How to Adjust Color on a SteelSeries Keyboard

The Art of Customizing your SteelSeries Keyboard

s a gamer, your keyboard becomes more than just an accessory; it’s an integral part of your gaming persona. Personalizing your keyboard, say by tweaking its color, can not only improve your overall gaming experience but can even level up your performance. Now, if you’re a satisfied user of a SteelSeries keyboard – well, you’ve hit the jackpot! SteelSeries provides numerous options for you to uniquely customize the color of your keyboard – a perfect opportunity to truly make it yours

Exploring Your Creative Potential with the SteelSeries Engine Software

Looking to add a personal touch to your keyboard? Consider giving the SteelSeries Engine Software a whirl. It’s a confident step towards making your keyboard truly yours. With this savvy software at your fingertips, you will unlock a universe of customization options. From setting the color of your keys to mirror your current mood, to syncing it with the ambient lighting in your gaming space – it’s all possible. Remember, personalization isn’t just about aesthetics, it’s about creating an experience that feels uniquely ‘you’. So go ahead and allow your keyboard to reflect that

The software provides an array of RGB settings for you to play around with, including brightness control and several presets for active, reactive and idle layers. In simpler terms, you can instruct how your keyboard lights up during different situations – when you’re actively typing away, when you’re taking a break (idle), or in response to certain actions (reactive).

Changing Color through Function Keys: Quick and Simple

If software isn’t really your thing or if you want something quick and straightforward, another way to change the color on SteelSeries keyboards is through function keys. For instance, on the popular Apex Pro TKL model, all it takes is pressing FN+F12 to access the light menu. Then using FN+F1-F11 will let you choose from 12 pre-set color profiles – all without needing any additional software! This method is perfect for those spontaneous moments when you want to switch up your keyboard’s color on the fly.

Enter the World of Hardware Customization

For the more hardware-inclined gamers, you can consider investing in an RGB controller to create your own custom colors. This is like having a paintbrush with which you can color your keyboard exactly as you envision. This method might require a bit more technical knowledge but offers unparalleled control over your keyboard’s aesthetics.

Beyond Colors: Brightness and Speed Settings

Changing colors is only one aspect of customization. The SteelSeries Engine Software and hardware options also allow you to adjust other settings such as brightness and speed. Want softer lights during those late-night gaming sessions? Or maybe faster light transitions during intense battles? You have full control over how your keyboard looks and reacts.

Before diving into customization, it’s essential to understand that SteelSeries offers a variety of keyboard models, each with its own unique features and capabilities. For instance, the Apex Pro TKL model is renowned for its customizable per-key actuation while the Apex 5 combines the smoothness of membrane keys with the durability of mechanical switches. Each model provides different levels of color customization, so ensure to choose one that aligns with your personal preferences.

Detailed Guide: How to Use SteelSeries Engine Software

Let’s delve a bit deeper into how you can use the SteelSeries Engine Software for customizing your keyboard. After installing the software, launch it and select your connected keyboard from the device list. Click on the ‘Engine Apps’ tab and select ‘Illumination’. Here you’ll find various options like ‘ColorShift’, ‘Breathe’, and ‘Steady’. You can experiment with these options to create unique color effects. Remember to save your settings before exiting!

Creating Custom Color Profiles

Dreaming of a keyboard that complements your gaming station or perhaps one that ebbs and flows with your in-game moves? With the SteelSeries Engine software, that dream’s about to come true. It’s your palette to paint a world of colors on your SteelSeries keyboard. And if you’re wondering how, here’s your roadmap to crafting that perfect color ambiance:

  1. Get Started: Pop open that SteelSeries Engine software. If you haven’t got it yet, just hop onto the SteelSeries website and grab it.
  2. Pick Your Device: Once you’re in, you’ll spot a lineup of all your connected SteelSeries gadgets. Give your keyboard a click to kick things off.
  3. Into the Light Zone: With your keyboard selected, tap the “Illumination” tab. Here’s where all the magic happens.
  4. Laying the Foundation: Begin by deciding on a base effect. It’s like picking the base coat of paint for a room. You’ve got classics like “Steady,” the ever-changing “ColorShift,” and the rhythmic “Multi Color Breathe.”
  5. Dive into the Color Pool: Now that you’ve got the base sorted, it’s time to pick the colors. Use the color wheel or go pro and type in the RGB values. You decide.
  6. React in Style: Want your keyboard to have a little pep in its step? Add some reactive effects. With something like “Key Press,” each key can turn into a mini light show with every tap.
  7. Name It, Save It, Flaunt It: Once you’ve got everything just right, give your masterpiece a name and save it. To light up your keyboard with your new design, just choose it from the list.
  8. Shuffle It Up: Fancy a change? Swap between different profiles with ease, either via the software or by setting up nifty keyboard shortcut
  9. Share the Love: One of the coolest parts? You can share your designs with buddies or even borrow some inspiration from others. It’s like a potluck, but for keyboard designs!

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Switching up the colors on your trusty SteelSeries keyboard is usually a breeze. But hey, we all have those days where things don’t go quite as planned, right? If you notice your new color scheme isn’t lighting up your keys as expected, let’s walk through some quick checks together.

Firstly, just double-check that your keyboard is properly hooked up. You’d be surprised how often this simple step solves the issue! Next, peek at your software. Any pending updates lurking there? Keeping everything updated often clears out those pesky bugs.

And if all else fails, giving your system a good ol’ restart can work wonders to iron out minor hitches. Just like us humans, sometimes our tech just needs a little reboot!


Can I change colors on all SteelSeries keyboards?

Most SteelSeries keyboards come with customizable RGB lighting. However, the degree of customization might vary between different models.

Do I need the SteelSeries Engine Software to change colors?

While the software provides an extensive range of customization options, you can also change colors using function keys or by using a hardware RGB controller.

How can I adjust the brightness of my keyboard’s backlight?

Brightness adjustments can be made through the SteelSeries Engine Software or via certain models’ function keys.

What should I do if my custom color profile is not working?

Ensure that your keyboard is properly connected and that there are no pending updates for your software. If issues persist, try restarting your system or contacting SteelSeries support.

Enhancing Your Gaming Experience with Keyboards

Your journey to optimizing your gaming keyboard can be a thrilling adventure. After all, it isn’t merely about sprucing up appearances. It’s also about fashioning an atmosphere that mirrors your style and boosts your gaming prowess. Whether you’re a fan of using software, function keys, or hardware for personalization, SteelSeries keyboards present a wealth of opportunities.

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