A Look at Matcha Green Switches: Are They Worth It?

Hey there, keyboard enthusiasts and future clackmasters! I’ve got some fresh news for you about a little green gem in the switch world – the Akko CS Matcha Green Switches. And trust me, this is a cup of matcha that you’ll want to savor!

Despite being nestled under the tag of “budget linear switches”, these beauties stand tall, defying the typical stereotype. For the price point, they knock out a smooth, pleasant sound and a pretty nice feel that’ll make your fingers want to dance. However, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows; just like the matcha drink itself, it has a distinct flavor that might not suit everyone’s palate.

Sound, Feel, and Modding Potential

Some switches are like that obscure indie band you stumbled upon at 3 am on a YouTube binge – surprisingly good. That’s our Matcha Green switches. The sound profile? Smooth as butter, sweet as honey. The feeling? Well, it’s got a medium-heavy feel with a bit of a hollow touch, adding an unexpected charm to the mix. Plus, it comes pre-lubed from the factory, so you’re getting a smooth typing experience right out of the box.

For those modding enthusiasts, there’s even more to love. Our green buddies have standard Cherry MX stems, making them a pleasure to tinker with. You might notice a bit of a spring ping, a minor hiccup, but nothing a little extra lubing won’t fix. And let’s be real – who doesn’t love a good lubing session, right? If you’ve picked up your switches from platforms like AliExpress, it’s even more critical to give them a good lube – they might come sans the factory lube.

Comparisons and Alternatives

So, where do these switches fit in the grand scheme of things? When it comes to sound and feel, they sit comfortably between the Akko Rose Red and Jelly Blacks. I’ve heard them likened to Akko Silver and Vintage White, and they hold their own among Kailh Box and Gateron. But don’t just take my word for it. Check out this comprehensive guide on the best keyboard switches to get the full scoop.

Now, if you’re not a fan of the Matcha Green’s distinctive hollow sound or you can’t be bothered with the lubing, fret not. There are plenty of alternatives like the Akko Jelly Blacks, Gateron Ink Blacks, Gateron Milky Yellows, Akko Vintage Whites, and Tecsee Carrots. They might not offer the same value for money, but they’re great options if you’re after a different sound or feel.

Durability and Quality

Like a well-brewed cup of matcha tea, the Akko CS Matcha Green Switches carry an intriguing blend of robustness and delicacy. These switches feel sturdy to the touch, a testament to Akko’s consistency in delivering quality in even their budget offerings. But remember, they’re not invincible.

Lacking dust-proofing might not seem like a big deal initially, but in the long run, dust and grime can play havoc with your switches. It’s like a clingy ex, hard to get rid of, and gradually annoying. Therefore, investing in a good keyboard cleaner and making regular cleaning a part of your keyboard maintenance routine will help these switches go the distance.

On a positive note, these switches have progressive springs, meaning a bit more spring tension. That translates to a tactile feel that adds to your typing or gaming experience.

So, while they might be missing the armor of dust-proofing, these switches are built to take a beating (or in this case, a tapping). You just need to be ready to give them a bit of TLC (tender, loving, cleaning) along the way.

The Audience Verdict

Look, here’s the tea. In the end, whether these switches will suit you or not boils down to personal preference. It’s like asking someone if they prefer their matcha with almond milk or oat milk, right?

The medium-heavy feel and the slightly hollow sound are either going to float your boat or sink it. Some folks out there might find it off-putting if they’re used to the sound profiles of Gateron or Cherry switches. Others might find the unique, somewhat ‘melodic’ sound of the Matcha Greens charming.

The budget-friendly price tag and the smooth, satisfying ‘clack’ have made these switches a hit among both beginners dipping their toes into the keyboard modding world and seasoned enthusiasts seeking an affordable alternative. Just remember to keep some lube handy, and you’ll take these switches from “pretty good” to “REALLY good”.

Whether you’re a typing speedster, a gaming maestro, or just a keyboard enthusiast looking to try something new, these Akko CS Matcha Green switches might just be the affordable joyride you’ve been seeking. So, are you ready to embark on this matcha-infused journey? It’s your move, keyboard kings and queens!

The Bottom Line

Despite the lack of dust-proofing and the presence of spring ping, I’ve got to say – the Akko CS Matcha Green Switches pack a punch. Coming in at $0.22 per switch or 45 switches for $10-13 on Amazon, they’re a bang for your buck when compared to pricier options like the Akko Jelly Blacks ($0.40/switch) and Gateron Ink V2 Blacks ($0.60/switch).

The consensus? If you’re on the hunt for a linear switch that’s wallet-friendly, mod-friendly, and has a unique sound and feel, you should give these Matcha Greens a whirl. They might just surprise you and become your next favorite switch. So, what are you waiting for? Time to clack away, my friends!