Yellow

The Gateron Milky Yellow switches are an excellent choice for anyone looking to upgrade their mechanical keyboard. The smooth typing experience and linear feel offer unparalleled control and sound quality, while the 50+15GF operating force ensures speed and accuracy. Even better, they allow some light to pass through which can create a cool effect with RGB lighting. The only downside is that you may have to do some chopping if you’re worried about RGB compatibility as these come in packs of 36 yellow and 35 yellowundefined, but they are interchangeable with Cherry mx switches so there’s no need to worry. In summary, these switches provide great sound quality, tactile feedback and performance – perfect for those looking for the best sounding switch out there.

Cherry MX Blue

If you’re a gamer looking for tactile feedback with a clicky sound, then Cherry MX Blue key switches are an ideal choice. This 10-pack comes in a cardboard box, making it easy to store and transport. Plus, they’re plate-mounted and pcb-mounted for maximum flexibility when customizing your keyboard. You’ll love the satisfying sound of these switches as you type – especially if you game in noisy environments!

These genuine Cherry MX switches are also great for replacing keys damaged from accidental drink spills – something that’s all too common among gamers. And their durability ensures they won’t let you down during long gaming sessions. However, there is some potential downside: they don’t offer as much customization as Kailh Box Jades and may require soldering skills if replacing keys. Additionally, some users have reported that 5 out of 10 had bent pins upon delivery.

But overall, Cherry MX Blue key switches provide an enjoyable typing experience with great features – perfect for those who need audio confirmation of their presses when gaming!

NovelKeys Sherbet

If you’re looking for a quality mechanical keyboard that gives you great sound and a satisfying typing experience, the NovelKeys Sherbet Switch is an ideal choice. With its 3pin 2pin RGB SMD Clickbar Orange 45g Force mx stem switch and Kailh Sherbet switch, it offers incredible responsiveness and peak force of 83g with an actuation of 45g and bottom out force of 70g. Plus, its plate mount ensures stability when gaming or typing.

The best thing about this model is its pen ball point sound that makes every keystroke feel like music or audio production. However, it can be quite loud at times, so bear this in mind if you tend to use your keyboard in quieter environments. Despite this minor downside, the NovelKeys Sherbet Switch provides excellent sound quality and performance along with comfortability and affordability – making it a great pick for any gamer!

Finding the Best Sounding Switches for Your Gaming Keyboard

Sound is a important aspect when purchasing a new gaming keyboard. Both the plate and case shape the keyboard’s overall sound, but the switch type also significantly influences its acoustics. There are several unique switch types, each contributing its distinct sound characteristics.

Linear Switches

Linear switches are mechanical key switches that provide a smooth actuation without any tactile feedback. Popular linear switches include Tealios, Healios, and Creams which are known for their light and buttery actuation that produces a low-volume sound. Gateron switches are also popular linear switches favored by gamers because they provide a deep and heavy satisfying sound.

Clicky Switches

Clicky switches are mechanical key switches designed to produce a tactile bump and “click” sound when pressed, providing feedback when typing. These types of switches usually create a higher-pitched clicking noise than linear ones which can be louder but more satisfying for some gamers. Common clicky switches include Kailh Blue Switches which use a “click bar” design that makes an audible click on both actuation and release creating double-click sound. Other popular clicky switches use the “click jacket” design which only produces an audible click during actuation with no additional noise on release; most Cherry MX Blues and Whites use this design.

Ultimately, choosing the best sounding switch boils down to personal preference so it’s recommended to try out different keyboards in person before making any purchase or build your own custom board using parts you prefer most.


In conclusion, selecting the right type of switch for your gaming keyboard can make all the difference when it comes to sound and performance. Whether you prefer a linear switch for its light and buttery actuation or a clicky switch for its tactile feedback – there are several types of switches available on the market today that will provide you with great sound and reliable performance. With so many choices available, doing some research ahead of time is essential to finding the perfect switch for your setup.