Best Heavy Linear Switches (Top Choices 2023)

Are you looking for a gaming keyboard with heavy linear switches? Linear switches are known for their smooth and consistent keystroke feedback, making them an ideal choice for gamers who want the ultimate performance. In this feature, we’re diving into the world of heavy linear switches, comparing them with other keyboard types, and spotlighting the cream of the crop available today. We’ll also offer handy tips to help you pinpoint the perfect switch to elevate your gaming performance. Read on to unravel the unique attributes of these robust switches!

Gateron Ink Black V2

The Gateron Ink Black V2 is a great choice for anyone looking for a heavy linear switch. It features a transparent smokey housing, made of a new type of plastic and contact leaves that are able to be pressed out with your thumb without falling out while turning the switches upside down during testing. As the name implies, it has an actuation weight of 60g and bottom out at 70g. This makes it very responsive and comfortable to use when typing or gaming.

The sound quality is incredibly good, especially in Keychron K2 hotswap keyboards. The spring ping is gone after lubing and filming which adds to the overall experience. Keep in mind, these switches demand lubing and filming to function optimally, which could prove a touch tedious if it’s your first time. Price-wise, they sit a little steeply compared to alternatives but rest assured, they are worth every penny once you adapt to their usage. Also keep in mind they take about a month from China if you’re ordering extra 20.

Durock POM Linear

The Durock POM Linear switches are a great option for anyone looking for the best heavy linear switch. The switches feature a proprietary blend of POM blend for both the top and bottom housing, as well as a redesigned stem composed of a mystery P3 Stem. With spring force of 63.5g, this switch is perfect for those wanting to have more control over their keyboard inputs. Additionally, the travel distance is 3.7mm and operating distance 2mm, offering precise keystrokes with every press.

Furthermore, users will enjoy the pre-lubed gold-plated springs and metal leaf sourced from Korea and Japan which helps to prevent accidental key presses while also providing a very tactile bump when pressed down. The unique P3 stem adds to the smoothness of each stroke making it feel like you’re playing on top quality gaming keyboard with every press or input you make.

The only downside to these switches are that the RGB lighting may be dimmer than other brands due to light not passing through perfectly, however this won’t be an issue if you don’t plan on using RGB lighting in your setup anyway! Additionally, some users have reported slight rattling noises even when pre-lubed along with slight ticking noises when pressed that won’t go away no matter how much lube used. But all in all these are minor issues considering how good they perform overall – definitely worth it’s price tag per switch!

Gateron Tealio V2

The Gateron Tealio V2 switch is a great option for someone looking for heavy linear switches. These switches are made from high-quality materials and have a transparent, light teal-blue stem as well as PCB mount options. They also have been tweaked with wobble reduction and improved smoothness compared to regular Gateron linears, making them more comfortable to type on.

The spring weight of the Tealio V2 switches is rated at “bottom out” force, rather than actuation, meaning they are suited for those who like a heavier touch when typing or gaming. The product also comes with two extra holes next to the center post that makes it compatible with many plate mounted keyboards.

Overall, the Gateron Tealio V2 switch is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a heavy linear switch that provides superior performance and durability. It’s responsive design ensures quick keystrokes while still providing users with an exceptionally smooth typing experience. However, some people have reported that two switches had pins bent that needed to be fixed so make sure to check your purchase before using it just in case there are any issues.

KPrepublic Everglide Aqua King

The KPrepublic Everglide Aqua King Mechanical Keyboard Switch is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a heavy linear switch. With its fully transparent housing, it reflects light like ocean water, making it an eye-catching addition to any desk. It comes with three different force mx switches – 55g, 62g and 67g – each boasting a maximum switching voltage of 12V AC/DC and current of 10mA AC/DC. The pretravel is 2.0 mm (± 0.6mm) while the total travel is 4mm (± 0.3mm). The actuation force range from 55 gf to 67 gf (± 10 gf), giving you plenty of options depending on your preferences or gaming style. Plus, the operating force is 15 gf and bounce time <5 ms (during actuation with 0.4 m/s).

When it comes to performance, this switch offers great out of box experience and smoothness as well as improved sound quality over time. However, some users have reported issues with scratchy switches that can’t be lubed properly – so make sure you test the product before buying if possible! Generally speaking though, the 62g weight provides a good balance between speed and accuracy during gaming sessions or typing workloads.

Kailh Speed Burnt Orange

If you’re a serious gamer looking for the best heavy linear switches available, then Kailh Speed Burnt Orange Switch is an excellent choice. It provides a tactile and clicky feel with a pre-travel distance of 1.1mm and total travel distance of 3.5mm, giving you the responsiveness and accuracy you need to stay competitive. The package includes 65 pieces of switches plus a key switch puller/remover, making installation easy and hassle free. And thanks to its high compatibility 3-pin design, these switches are compatible with most keyboards on the market today – so no need to worry about finding something that fits your setup perfectly!

Buying Guide: The Best Heavy Linear Switches for Gaming

When you’re shopping for a gaming keyboard, the type of switch you choose is an important decision. Linear switches are popular among gamers for their reliable speed and smoothness, but for those who prefer an even heavier feel, there are several heavy linear switches that stand out from the crowd. Here’s what to look for when shopping for the best heavy linear switch gaming keyboards.

Linear vs Tactile/Clicky Switches

Linear switches offer a consistent sliding feel with no tactile bump or clicky sound when pressed. This makes them slightly faster and easier to activate than tactile and clicky switches, which some gamers prefer. However, linear switches can cause discomfort during long typing sessions since they don’t provide physical feedback like tactile or clicky switches do.

Overall, linear switches are generally better for gaming than tactile or clicky due to their speed and smoothness advantages; however, there are speed clicky options available such as Kailh Speed Gold if that’s more your style. For those who prefer heavier keystrokes with a deep thocky sound, several heavy linear switches are available that offer great performance and will last you through many gaming sessions.

Lube & Switch Films

Applying lube to your linear switches will make them smoother and lower the sound slightly. If your switch has wobble – meaning the stem isn’t perfectly centered in the housing – you may want to consider adding switch films as well, which will reduce the scratchiness and mushiness of keys with too much wobble.


In conclusion, finding the best heavy linear switch for gaming requires you to consider your preferences and style of play. There are several types of switches available on the market, ranging from light linear to speed clicky, each offering its own unique benefits. Ultimately, it comes down to finding a switch that works best for you and gives you the performance edge in gaming sessions. With careful research of all available options and understanding your keystroke needs, you can find the perfect heavy linear switch for your gaming keyboard.