Best Waterproof Mechanical Keyboard

Are you looking for a gaming keyboard that can withstand any environment? If so, then a waterproof mechanical keyboard might be the perfect solution. Waterproof mechanical keyboards provide gamers with an unbeatable combination of performance and durability. With precision keystrokes and advanced anti-corrosion technology, these keyboards are designed to last through even the most intense gaming sessions. In this article, we’ll explore the features of waterproof mechanical keyboards and discuss why they may be the best choice for gamers looking for a dependable and reliable gaming experience.

SteelSeries Apex 3

The SteelSeries Apex 3 RGB Gaming Keyboard is an ideal choice for gamers who want an all-in-one experience. It boasts 10 zone RGB illumination and a premium magnetic wrist rest, providing both gaming and typing comfort. The silent keypresses enable long gaming sessions without any disturbance, while the gorgeous color schemes and reactive effects give it an edge over other keyboards. Plus, its IP32 water resistant feature ensures that accidental liquid spills won’t damage your keyboard.

Though the tactile feel of the keys is great with good travel and resistance, there are some drawbacks to this keyboard. The illumination isn’t as bright as what you get from other models; plus, being a membrane keyboard it’s not suitable for intense gaming sessions either. Since it’s wired too, those living in spaces with limited space might have difficulty finding room for the wires.

Overall though, the SteelSeries Apex 3 is a great package that offers 10-zone RGB Illumination with quiet keypresses plus IP32 water resistance – perfect even if you’re in wet environments or prone to spilling liquids on your keyboard.

Corsair K55 RGB

The Corsair K55 Gaming Keyboard is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a waterproof mechanical keyboard. It has five-zone dynamic RGB backlighting, six easy to set up dedicated macro keys, and certified IP42 dust and spill resistance. With its detachable palm rest for comfort and Windows Key lock button to prevent accidental keypresses, this product is perfect for gamers who want the convenience of quick access keys without sacrificing speed or accuracy. The anti-ghosting with selective key rollover ensures inputs always register while the powerful dynamic RGB lighting control via CORSAIR iCUE software allows you to customize your gaming experience. Additionally, it has quiet and responsive keys with tactile bump that provide great performance when playing games. Plus, there’s dedicated volume and media keys so you can easily control media playback and volume on the fly. Finally, the soft rubber detachable palm rest also features a textured surface to reduce stress on hands and keep them from slipping during long gaming sessions. In short, the Corsair K55 Gaming Keyboard offers great value at a reasonable price point – making it ideal for both casual gamers as well as professional players alike!


The HUO JI Z-88 RGB Mechanical USB Gaming Keyboard is a great option for gamers looking for a durable, customizable gaming experience. It’s waterproof and features Blue Switches, LED Backlighting, and 81 keys with anti-ghosting technology that works for both Mac and PC. The laser carving character keys are designed to stand up to extended use while the double shot injection molded keycaps provide crystal clear backlighting. As an added bonus, you can customize your experience with the DIY blue switches that come with extra switches and a plastic key remover. The main drawbacks are its loud mechanical switches, some wobble in the keys, bulky cable design, and yellowing of the keycaps over time if not kept clean. Despite these issues though, this keyboard is still highly recommended as it offers excellent performance during intense gaming sessions.

Corsair K68

For gamers searching for a dependable, waterproof option, the Corsair K68 provides an excellent balance of quality and affordability. Its 100% Cherry MX Red key switches offer dynamic backlighting, while multimedia controls let users adjust audio without leaving game play. Furthermore, it has been tested to IP32 for dust and water protection – excellent if spills are expected or regular cleaning is necessary. The keys themselves are comfortable and durable with gold contact Cherry MX mechanical gaming switches that offer a competitive edge during gameplay. Though it does not come with RGB lighting or stock keycaps that remain in place, this omission is understandable given its comparatively low price point.

Epomaker SK61

Epomaker SK61 is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a waterproof mechanical gaming keyboard. It features 16.8 million RGB backlight, three layers programmable and NKRO, as well as Gateron Optical Switch and Hot Swappable options. The keys are made of PBT thermal sublimation for a satisfying typing experience with no bending if you press hard on the keyboard. Furthermore, the sound quality is great and it comes pre-lubed and oiled switches and stabilizers that you can unlock with some simple mods. On the downside, due to its CSA keycap profile, the backlit lights remain pretty dim; also there are no kickstands due to its ergonomic shape and the lubricant on switches wears off quickly. Overall though, this is a solid product that offers great value for money fresh out of the box.

