Are Kailh Box White Switches Good for Gaming?

In the world of mechanical keyboards, the secret to your ultimate typing or gaming experience often lies beneath the surface, literally under the keycaps. Mechanical keyboard switches play a critical role in determining the feel and sound of your keystrokes. Among numerous options, the Kailh Box White switches stand as an intriguing option to consider. But are kailh box white switches good for gaming? Let’s delve into this question and explore.

Understanding the Kailh Brand

Before we start, it’s worth familiarizing yourself with Kailh, one of the key players in the mechanical switches industry. They’ve produced dozens of switch types, and their products are respected for the variety they offer, although their lifespan typically sits at 60 million keystrokes compared to Cherry MX’s 100 million. Regardless, Kailh switches are a reliable and often cheaper alternative to the more famous Cherry MX.

An Overview of Kailh Box White Switches

Kailh Box White switches are an interesting beast. They’re designed as a midrange, light clicky switch aiming to replace the Kailh Blue switch, a Cherry MX Blue clone. These switches employ a click bar rather than a click jacket, creating a satisfying tactile response and click noise that keyboard enthusiasts can’t get enough of.

In terms of performance, the Kailh Box Whites are generally well-received. Their on-centre keypresses are impressively smooth, with off-centre presses occasionally causing minor issues. The weighting of the switches, actuating at 45g with a peak force of 55g, is also praised, but some users find the tactile feedback on the lighter side. However, the clicky sound is notably crisp, thanks to the metal bar slamming into the housing.

When it comes to gaming, these switches perform reasonably well. They provide a fair level of consistency in both smoothness and weighting, and although minor issues may arise during intense gaming sessions with off-centre keypresses, they are generally reliable.

A Closer Look at Gaming Performance

How does this translate to actual gaming experience? The light actuation force and shorter travel distance compared to Cherry MX Blue switches can be beneficial for gamers. Faster response times and quicker reset of keys allow for swift and repeated actions, which could give you an edge in fast-paced games like “Apex Legends” or “Fortnite.”

It’s worth noting that the click sound is louder than average, resembling most other clicky switches. So, if you’re planning to game late into the night while sharing a room, or if you’re a streamer who values audio clarity, consider this.

The Comfort Aspect

Another facet to examine is comfort. The Box design of these switches results in less key wobble, providing a more stable typing experience. The Kailh low-profile design could also be beneficial, reducing the need to lift fingers high when typing or gaming. However, be aware that they may feel uncomfortable to some users who prefer traditional high-profile switches.

Comparing Kailh Box White Switches with Other Switches

To better understand where Kailh Box White switches stand, let’s draw comparisons with some other popular switches in the market.

Comparison Table

Switch TypeActuation ForceTotal TravelKey Press SoundTactilityLifespanBest for
Kailh Box White45g3.6mmVery crisp, moderately loudLight80 million keystrokesBoth gaming and typing
Cherry MX Blue50g4mmLoud, distinct clickHigh100 million keystrokesTyping
Cherry MX Red45g4mmSilentLinear, no tactile feedback100 million keystrokesGaming
Kailh Red50g4mmSilentLinear, no tactile feedback60 million keystrokesGaming
Kailh Brown50g4mmQuietTactile60 million keystrokesBoth gaming and typing

The table illustrates how each switch varies in terms of actuation force, travel distance, sound, tactility, and lifespan. As you can see, Kailh Box White switches have their unique characteristics like a shorter travel distance and a moderately loud, crisp sound, setting them apart from the rest. If you want to learn more about the different Kailh switches check out our full Kailh switches guide.

How Do Kailh Switches Compare to Cherry MX Blue Switches?

Navigating the world of mechanical keyboards, you’ll often find yourself amidst debates between Cherry MX switches and their rivals, Kailh switches. If you’ve ever wondered how these two brands measure up, particularly the Kailh Box White and the Cherry MX Blue switches, you’re in for a treat.

Manufacturing and Lifespan:

Kailh, hailing from China, has managed to carve out a market space by producing switches at a lower cost due to their geographical advantage. This allows them to price more competitively than their German counterpart, Cherry MX. However, it’s worth noting that Kailh switches have a lifespan of around 60 million keystrokes, trailing behind Cherry MX’s robust 100 million keystrokes. This gap in lifespan can be attributed to the slightly inferior quality standards of Kailh switches, which might make them more prone to defects over time.

Design Nuances:

At a glance, both Kailh and Cherry MX switches share an “MX style”, meaning they both come equipped with the familiar cross-shaped stems compatible with most MX-style keycaps. However, delve a bit deeper and the differences emerge.

