Cherry MX Red vs Speed Silver Switches

When you’re passionate about your keyboard, minute details make a profound difference. Be it a seasoned gamer or a prolific typist, the subtleties of your keyboard’s mechanical switches can dramatically sway your experience. Today, we’re plunging into a thorough comparison between two popular mechanical switches: Cherry MX Reds and Cherry MX Speed Silvers.

Understanding the Basics

Firstly, let’s establish some fundamentals. A keyboard switch is the mechanical component that activates a sensor when you press a key, communicating the command to your software. As a user, you experience the switch as the resistance and sound of each keystroke. Want to learn more? Have a look at this guide about Cherry switches.

Cherry MX Reds and Speed Silvers are both linear switches. That means they offer a smooth keystroke without a tactile bump or click. Some prefer the smooth operation of linear switches for their consistency and quiet operation. They’re like a silent partner in your digital endeavors, letting you focus on what’s important.

The Need for Speed: MX Speed Silvers

Designed for high-speed performance, Cherry MX Speed Silvers are the sports cars of the keyboard switch world. They’re fine-tuned for speed, being 0.6mm thinner than their MX Red counterparts. This subtle difference creates a shorter travel distance for each keystroke, letting them activate significantly faster than MX Reds. In the split-second world of gaming, this small edge can make all the difference. So, for those of you whose fingers fly like lightening across the keys during an intense gaming session, Speed Silvers are worth considering.

Yet, like a sports car, they require careful handling. The short travel distance can register unintended keystrokes, making them less ideal for typing.

Going the Distance: MX Reds

On the other side, Cherry MX Reds offer a slightly longer travel distance, giving your fingers a bit more room to maneuver. While they might not activate as quickly as Speed Silvers, many typists appreciate the extra distance.

MX Reds are also quite versatile. Though Speed Silvers may be the preferred option for hardcore gaming, Reds can hold their own in the gaming arena as well. And with a lifespan of 100 million keystrokes, they’re built to endure the longest of novel-writing sessions or the most epic gaming marathons.

Comparing Actuation Forces

To truly appreciate the nuanced differences between Cherry MX Reds and Speed Silvers, it’s essential to delve into their actuation forces. Actuation force, measured in centinewtons (cN), refers to the amount of force needed to press a key until it registers a keystroke.

MX Reds have an actuation force of 45cN, providing a light and effortless touch that reduces finger fatigue over long typing or gaming sessions. This low actuation force makes Reds an ideal choice for typists who seek a smooth, fluid experience.

On the other hand, MX Speed Silvers share the same 45cN actuation force, ensuring that same light touch. However, the reduced travel distance makes Speed Silvers a speedier option, perfect for quick reactions in gaming scenarios.

In short, while the actuation force of Reds and Speed Silvers is the same, the difference in travel distance results in a distinctively different experience.

Comparing Gaming Performance

In the gaming realm, every millisecond counts, and your keyboard switch can have a significant impact on your gaming performance. If you’re considering the Cherry MX Reds or Speed Silvers for your gaming keyboard, there are several factors to consider.

MX Speed Silvers, with their shorter travel distance, provide a rapid response time. For fast-paced games, where quick reflexes are the key to victory, Speed Silvers are often the go-to choice. Their 45cN actuation force ensures a light touch, keeping your fingers fresh during extended gaming sessions.

MX Reds, while not as quick as Speed Silvers, provide a longer travel distance, offering more room for your keystrokes. This feature makes Reds suitable for gamers who prefer a deeper press and a more deliberate pace.

When it comes to key rollover — the keyboard’s ability to register multiple keys pressed simultaneously — both Reds and Speed Silvers excel, ensuring that every keypress counts, even during the most intense gaming sessions.

However, your gaming style and preferred genre should ultimately dictate your choice. Real-time strategy and racing games that require swift responses may benefit from the quick actuation of Speed Silvers, while role-playing games or adventure games might benefit from the Reds’ longer travel distance. This guide on the best keyboard switches provides further insights to help you make an informed decision.

Comparing Typing Experience

Let’s shift gears and delve deeper into the typing experience provided by Cherry MX Reds and Speed Silvers.

Cherry MX Reds, with their longer travel distance, offer a satisfying deep press for each keystroke. Whether you’re drafting a lengthy report, writing code, or simply chatting with friends, Reds offer a comfortable and responsive typing experience.

Speed Silvers, due to their shorter travel distance, deliver a quicker and lighter touch. This can be particularly beneficial in fast-paced typing scenarios, such as transcribing or live-chat customer service. However, their quick actuation can also result in accidental keystrokes, which might slow down your typing pace until you get accustomed to the lighter touch.

Both Reds and Speed Silvers provide smooth keystrokes, thanks to their linear switch design. However, the Reds’ extra travel distance may provide a more familiar feel for traditional typists, while the Speed Silvers’ rapid response could appeal to fast typists looking for speed and efficiency.

Ultimately, the choice between Cherry MX Reds and Speed Silvers boils down to your personal preferences and the specific typing tasks you most often perform. Each switch offers its unique set of benefits, tailored to different scenarios and styles. As with gaming, the key to selecting the perfect switch for typing lies in understanding your needs and preferences, and then taking the time to explore your options. Happy typing!

The Sounds of Silence

When it comes to sound, both switches play a similar tune. Thanks to their identical actuation type, springs, and housing material, both switches provide a relatively quiet keystroke. For those late-night gaming or writing sessions, while others are sleeping, either of these switches can be your silent ally.

Wrapping Up

In the end, the choice between Cherry MX Reds and Speed Silvers comes down to your personal needs and preferences. Are you a speedy gamer who thrives on rapid response times? Or perhaps you’re a diligent typist who values a bit more travel in each keystroke? Either way, these two switches provide robust, high-quality alternatives to tailor your keyboard to your distinctive style.

Remember, the optimal way to decide is to test them personally. Because, in the world of keyboards, feeling is indeed believing. Happy typing, and may your keystrokes always be in your favor!