Razer BlackWidow Ultimate

The Razer BlackWidow Ultimate is an excellent choice for any serious gamer looking for a top-quality mechanical keyboard. It features full mechanical keys with 50g actuation force and individually backlit keys with five different levels of lighting, as well as a 1000Hz ultrapolling/1ms response time, programmable keys, gaming mode option, 10 customizable software profiles and 5 additional macros keys. What sets it apart from its competitors is the waterproof design which makes it great for those who play games near liquids. Additionally, users will appreciate the tactile feedback of each mechanical key and the cool font and non-glossy material that doesn’t attract fingerprints. The only downside is the volume slider which could be better designed. Overall, this keyboard is an ideal choice for anyone wanting plenty of features and capabilities.

GK61 Hot-Swappable Mechanical Keyboard

The GK61 Hot-Swappable Mechanical Keyboard is a great option for anyone looking for a waterproof mechanical keyboard. It comes with features like 16.8 million color RGB effects, NKRO full anti-ghosting mode, and PBT keycaps, giving you the performance you need for gaming. One of the best features of this keyboard is its hot-swappable switches that allow you to change them without soldering – a great convenience for gamers who frequently want to switch up their setup. Additionally, it has a tool included to easily remove keys should you ever want to swap them out as well.

On the downside, there have been reports about disconnects from USB C cables, pre-lubed stabilizers creating messes and audible pinging noises from switches until lubed and modded. The software also isn’t necessarily great either. However these few issues don’t detract too much from the overall quality of this keyboard – it’s still an excellent choice if you’re looking for a waterproof mechanical keyboard that can provide high performance at an affordable price point.

What to Look for in a Spill-Resistant Keyboard

Whether you’re a passionate gamer, a work-from-home professional, or someone who loves sipping coffee while typing away on their keyboard, having a spill-resistant keyboard can be a game-changer. But how do you choose the best one? Let’s dive in.

Understanding Your Personal Needs

First things first. What do you need your keyboard for? Are you an avid gamer who needs speedy responses and tactile feedback? Or are you a writer looking for smooth operation and comfortable keys? Recognizing your personal needs is key (no pun intended) to finding the perfect spill-resistant keyboard.

Connectivity: Wireless or Cabled?

If neatness is your thing, you might lean towards wireless keyboards. They’re versatile and keep your workspace clutter-free. But if you’re into heavy gaming sessions, cabled keyboards might be more up your alley—they offer stability and that desirable lag-free experience.

Key Switches: The Heart of Mechanical Keyboards

Mechanical keyboards, loved for their sturdiness and distinctive “clickity-clack” sound, owe their unique feel to what lies beneath the keys – the key switches. These spring-loaded sliders enhance durability while offering satisfying feedback with every press.

Making Mechanical Keyboards Quieter

If the clicking sound becomes too much at times, don’t worry! There are ways to make mechanical keyboards quieter. After all, we all crave peace and quiet sometimes.

The Magic of Spill-Resistance

We’ve all had that heart-stopping moment when our favorite drink topples over our precious keyboard. But with recent advancements in technology—think rubber floodwalls and waterproof key switch casings—spill-resistant keyboards are here to save the day (and your work). Some even have water-drainage systems directing any accidental spills away from crucial components.

Decoding the IP Rating

You’ll often find spill-resistant keyboards boasting an IP rating of IP42. Now, before you let out an exasperated sigh at yet another tech jargon thrown at you, let us demystify it: this rating means your keyboard is dustproof and somewhat waterproof. However, it doesn’t mean it’s invincible against water, so don’t go testing it in your bathtub!

The Role of Waterproof Key Switch Housing

Innovative companies like Corsair take spill-resistance up a notch by using waterproof rubber housing for key switches. This not only protects against spills but also allows translucent coverings for those who appreciate aesthetic backlighting.

Finding Your Perfect Waterproof Mechanical Keyboard on a Budget

If budget is a concern, don’t worry! There are some great budget-friendly mechanical keyboards out there that don’t compromise on quality or performance.

To Sum Up…

Finding the perfect spill-resistant keyboard might seem daunting with all these factors to consider. But remember—it’s about finding what works best for you. Keep these tips in mind as you start hunting and soon enough, you’ll find that perfect companion that withstands not just daily wear and tear but also those accidental coffee spills!

Many manufacturers have put effort into creating keyboards with water-resistant rubber housing for key switches and advanced water-drainage systems to protect against any accidental spills. Ultimately, it’s about finding what works best for you; from budget friendly models to high performance options – there are several choices out there that can withstand daily wear and tear as well as accidental liquid damage.