The Best Outemu Switches for Your Keyboard in 2023

Keen on finding the optimal Outemu switches for your gaming keyboard? Given the vast array of switch types and models, pinpointing the fitting one for your rig can be quite a task. Fear not, we’re here to simplify things. In this piece, we’ll demystify what Outemu switches are, their pros and cons, and the best ones available in today’s market. Also, stay tuned for some handy tips and tricks to help you land that perfect switch tailored to your gaming requirements. Ready to elevate your gaming escapades with a fresh set of Outemu switches? Let’s dive in!

Outemu Brown

I recently purchased a set of Outemu Brown Switches and I’m very pleased with the product. The switches provide a great balance between tactile feedback and actuation force, with a low-clicky sound that’s perfect for both gaming and typing. They’re also incredibly durable, able to withstand up to 50 million keystrokes, and their hot-swappable design makes installation easy without needing to solder the plate mount. Furthermore, they’re very affordable too! While there have been reports of incorrect colors being sent out, these seem to be rare occurrences so overall I’m really happy with my purchase!

Outemu Low Profile Blue

The Granvela Outemu Low Profile Blue Switches are an ideal choice for those looking for the best outemu switches. With their thin profile and low actuation force, they offer a great feel to type on and the SMD lights, RGB plug-in lights and round two-leg lights compatibility provide ample customization options. The switches are also Cherry MX compatible, making it easy to swap them out on most boards.

The only downside is that the stems of these switches are short and tight fit into the plate, meaning that switches with stabilizers will be taller than the rest. Additionally, its travel distance is more than other low profile switches.

Overall, however, if you’re looking for great performance in a slim package then these Outemu Low Profile Blue Switches from Granvela are definitely worth considering due to their excellent build quality and smooth operation.

Outemu OTM Gaote Alps

The Outemu OTM Gaote Alps switches are a great choice for anyone looking for the best outemu switches. They provide excellent tactile feedback and response, with an actuation force of 60±5 gf (quiet click, click) and 35±5 gf (linear). The pretravel is 2.2±0.2 mm and total travel is 3.5 mm, making them perfect for gaming or typing tasks requiring quick movements and accuracy. Additionally, they are made with metal leaf sense method which provides better durability compared to cheaper options. All in all, these switches offer a reliable performance with great feel – ideal for mechanical keyboards used in gaming or typing applications.

Outemu Red

For those seeking a smooth, responsive feel when gaming or typing, the Outemu Red Switch is an ideal choice. With an actuation force of 45gf and a puller tool included for easy installation into keyboards such as E-Element E-Yoooso Z-88 Z-77, Redragon Series, and others that use Cherry MX compatible switches, users will appreciate the comfortable and quiet operation of this switch. Offering long lasting durability with a bottom out distance of 4.0±0.4mm and actuation distances varying from 2.0 to 2.4mm (depending on type) as well as actuation forces ranging from 45gf to 80gf (again depending on type), this switch provides quality performance with pleasant sound levels that are quieter than blue switches but still provide good responsiveness. Despite reports of incorrect colors in orders, customers have generally been very satisfied with the speed of shipping, quality and overall performance when used on compatible keyboards; thus making it a great option for gamers today.

Outemu Silent White

If you’re looking for an upgrade to your mechanical gaming keyboard, the Granvela OUTEMU Silent White Switches 3 Pin Key Switches Replacement Pack is a fantastic choice. These switches offer unparalleled silence while typing or gaming, and also come with 8 switch types ranging from Black (Game) to Gold (Rare Keyboard Switch). Each type offers its own unique feel and actuation force, so you can customize your keyboard to suit your preferences. The package includes 1 puller tool and 20 SilentWhite Switches ‘+’ shape and PP protection box.
The standout feature of these Outemu switches? Their whisper-quiet operation. Enjoy a noise-free performance that keeps your space serene, be it home or office. Plus, they offer a pleasing tactile sensation while typing. Though there’s a mild wobble, the overall comfort is commendable. Bear in mind, due to their design, you may need a key switch to open them and possibly some lubrication to tweak the sound/feel to your liking. It’s also worth noting that these switches might carry a heftier price tag compared to other options, so consider if the value matches the cost.

Overall, if you want an incredibly comfortable and quiet experience when using your keyboard then these Outemu switches are definitely worth considering! With 8 different switch options available along with durability testing offered by Granvela as well as complete silence during use, they’re sure to give you plenty of value for money.”

Understanding Outemu Switches: A Comprehensive Buying Guide

Scouring the market for an addition to your gaming setup that blends performance and affordability? Outemu switches might just tick all your boxes. Famed for striking a delicate balance between top-notch quality and budget-friendliness, these switches have carved out a niche for themselves in the gaming universe.

A Bit About Outemu

Outemu, or Dongguan Gaote Electronics Co., LTD as it’s formally known, was established in 2004. With the expiration of Cherry MX’s patent on mechanical switches, companies like Outemu seized the opportunity to create similar products at a more affordable price point. While they might not be as smooth as Gateron’s offerings or as durable as Cherry MX’s, they offer an impressive price-to-performance ratio that’s hard to ignore. Here is a comprehensive guide about the best keyboard switches available in the market.

Outemu’s Unique Offerings

The true stars of Outemu’s lineup are their non-clone switches, like the Sky and Ice Switches. These switches offer well-defined tactility but come with some trade-offs such as potential rattling or shakiness due to less precise part tolerance.

The Variety Of Switches by Outemu

There are three main types of Outemu switches – Clicky, Linear, and Tactile.

Clicky switches are adored by those who love a loud click and strong tactile feedback at the point of actuation. Tactile switches offer similar feedback but without the loud noise – perfect for those who want to feel each keystroke without disturbing others around them.

Linear switches, popular among gamers due to their light actuation force and lack of tactile feedback, provide better responsiveness during intense gaming sessions. And since they’re quietest among all types, they’re also suitable for office environments.

Outemu offers a range of switch options including Regular Switches, Low-Profile Switches, Dust-proof Switches, ICE Switches, Silent Switches, GAOTE Switches, Cream Switches and Milk Switches.

The Outemu Lineup: Blue, Red, Brown and Black

Currently dominating the markets are four variants from Outemu – Blue, Red Brown and Black. Despite primarily being found in budget keyboards and being one of the most affordable options available in the market today,these 3-pin switches offer enjoyable key feel. However do keep in mind that while they perform beautifully they might not be able to match up to the durability offered by Cherry MX switches.

To Sum It Up…

Outemu has carved out its niche in a competitive market with its budget-friendly yet performance-oriented offerings. Whether you’re a gamer seeking responsiveness or someone who spends long hours typing away at an office desk seeking comfort and silence – there’s an Outemu switch out there tailored for your needs. Make sure to weigh your preferences against what each variant offers before making a purchase!

With various types available, from clicky to linear, the right switch can easily be found to suit your individual needs and preferences. From gamers seeking responsiveness to office workers wanting comfort and silence, Outemu provides a wide selection of switches for every type of user. Not only that, but their lower price point makes them an attractive option compared to other more expensive switch options. With all these features taken into consideration, Outemu switches are definitely worth considering when looking for the perfect addition to your gaming setup!