How to Change Color on a Roccat Vulcan Keyboard

When it comes to gaming keyboards, the ROCCAT Vulcan is a gem among stones. Not only does it pack robust features perfect for the most competitive gamers, but it also brings a distinctive flair with its dynamic AIMO lighting system. But how exactly do you tweak and change colors on this keyboard? Let’s unravel the mystery together.

The AIMO Lighting System

Imagine a keyboard that breathes life into your gaming experience by interacting with you and your PC in real-time. That’s precisely what ROCCAT’s AIMO lighting system does. This innovative feature requires no user-programming or third-party plug-ins. Simply connect your devices, run Swarm software, and watch as your keyboard transforms into a vibrant extension of your gaming world.

Customizing Your Keyboard Settings with Swarm

Apart from managing the AIMO lighting, Swarm software also allows you to customize multiple aspects such as button assignments and other settings. Some illumination modes like Wave and Continuous can be stored directly onto the keyboard’s onboard memory, meaning they’ll be remembered even when you switch computers or restart your device.

Now imagine you’re in the heat of battle in an intense game of Fortnite. The last thing you want is to accidentally hit that pesky Windows key. Thankfully, Swarm equips you with Game Mode which disables any distracting functions while enabling helpful ones optimized for gaming.

Game Mode and Easy Shift

Toggle Game Mode on with ease using ‘FN + PAGE DOWN’. This mode not only optimizes your keyboard for gaming but also activates helpful Easy Shift functions. And don’t worry if Caps Lock is deactivated in Game Mode by default; just head to Swarm to reconfigure it according to your needs.

Controlling Your Keyboard’s Illumination

The Vulcan keyboard gives you full control of your illumination. Simply use the key combination FN + CTRL-Right to switch your keyboard’s lighting on or off. Adjust brightness using FN + Up/Down arrow keys, and switch between different illumination modes with FN + Left/Right arrow keys.

Quick Color Change

For those times when you quickly want to change the color scheme in the middle of a game, ROCCAT has you covered. Use the FN key along with arrow keys to change colors on the fly. To turn LEDs on or off, just press FN + CTRL key.

Dealing with Issues and Troubleshooting

Sometimes, things might not go as planned. If your keyboard’s illumination doesn’t work, it might just be switched off. No need to panic! Just turn it back on with the mentioned key combinations.

If certain keys light up in white instead of the set color in Swarm, it indicates that specific functions are enabled. And if your keyboard’s illumination appears different after restarting your PC, make sure Swarm runs in the background and activate the auto-start option in its settings.

Keycaps and Switches

Ever wanted to give your Vulcan keyboard a personal touch by replacing keycaps? Although ROCCAT doesn’t stock them separately, they can be pulled off and replaced for customization. However, please note that mechanical switches are soldered to the keyboard’s metal plate and are non-replaceable.

Understanding Color Zones

When it comes to lighting customization, the Vulcan keyboard offers a wide array of options. All keys on the keyboard are individually lit, allowing for a truly personalized experience. But what makes the Vulcan stand out is its customizable zones: All Keys, Main Keys, WASD, Arrow Keys, F Keys, and Number Keys. This means you can have different colors for each zone based on your preference or gaming needs.

Function (FN) Keys

Much like laptop keyboards, Vulcan comes equipped with function keys activated by holding down the FN key. These keys have numerous functions such as media playback controls, illumination adjustments, and toggling between primary and secondary functions.

Special Function Key Indicators

The “Tenkeyless” version of the Vulcan goes a step further in personalization by lighting up special function keys in white when functions like Game Mode or Capslock are enabled. This feature not only adds to the aesthetic appeal but also acts as an intuitive visual indicator for active functions.

Swarm Software: The Heart of Customization

The key to unlocking the full potential of your Vulcan’s customization lies in understanding and effectively using Swarm software. As mentioned before, this tool allows you to alter illumination and button assignments on your keyboard. But that’s not its only function; it’s also where you can enable and customize features like Game Mode and Easy Shift.

Personalizing Your Gaming Experience

Beyond just changing colors, understanding how to fully utilize your ROCCAT Vulcan can truly elevate your gaming experience. From setting up Game Mode for optimal gaming performance to customizing color zones based on game type or mood – the power is at your fingertips. So go ahead and explore all that Swarm software offers and create a gaming environment that truly reflects your style and strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How do I turn off the illumination on my ROCCAT Vulcan?

You can easily turn off the illumination using ‘FN + CTRL-Right’ key combination.

2. What does it mean if certain keys light up in white?

This indicates that specific functions like Game Mode or Capslock are enabled.

3. Can I change the illumination mode without Swarm software?

Yes, you can switch between different illumination modes using ‘FN + Left/Right arrow keys’.

4. How do I replace the keycaps on my Vulcan keyboard?

While ROCCAT doesn’t stock keycaps separately, they can be pulled off and replaced.

5. My keyboard’s illumination appears different after restarting my PC. What do I do?

Ensure Swarm runs in the background and activate the auto-start option in its settings.


As we’ve seen, changing colors on your ROCCAT Vulcan is a breeze. It’s all about understanding and using the tools ROCCAT provides to enhance your gaming experience. And remember, if you’re interested in other gaming keyboards, you can learn how to change color on SteelSeries keyboard or how to change color on HyperX keyboard. Happy gaming!