Kailh Box switches boast of a unique design. They’re termed ‘Box’ for a reason. Their stems are housed in a distinctive boxed layout, ensuring enhanced stability. This design is not merely for aesthetics; it brings functional benefits by offering both waterproof and dust-proof capabilities. The actuation leaves within are safely tucked inside an added protective box, shielding them from environmental adversities.

Clicky Sound and Materials:

For those who relish the tactile feedback of a clicky switch, Kailh’s Box clicky switches come with a nifty feature: a “click bar” mechanism. This tiny addition results in a click sound that is crispier and arguably more satisfying than some competitors. If you’ve grown accustomed to the Cherry MX Blue’s click, the Kailh Box might sound refreshingly different.

In terms of materials, both brands don’t differ much. With materials like POM, PC, and Nylon in the mix, it’s evident that the general manufacturing standards for switches have seen vast improvements over the years.

Are Kailh Switches Hot-Swappable?

Within the constantly evolving universe of mechanical keyboards, enthusiasts are increasingly seeking ways to personalize their experience. One such feature garnering attention is hot-swappability, particularly appealing for those of us who prefer not to be confined to a single switch type. Now, if your preferences lean towards Kailh switches, you might be wondering: Are these switches hot-swappable?

Kailh Switches and Hot-Swappable PCBs: A Match Made in Heaven?

Good news! Kailh switches are certainly compatible with hot-swappable PCBs. With their standard 3-pin mechanical switch design, they uphold a certain level of quality and reliability. This essentially signifies that if you happen to possess a hot-swappable keyboard, incorporating Kailh switches would probably be straightforward and convenient.

No Soldering, No Problem

If you find appeal in the concept of personalization but are apprehensive about the technicalities of soldering, the hot-swappability feature in Kailh switches is a perfect solution. This feature allows for easy switching between different switches without needing any soldering tools. And if you’re still contemplating, Kailh provides a thoughtful solution – a switch tester. This helpful device allows you to try out various Kailh switches on your hot-swappable keyboard. It ensures that you can discover the ideal switch for your typing or discreet gaming needs, providing an experience tailored just for you.

In the vast universe of mechanical keyboards, Kailh continues to stand out, offering you versatility and an opportunity to truly make your keyboard your own. Whether you’re a hardcore gamer or just someone who appreciates the nuanced feel of a mechanical keyboard, Kailh switches in a hot-swappable setup might just be your next obsession.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the actuation force for Kailh Box White switches?

Kailh Box White switches have an actuation force of 45g.

2. Are Kailh Box White switches loud?

Yes, they are louder than most switches due to the metal bar clicking against the housing, producing a crisp sound.

3. How does the lifespan of Kailh Box White switches compare with others?

Kailh Box White switches have a lifespan of 80 million keystrokes, which is more than the standard Kailh switches but less than Cherry MX switches.

4. Can I use Kailh Box White switches for gaming?

Yes, these switches have features that make them suitable for gaming, like fast response time and light actuation force. However, they may not be ideal if you prefer silent gaming or dislike the double click sound they produce. Then you might want to consider other Kailh Box switches.

5. Are Kailh Box White switches similar to Cherry MX Blue switches?

While they share some characteristics, such as being clicky, they have different mechanisms producing the click, leading to different sound and tactility. Kailh Box White switches also have a lighter actuation force and shorter travel distance compared to Cherry MX Blue switches.

So, Are They a Good Fit for Gaming?

The Kailh Box White switches are, undoubtedly, a solid option for gaming. Their light actuation force, swift response time, and reduced key wobble are all beneficial traits for gamers. However, like any other switch, they may not be perfect for everyone. The light tactility, loud clicking noise, and potential discomfort from low-profile switches could be off-putting for some.

In wrapping up, it’s safe to say that personal tastes play a significant role. Kailh Box White switches present an intriguing mix of attributes that might captivate plenty of gaming enthusiasts, but they may not appeal to everyone. If you’re someone who values swift response times, isn’t put off by the clicking sound, or even desires to add a hint of thrill to your typing adventures, these switches could be an excellent enhancement to your gaming rig. If these features don’t spark your interest, we invite you to explore our curated list of top-rated Kailh switches

Remember, identifying the ideal switch is a journey of discovery that requires firsthand experience. Should the Kailh Box White Switch pique your interest, they may indeed warrant a trial. After all, the perfect switch holds the potential to elevate your interaction with keyboards from simply good to truly exceptional. Here’s to finding that perfect fit!