Gateron Yellow vs Milky Yellow (Full Comparison)

In the world of keyboard switches, both Gateron Yellow Pro and Gateron Milky Yellow Pro stand tall. They confidently boast an astounding operating life of 50 million cycles. It’s like running a marathon and still having energy for a victory lap! However, just like two athletes with similar training regimes, it’s tough to predict who will outlast the other. The lifespan of these switches can be influenced by a number of factors – akin to our athletes’ diet or rest days. The quality of their ‘training’ (read: manufacturing process), along with how they are ‘nurtured and cared for’ (read: used and maintained) can greatly influence their longevity. So, whether you’re a casual typist or a hard-core gamer, remember – every stroke counts! Keep them well-maintained and they’ll return the favor with long-lasting performance.

Gateron Yellow Pro vs Gateron Milky Yellow Pro: A Tale of Two Switches

In the world of gaming keyboards, the choice of switch can have a profound impact on your overall experience. A major player in this space is Gateron, renowned for their high-quality linear switches that offer a smooth keystroke and reduced fatigue during long gaming or typing sessions. This article will delve into the differences and similarities between two popular Gateron options: the Gateron Yellow Pro and Gateron Milky Yellow Pro.

Understanding the Makeup

Both Gateron Yellow Pro and Milky Yellow Pro share an operation force of 50 gf and a similar force travel curve. However, it’s in their physical composition where we see some distinct differences. The Gateron Yellow Pro boasts transparent top housing with a white nylon bottom, presenting an aesthetic transparency that allows keyboard enthusiasts to appreciate the inner workings of their device.

The Gateron Milky Yellow Pro, on the other hand, features nylon top and bottom housing with a translucent milky appearance. While slightly less transparent than its counterpart, it offers a softer aesthetic appeal that appeals to those who favor muted tones over clear ones.

Structural Integrity and Sound

Enhancements have been made to the mold of the Gateron Yellow Pro which now has a firmer snap-on structure compared to the Milky Yellow Pro switch. This reduces switch stem wobble, providing a more stable keypress experience.

When it comes to sound, however, our milky friend takes center stage. The use of softer materials in the construction of the Gateron Milky Yellow Pro makes for quieter and deeper actuation sounds compared to its yellow counterpart – a boon for gamers who enjoy late-night sessions while others are sleeping!

Lighting Compatibility

Lighting plays an important role in setting up your gaming atmosphere. The Gateron Yellow Pro is designed for broader compatibility with RGB-SMD lights along with 2-Pin LED/4-Pin LED/SMD-LED lights which let you illuminate your gaming space just as you like it.

The Milky yellow pro stands out subtly with its compatibility towards 2-pin 3mm round lights and non-raised SMD-LED lights. It’s worth noting that while both switches allow light to pass through, due to its transparent cover, the Gateron Yellow Pro has better backlight transmittance.

Enhancing Your Keyboard-Driven Gaming Experience

For gamers, the choice between Gateron Yellow Pro and Gateron Milky Yellow Pro may hinge on their gaming preferences. Both types of switches are linear, providing a smooth and predictable typing experience which is highly sought after by gamers for rapid-fire keypresses. However, the quieter operation of Milky Yellow may be more appealing to those who often share their gaming space with others or play late into the nigh

Typing Comfort

While gamers might prioritize response time and sound levels, typists might be more interested in comfort during extended typing sessions. Here again, both Gateron Yellow Pro and Milky Yellow Pro shine with their low actuation force of 50 g. This reduces finger fatigue during those marathon coding sessions or when typing lengthy articles like this one.

Aesthetic Appeal

Last but not least, let’s take a moment to consider aesthetic appeal. The transparent housing of Gateron Yellow Pro allows for brighter backlighting, adding an extra dazzle to your gaming setup. On the other hand, Milky Yellow Pro has a softer glow that can complement more minimalist or subdued setups.


1. Are Gateron Yellow Pro and Milky Yellow Pro switches quiet?

Yes, both these switch types are designed for quiet operation. However, due to its softer material construction, Milky Yellow Pro tends to produce a slightly deeper and quieter sound than its counterpart.

2. Which one has better backlighting?

The Gateron Yellow has brighter backlight transmittance due to its transparent cover. However, if you prefer a softer glow then Milky Yellow could be your preferred choice.

3. What type of keyboards are compatible with these switches?

Gateron Yellow is designed to be compatible with keyboards sporting 2-Pin LED/4-Pin LED/SMD-LED or RGB-SMD lights while Milky yellow pro is suitable for keyboards with 2-pin 3mm round lights and non-raised SMD-LED lights.

4. What’s the lifespan of these switches?

Both switches have an operating life expectancy of 50 million cycles which ensures they will serve you well over numerous gaming battles and typing marathons.

The Verdict

Choosing between these two switches ultimately comes down to personal preference. Both offer similar performance characteristics making them ideal for gamers seeking smooth keystrokes with low actuation force.

If sound levels are important to you or if you prefer a more subtle backlighting effect then consider going milky way with Gateron Milky Yellow. However if visual aesthetics of your keyboard internals matter or if you wish for brighter backlighting then Gateron Yellow could be your best bet.

In conclusion, whether you’re clicking away on spreadsheets or mashing keys in an intense game session, both Gateron switches offer durability and performance that’s hard to beat.