Kailh Switches Guide

For those immersed in the world of mechanical keyboards, Kailh switches are a household name. A staple in the realm of precision electronics, Kailh, a China-based company, has risen to global prominence with its versatile array of high-quality mechanical switches. This guide will provide you with an in-depth look at Kailh switches, their unique features, popular models, and their suitable applications.

The Kailh Journey

Established in 1990 in China’s Zhejiang Province, Kailh started as a manufacturer of precision electronic switches for various applications. Over the years, the company branched out to offer a wide array of mechanical keyboard switches, quickly becoming an alternative to the influential Cherry Corporation’s MX switches. To get a better understanding of their range, let’s dive into the world of Kailh switches.

Understanding Kailh Switch Types

Kailh offers five distinct series of switches, each designed with unique features to cater to different user needs. The variety is key here – whether you’re a professional gamer, a coder, or a casual user, Kailh has something to offer.

The BOX Series

The BOX series, known for the plastic box that surrounds their standard cross-shaped stems, is built to protect the inner workings from dirt and moisture. Notable among these is the Kailh BOX White Switch featured in the FL ESPORTS F12 wireless mechanical keyboard and the MSI Mechanical Gaming Keyboard.

The Turbo Series

The Turbo switches stand out with their low-friction POM plastic stems, allowing for smoother and faster actuation. If speed is your game, Turbo switches are your best bet.

The KK Series

Continuing the focus on short key travel and snappy actuation, the KK switches boast longer springs, offering an enhanced version of the popular Kailh Speed series.

The Pro Series

Aiming for a business-class experience, the Pro Series offers cushioned downstrokes and springy returns. The Kailh Speed Pro Burgundy and Kailh Speed Pro Light Green switches provide a balance between professional usage and gaming. The Kailh Speed Pro Purple is an excellent choice for gamers looking for swift and responsive key presses.

The Choc Series

For fans of compact, low-profile keyboards, the Choc series offers an excellent typing experience while saving on vertical space. However, keep in mind that these are only compatible with specially designed keycaps.

Special Mention: Kailh Silent and Low-Profile Switches

In the quietude of night or a shared workspace, Kailh silent switches, equipped with rubber dampening, offer a solution for those who need a silent typing experience. The Kailh low-profile switches, with their short travel distance and thin design, are a perfect fit for low-profile keyboards.

Kailh vs. Cherry vs. Gateron: An In-Depth Comparison

In the realm of mechanical keyboards, switch selection is paramount. Amid the sea of available choices, Kailh, Cherry, and Gateron have established themselves as the triumvirate of keyboard switch producers. How do they fare in comparison, and which is the optimal pick for your requirements? Let’s embark on a comprehensive comparison of these three key players.


Kailh, as we’ve discussed earlier, is known for offering a plethora of switch options catering to diverse typing and gaming needs. From the sturdy BOX series to the business-focused Pro series, Kailh consistently delivers on quality and versatility. They are also compatible with hot-swappable PCBs, thanks to their typical 3-pin mechanical switch structure. Kailh is a strong contender if you’re looking for a wide range of switch options with solid performance and adaptability.


Cherry is often regarded as the industry standard in mechanical keyboard switches, primarily due to their MX switch series. Known for their high durability and consistency, Cherry switches are often a safe bet for both professional use and gaming. However, compared to Kailh, Cherry switches may lack in variety and innovation.


Gateron is another major player in the switch market, known for their smooth keystrokes and affordability. If the price is a significant factor for you, Gateron might be the perfect choice. However, they can sometimes fall behind in terms of build quality compared to Cherry or Kailh switches. For more detail on how Kailh switches compare to Gateron, check out this comparative guide.

Picking the optimal switch can be intimidating with an extensive array of choices. A thorough grasp of the various keyboard switches will empower you to make a well-informed decision.

Picking the optimal switch can be intimidating with an extensive array of choices. A thorough grasp of the various keyboard switches will empower you to make a well-informed decision.

Here’s a comparison table highlighting the unique attributes of Kailh, Cherry, and Gateron switches:

VarietyWide range of series for different needsKnown for the MX seriesLimited variety, known for smooth keystrokes
PerformanceSolid performance across the rangeHighly durable and consistentSmooth keystrokes but can be less durable
PriceAffordable considering the varietyTypically more expensiveGenerally the most affordable
InnovationInnovative designs and featuresMore traditional, less innovationPrimarily focus on smooth keystrokes
CompatibilityCompatible with hot-swappable PCBsDepends on the switch modelDepends on the switch model

In conclusion, your choice of switch depends on your personal preferences and specific needs. While Cherry switches provide reliability and consistency, Kailh offers innovation and variety. Gateron, on the other hand, provides a balance between affordability and performance.

Harnessing Kailh for Your Keyboard

With Kailh’s diverse offerings, choosing the right switch depends on your typing habits, preferences, and the kind of experience you’re after. For instance, the CORN Anne Pro 2 wired/wireless mechanical keyboard with Kailh BOX red switches offers a pleasant typing experience for those who prefer less noise. But remember, the best switch for you is one that feels the most comfortable and meets your specific needs.

In closing, Kailh switches have carved a niche in the mechanical keyboard world due to their quality, variety, and adaptability. So, whether you’re an ardent gamer, an incessant coder, or someone who spends a significant chunk of their day typing away, there’s a Kailh switch waiting for you. Happy typing!