SA vs DSA Keycaps: A Profile Comparison for the Ages

In the world of mechanical keyboards, every detail matters. From switch type to case material, each component shapes your typing experience in unique ways. But today, we’re diving into a specific facet of keyboard customization: keycap profiles. Our main contenders? The stylish and thocky SA, versus the sleek and low-profile DSA.

The Majestic SA

The SA profile keycap is like the grand old castle of the keyboard world. Tall and regal, these keycaps command attention with their sculpted design and spherical tops. Picture a knight in shining armor typing away at a vintage typewriter – that’s the vibe you get from an SA profile.

But it’s not all about looks. One of the highlights of this profile is its distinctive sound – a satisfying ‘thock’ that has endeared itself to many enthusiasts. It’s a sound that echoes in the halls of keyboard legend, deeply resonant and deliciously tactile.

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The Agile DSA

On the other side of our tale is the DSA profile. This type is like a nimble rogue, darting about with its short uniform design that mimics a low-profile aesthetic.

DSA might not have the thocky presence of its taller cousin, but it carries an understated elegance that can be equally captivating. Its low height and flat surface give it a modern look that many enthusiasts appreciate.

It might take you some time to get used to typing on DSA due to its significant design differences from taller profiles like Cherry or OEM. But once you do, there’s a good chance you’ll enjoy its unique feel.

Finding Your Perfect Keycap Profile

Choosing between SA and DSA (or any other profiles for that matter) depends on several factors – not just height and sound, but also case material, plate material, thickness of the keycap, whether your switches are lubed or not, if your stabilizers are modded or not, and even what surface your keyboard rests on.

It can seem daunting at first, but don’t worry! Our guide at OnGameStart will help you in choosing keycaps that are perfect for your gaming setup.

And remember: in this journey for the perfect typing experience, there are no wrong choices – only personal preferences.

Understanding Keycap Profiles

Before we delve deeper into the specifics of SA and DSA, it’s crucial to understand the concept of keycap profiles. These profiles refer to the general shape of each keycap, influencing the overall look and feel of your keyboard. They can either be flat or angled in each row, offering a different typing experience.

The higher profiles like SA have an angular shape designed for comfort while typing. On the other hand, lower profiles like DSA feature uniform keycaps with a flat surface, providing a clean and modern aesthetic.

The History Between SA and DSA

Understanding the origin of these profiles can provide some insight into their design. SA profile keycaps have a long history, being commonly found on older keyboards. They’ve experienced a resurgence in popularity thanks to their distinctive sound and retro look.

DSA profile keycaps, meanwhile, are a more recent addition to the mechanical keyboard scene. Their low-profile design and uniformity make them stand out visually, giving your keyboard a sleek look that’s rooted in modern aesthetics.

Sculpted vs Uniform: What Does It Mean?

When discussing keycap profiles like SA and DSA, you’ll often hear terms like ‘sculpted’ or ‘uniform.’ But what do these words mean?

‘Sculpted’ refers to how each row of keys on an SA profile is differently shaped for comfort during typing sessions. Picture it as if your fingers are climbing up and down small hills as they move along the keyboard – that’s what typing on a sculpted profile feels like.

‘Uniform,’ on the other hand, means that all rows of keys share the same shape – just as with DSA keycaps. Typing on such a profile feels more like gliding on smooth ice – every movement is consistent across all rows.

Difference in Typing Experience: SA vs DSA

Ultimately, choosing between SA and DSA will boil down to personal preference based on your desired typing experience.

The tall height and sculpted design of an SA profile may provide more tactile feedback when typing due to its pronounced curvature. This could lead to increased typing satisfaction for some users who appreciate feeling every keystroke under their fingers.

On the flip side, DSA’s low-profile and uniform design might be preferable for those looking for smooth transitions between keys during rapid-fire typing sessions. The shorter height may also be beneficial if you’re using your keyboard for extended periods and want to minimize finger fatigue.

FAQs about SA vs DSA Keycaps

Which keycap profile is better: SA or DSA?

This largely depends on individual preference. If you enjoy taller keys with more tactile feedback and love that thocky sound when you type, then go for SA profile keycaps. However, if you prefer smoother transitions between keys with less finger movement needed due to their shorter height, then DSA would be your best bet.

Are there any other popular keycap profiles besides SA & DSA?

Certainly! Cherry and OEM are two other popular profiles that fall somewhere between SA (the tallest) and DSA (one of the shortest). Each offers unique characteristics that cater to different preferences among keyboard enthusiasts.

Where can I buy different types of keycap profiles?

There are many online retailers where you can purchase different types of keycap profiles including Amazon, Banggood, KDBfans, among others. For second-hand or boutique options you can also try /r/mechmarket subreddit or

How much do different types of keycaps cost?

Prices can vary widely based on factors such as material quality, brand reputation, rarity (in case of artisan caps), etc., so it’s hard to give an exact figure. However, generally speaking you should expect decent quality sets from reputable brands to start from around $50 going upwards into hundreds depending on features.

Beyond Profiles: Artisan Keycaps & Where to Find Them

While we’ve been focusing on profiles so far – specifically SA and DSA – it’s worth noting that there are many ways to spice up your keyboard’s design beyond just changing profiles.

One popular method is using artisan keycaps. These are handmade beauties that can transform your keyboard into an art piece reflecting your personality or interests. While they’re not technically a ‘profile,’ they’ve gained significant popularity among enthusiasts for their unique designs.

Want to explore some options? You can find various keycap profiles (including artisan ones) on sites such as Amazon, Banggood, KDBfans, Drop,, or communities such as /r/mechmarket.


Whether you fall for the thocky charm of the SA profile or find yourself drawn towards the sleek style of DSA – remember that what truly matters is how it feels under your fingertips as you lose yourself in hours of gaming bliss or type up your latest novel idea. After all – keyboards are personal devices meant to amplify us; let yours be as unique as you are!