Best Kailh Box Switch

In the realm of gaming keyboards, top-tier components are vital for peak performance. Kailh switches enjoy popularity among gamers, thanks to their superior quality and responsiveness. We’re about to delve into some of the best Kailh Box Switches on the market, highlighting what sets them apart. Also, we’ll share valuable tips on selecting and utilizing them for the ultimate gaming experience. By the end of this read, you’ll be equipped with all the intel you need to decide on the Kailh Box Switch that fits your gaming needs.

Kailh Box Pink

For committed gamers seeking a reliable and well-rounded gaming keyboard, the Kailh Box Pink switch makes a compelling choice. The 5-pin design ensures user flexibility for a tailored experience, while the tactile clicky sensation guarantees satisfying sound and spring force during keypresses. It has an operating force of 55g ±15gf and a 65g ±10gf tactile force, providing comparable responsiveness and accuracy to Cherry clear switches. Additionally, its IP56 Water-Proof rating gives you peace of mind that it can withstand spills or other environmental factors with ease.

In short, Kailh Box Pink switches offer gamers durability, performance, responsiveness, and affordability all in one package – making it an ideal choice for anyone searching for the best kailh box switch available today.

Kailh Box Black

If you’re after a reliable gaming keyboard, the Kailh Box Black is an excellent choice. Its linear switches provide a smooth and quiet experience with good light transmission and stability – plus, they’re rated to last up to 80 million keystrokes and resistant to dust and water splashes. The tactile feel is especially impressive, giving you a super-tactile response that’s great for gaming with less fatigue over longer sessions. You can even customize the feel further by lubing with 205G0 or swapping out springs with GPL105.

Though there can be some inconsistencies in build quality which can cause some switches to sit higher than others, overall this product still delivers on its promise of being one of the best kailh box switches available today.

Kailh Box White

The Kailh Box White switches are a great option for gamers looking for a reliable and resilient switch. With an IP56 rating, they’re dust and water resistant, and with a lifespan of 80,000,000 cycles, you can rest assured that your keyboard will last you through countless gaming sessions. The 3-pins box switch has a cross stem design which makes it stable and comfortable to type on without any annoying sounds like MX Blues or Razer Purples. Additionally, the actuation distance is 1.8mm±0.3mm with a total travel of 3.6mm±0.3cmm and an actuation force of 45g giving it good all around feeling for both light handed typers as well as heavy handed ones looking for more tactile feedback. The only downside is that some users may find themselves missing pressing certain keys due to the soft and responsive clicky feel but apart from that its one of the best Kailh switches available in the market today!

Kailh BOX Silent Brown

If you’re looking for a quieter gaming experience, the Kailh BOX Silent Brown switch is an ideal choice. Featuring smooth linear movement and good feedback when pressed, it’s designed to last through 80 million cycles of use – making it reliable for long gaming sessions. Additionally, the Silent Browns are plate-mounted and hot-swap capable, making them perfect for use with the GMMK Pro keyboard.

What’s more, these switches are noticeably quieter than most membrane keyboards due to their lower frequency and duller sound compared to regular switches. Plus, they offer a squishier feel which helps reduce noise levels even further. So if you don’t want to disturb others while playing your favorite games, this is definitely a great option!

Overall, the Kailh BOX Silent Brown switch offers gamers an impressive combination of performance and low noise levels that won’t let you down.

Kailh Box Jade

The Kailh Box Jade switches are a great option for anyone looking for an affordable and reliable gaming keyboard. These box switches are IP56 rated for dust and water resistance, SMD LED compatible, and plate mounted with a high compatibility 3-pin design. The clicky switch ensures fast typing speeds while the pre-travel and travel distance of 1.8mm and 3.6mm respectively is great for quick response times when gaming or typing. One of the best features of these switches is that they require only a light touch, resulting in higher pitched clicks than other switch types like Click Jacket or Lava Cap. Additionally, there is little to no hysteresis present which can drastically improve responsiveness during intense gaming sessions.

On the downside, they Kailh Box Jades don’t come with any extras like o-rings or switch pullers so you will have to purchase those separately if desired. Also it’s not possible to buy larger packs of these switches without additional accessories included in the package. Furthermore, some people may find the box whites too light as they do not provide much tactile feedback when pressed down so o-rings may be required to reduce bottoming out sound levels further if needed by some users.

All things considered though, these Kailh Box Jade switches offer good value for their price point (~$0.51 per switch) and are ideal choice for someone looking for reliable performance from their keyboard at a reasonable cost!

Choosing The Right Kalih Box Switch

Are you searching for the top Kailh Box switches? Then you’ve come to the ideal place! In this guide, we’ll explain the various types of these switches, what makes them special, and which one would be best-suited for your gaming keyboard.

Linear Switches – For a silky-smooth keystroke that is spot on for typing or gaming; some great choices are Kailh Box Black, Gateron Milky Yellows, Ink Blacks, Cherry Blacks and Akko Silvers. Their box construction offers protection against dust/water infiltration in addition to providing a smoother experience due to their stem shape featuring an extra box shape that reduces wobble.

Tactile Switches – The popular Kailh Box Burnt Orange provides medium actuation force plus an apparent bump when pressed and its box design enhances tactile feedback even more than other tactile switches.

Clicky Switches – If you’re looking to heighten your gaming experience then go with clicky switches like Kailh Box Jade which has significant actuation force plus a loud sound feedback that is more gratifying than regular clicky switches. If you’d prefer something more balanced then Pink or White are outstanding selections as they use a click bar mechanism to create an audible thud.


Wrapping up, Kailh Box switches are a go-to for gamers desiring a reliable and resilient keyboard. With a range of linear, tactile, or clicky switches, there are numerous high-grade options offering stellar performance and durability. With such an array of switch types, you’re sure to find the ideal one to cater to your gaming preferences. Plus, with their dust and water resistant ratings and low price points, Kailh box switches offer great value for money – making them a great choice for any serious gamer! If you want to learn more about Kalih keyboard switches why not check out how they compare to gateron switches and this guide of the best kalih switches.