2023’s Fastest Keyboard Switches

Unleashing the full potential of a gaming keyboard often boils down to one critical component: the switch. For those who demand unparalleled speed, the Cherry MX Speed Silver and its rapid counterparts from Kailh and Akko offer a gateway to gaming excellence. With each actuation, these switches translate intention into action with astonishing velocity, providing a competitive edge that can set you apart. Embark with us on a journey through the world of the fastest keyboard switches where velocity meets versatility.

Cherry MX Speed Silver

For gamers who crave the speediest response times and don’t mind a bit more heft, the Cherry MX Speed Silver switches make an ideal choice. These linear switches come with no tactile feedback so that you can fly through fast-paced gaming sequences. Plus, they boast a 45cN actuation force – lower than most other Cherry MX models – as well as anti-ghosting technology for simultaneous key presses and compatibility with PCB SMD LED lighting for added personalization.

The package arrived promptly in prime condition; each switch was neatly sealed and functioning from the get-go. However, some slight issues were present – two of them had warped pins while eight others were distorted in transit – but these could be easily rectified by manipulating them back into shape. A keycap puller would have been beneficial though!

In summary, the Cherry MX Speed Silver offers gamers a great blend of velocity and accuracy to take their gaming experiences to new heights. With its low actuation force and anti-ghosting technology, this switch is sure to please all types of players alike.

Kailh Speed Copper

Gamers seeking a swift and responsive gaming experience should look no further than the Kailh Speed Copper switches. Offering up to 50% faster response times due to their short travel/activation distance, these switches also feature a peak force of 45g for light yet satisfying tactile feedback. With an LED compatibility that allows you to customize your backlight, dust-proof and waterproof design, plus 70 million cycles of lifetime durability – you can rest assured that this keyboard will remain in perfect condition even after heavy use. The key stabilization feature also ensures greater accuracy when gaming – making the Kailh Speed Copper one of the most reliable choices for any serious gamer.

Kailh Speed Burnt Orange

If you’re looking for a fast and reliable gaming experience without sacrificing quality, the Kailh Speed Burnt Orange clicky switch is your best bet. With its 1.1mm pre-travel and 3.5mm total travel, plus an impressive 70g actuation force, these switches provide unbeatable speed and accuracy during intense gaming sessions. Plus, the 65 Pcs Kailh Speed Burnt Orange Clicky Switches come with a key switch puller/switch remover – making it even easier to set up! So if you want a switch that will give you an advantage in any game situation – without all the hassle of installation – then this one’s for you.

Akko Silver

The Akko Silver is perfect for the gamer looking for speed and precision. It comes with 45 switches, including three types of switch – Piano, Crystal, and Silent. They are all 3 pin compatible so it’s easy to swap out whichever one you need. The dustproof stem and pre-travel of just 1mm make this keyboard an excellent choice for quick and accurate typing. Plus, its affordable price makes it great value too! Just be aware that the green tint on these keys may interfere with backlit boards when viewed from certain angles and that the size may not fit perfectly into some keyboards like Tecware Phantom 87.

Fastest Keyboard Switches for Gaming: A Buying Guide

Are you looking for the best keyboard switch for gaming? Good news, we’ve done the research and have compiled this buying guide to help you make an informed decision.

Understanding Keyboard Switches

At their core, keyboard switches are what register your keystrokes. There are various switch types—mechanical being the most popular among gamers for their durability and tactile feedback. Within the mechanical realm, there are different sub-types categorized by actuation force, travel distance, and feedback type, like tactile or linear.

Speed Switch Considerations

Speed switches, designed for rapid actuation, are a popular choice among gamers. However, these switches have a trade-off between speed and typing comfort due to their shorter travel and higher actuation points. Notably, a switch’s ‘speed’ isn’t only about actuation force or distance—it’s also about the switch’s design and the keyboard’s overall build quality.

For instance, Cherry MX Speed Silver switches have an actuation point of just 1.2mm, with a light 45g actuation force, promoting rapid keystrokes. In contrast, Razer’s Yellow switches also aim for speed with similar actuation distance but have a slightly higher force requirement.

When choosing a switch, consider:

  • Actuation Distance: Shorter distances can result in faster key registration, which is crucial in fast-paced gaming.
  • Actuation Force: The amount of pressure needed to depress a key. Lighter force can lead to quicker actuation but may also result in more accidental keystrokes.
  • Durability: A switch’s lifespan is measured in millions of keystrokes. Most high-quality gaming switches offer at least 50 million keystrokes.
  • Sound: Clicky switches provide audible feedback, which can be satisfying, but may be distracting or inappropriate in shared spaces. Linear switches are quieter and may be better for shared environments.


As we round off our journey through the world of the fastest keyboard switches, it’s clear that whether you choose Cherry MX Speed Silver, Kailh Speed Copper, or any other swift variant, you’re investing in a split-second advantage that can define your gaming outcomes. These switches are meticulously crafted not just for speed but also for durability and customization, giving you a nuanced control over your gaming experience. Weighing the merits of each, choose the switch that matches your speed-centric gaming ethos and catapult yourself to a realm of instantaneous response and tactical precision. If you’re looking for more options, make sure to also read this post.