Best Mechanical Keyboards with Trackpoint

Are you a PC gamer looking for the perfect keyboard to take your gaming experience to the next level? A mechanical keyboard with trackpoint is an excellent choice. Not only do these keyboards provide tactile feedback, but they also allow for precise control over your game thanks to the trackpoint feature. Here are the best mechanical keyboards with a trackpoint:

Lenovo ThinkPad Compact

For those in search of a powerful yet compact mechanical keyboard with trackpoint, the Lenovo ThinkPad Compact USB Keyboard is an excellent pick. It boasts an award-winning, slim design featuring scissor-lift key mechanisms for enhanced ergonomics and comfort. The larger keys and extra spacing between them make typing a more pleasant experience than most keyboards of similar size. Moreover, it’s compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10; so you won’t have to worry about compatibility issues.

This little powerhouse produces tactile responses that are authoritative yet quiet; whereas its robust construction allows it to withstand some wear and tear without issue. Unfortunately there are a few minor drawbacks worth mentioning – such as the default drivers being unreliable at times – but overall this keyboard should serve anyone well who values accuracy and quickness when performing their tasks! Additionally, it would be even better if it had a palm rest for further support while typing.



The TEX Yoda II is an awesome choice for anyone looking for a mechanical gaming keyboard with the added convenience of a trackpoint. This 60% size keyboard has MX switch stems and an ANSI physical layout, making it great for those who don’t want something too big. The white LED backlighting adds some style to the classic gray frame and the key feedback is top-notch, giving you great tactile feel. Plus, it’s got that familiar Thinkpad-like layout which makes it easy to transition from other brands.

The TrackPoint feature gets lots of praise from reviewers and works flawlessly; plus, you can adjust its sensitivity to your liking. Saving settings directly into the keyboard via an online tool also proves useful – though there are some limitations when modifying the FN key which might be a bummer for some folks. But if you don’t mind not having hot-swap sockets or dedicated function keys, then you’ll find this surprisingly budget-friendly option totally worth it.

TEX Shura


The TEX Shurra keyboard is a great choice for those looking for a mechanical keyboard with a trackpoint. Its wireless capability, three-button TrackPoint and Kailh BOX Jade switches give it an edge over other mechanical keyboards available on the market. The tactile feel of the keys is comparable to that of SKCM Amber switches which are preferred by many enthusiasts.

The adjustable TrackPoint sensitivity allows you to have greater control of cursor movement on the screen, while you can also enable scrolling and middle-clicking directly from the keyboard itself. The web configurator makes customizing your experience easy, plus Bluetooth connectivity allows pairing up to three devices simultaneously. Additionally, there’s an option to assemble it yourself with extra screws, O-rings and keycaps provided in the package if that’s what you prefer.

Though not without its flaws – such as rattling stabilizers or pad printed keycaps which may be a durability concern – overall TEX Shura proves to be an excellent choice for anyone looking for quality and convenience in one package.”

Understanding Mechanical Keyboards with Trackpoint: A Comprehensive Guide

When it comes to selecting the perfect keyboard, there’s no one-size-fits-all. What works for a seasoned gamer might not sit well with a novice programmer. However, one thing’s for sure: There’s a certain allure to mechanical keyboards that just makes typing more enjoyable. In this guide, we’ll delve into the key aspects to consider when shopping for a mechanical keyboard with trackpoint.

The Charm of Key Switches

The heart of any mechanical keyboard is its switches. They determine how your keyboard feels and sounds when you type or game. From smooth and linear to loud and clicky, there’s an array of choices available in today’s market. It might seem overwhelming at first, but remember, your personal preference reigns supreme here.

You can often find premium keyboards equipped with high-quality switches from renowned brands like Cherry and Gateron. If you’re keen on personalizing your keyboard down the line, go for keyboards with hot-swap switches – these allow you to change out switches whenever you desire.

Keycaps Uncovered

Keycaps are those little pieces of plastic your fingers rest on when using the keyboard. While they may seem insignificant, they hold immense potential for customization. Swapping them out for better-quality ones or those themed after your favorite TV show, can give your keyboard a unique character.

Most modern keycaps come with Cherry MX-compatible stems that work well with almost all mechanical switches. When purchasing separate keycaps, ensure they match the layout of your existing keyboard.

Best Budget Mechanical Keyboard

For those who are budget-conscious but still want the best bang for their buck, this guide will walk you through options that don’t compromise on quality or performance.

Layouts Galore

The layout of your keys is another important aspect that varies considerably from one model to another. Full-sized keyboards typically feature a 10-key area on the right, while gaming ones often skip this section allowing more room for mouse movements – aptly named ‘10-key-less’.

If space is a constraint or if simplicity appeals to you, smaller layouts (like the 60%) could be ideal as they trim off unnecessary extras like the function row and arrow keys.

Remember though: The choice between different layouts mostly boils down to use-case scenarios and personal preference.

Mechanical Number Pad Guide

For those who frequently crunch numbers or play games that rely heavily on numerical inputs – having a separate number pad can be a real game-changer! Explore top picks in our curated list here.

Wireless Options & Lighting Features

While traditional mechanical keyboards connect via standard wired USB connections (some even offer detachable cables), many now offer wireless options defaulting to Bluetooth connectivity. High-end models occasionally offer both Bluetooth and faster USB wireless dongles operating on 2.4GHz connections – ideal for gamers seeking minimal input lag.

LED backlights are almost standard in even budget gaming keyboards today – though mostly cosmetic unless you’re frequently playing in dark rooms without touch-typing skills!

Don’t Forget The Extras!

From removable USB cables (sometimes braided) and dedicated media controls to included keycap pullers and wrist rests – manufacturers are constantly vying for attention with additional features bundled into their offerings.

One such feature worth noting is hot-swap switch sockets that let users experiment with different types of key switches without soldering requirements! An especially nice option is on-device memory which allows users to keep key layout programs without needing driver programs on each new computer used.

In conclusion — whether you’re an avid gamer looking to edge out competition or just someone who loves typing — investing time in understanding what makes up a good mechanical keyboard can help elevate your experience exponentially.


In summary, mechanical keyboards with trackpoint offer an excellent gaming experience with tactile feedback and precise control. There are many features to consider when choosing the right one for you, such as key switches, keycaps, layouts, wireless options and lighting features. The Lenovo ThinkPad Compact USB Keyboard is a great choice for those who want power and precision in a slim form factor. Meanwhile, the TEX Yoda II offers white LED backlighting and Kailh BOX Jade switches while the TEX Shura boasts Bluetooth connectivity and adjustable TrackPoint sensitivity. Whichever type of keyboard you choose, you’re sure to reap the rewards of investing time in understanding what makes up a good keyboard.