Your Guide to the Best Silent Linear Switches in 2023

Welcome, keyboard enthusiasts and tech aficionados! We’re about to delve into the realm of silent linear switches. You may wonder, “What are these silent linear switches?” No need for concern, we have all the information you need. Silent linear switches can be likened to the undercover operatives in the world of keyboards – their mission is to provide swift, seamless keystrokes that barely emit a sound. They are perfect for those late-night gaming sessions or if you’re in a shared workspace and wish to maintain a peaceful environment. If you’ve ever been intrigued about which silent linear switches stand out in the market, then this article is for you! We will navigate through some of the top choices available, providing information in an engaging and comprehensible manner. So let’s begin our journey

Durock Silent Linear

The Durock Silent Linear switches are an excellent choice for anyone looking for a gaming keyboard with silent linear switches. Not only do they use patent silencing rings to reduce the sound, but they also have a tactile advantage that many gamers crave. The housing material is of the highest quality and is the same as most other L-series linears like Alpaca, Mauve, and Tangerines. Furthermore, its 62g gold plated spring weight provides a smooth response while the actuation force travels 3.8mm with 2mm operating and 60 million operations.

Overall, these switches are great for gamers who want to have a silent experience without compromising on performance or price. They provide an incredible tactile feel that many gamers enjoy without having to worry about loud clicking noises disrupting their gaming session. While there is some misconception that all linear switches are silent when in fact some can be quite loud, these Durock Silent Linear Switches work perfectly in reducing noise while still providing excellent performance.

Cherry Silent Black

The Cherry Silent Black Mechanical Switch Keyboard is a great option for those looking for the best silent linear switches. The 68 pieces of black 3 pin switches are authentic Cherry MX keys, and they work perfectly fine. The tactile feel and pressure from the factory keys is also great, and it comes with clear keycaps that match the factory key.

The delivery date was earlier than expected, which is always nice, but there were some cons to this product as well. Some of the media could not be loaded, 8 switches were bent (2 of which did not work despite straightening afterward), and another 5 did not work out of the box. Additionally, there was no keycap puller included in the packaging.

Overall though, the Cherry Silent Black Mechanical Switch Keyboard is a good choice for those looking for silent linear switches. It offers a quality experience with its authentic Cherry MX keys and tactile feel, plus it came much earlier than expected!

Kailh Box Silent Pink

The Kailh Box Silent Pink Linear Mechanical Switches are a great option for anyone looking for silent linear switches. With a bottom out force of only 35g, they are lighter than most other switches and provide an incredibly smooth experience on the fingers. Despite being so light, they still provide that satisfying deep thump sound when typing. The switch is also MX-compatible and plate mountable, making it easy to integrate into any gaming keyboard setup. Furthermore, these switches offer IP56 waterproofing and dustproofing with compatibility for SMD LEDs only – all in all making this an extremely durable switch option.

Though there weren’t many reviews available at the time of purchase, the few that were available spoke highly of the product’s performance. Fast shipping was also mentioned as a plus point by those who bought them. All in all, if you’re looking for silent linear switches that are lightweight yet durable with great performance and fast delivery then Kailh Box Silent Pink Linear Mechanical Switches are the perfect choice!

Akko Silent Linear Haze

If you’re on the hunt for a quiet, budget-friendly keyboard experience, let me introduce you to the Akko Silent Linear Haze switches. Made with sound-dampening technology, these switches keep your keystrokes whisper-quiet. Imagine typing away in a library or office without disturbing a soul – that’s what these switches can offer.

Right out of the box, they have a wonderfully smooth feel to them – no need to bother with lubing. Performance-wise, they’re a step up from Outemu switches but here’s the kicker – their price point is just as friendly. So if you’re keen on keeping things quiet and easy on your wallet, these switches might just be your new best friend.

These Akko CS Switches come with an MX style structure which makes them compatible with most keycap sets that feature (X) cross stem designs. They also come with LED slots and SMD compatibility, so if you need backlighting on your keyboard, these switches will work well in hot swappable boards as long as they face northward LEDs. The durability is good too; laboratory tests show that the approximate lifespan is 60 million times of keystrokes and each switch comes with a plastic tray to house them and provide lubrication.

Overall, Akko Silent Linear Haze Switches are a great choice if you’re looking for silent linear switches without breaking the bank. Just keep in mind that there may be some issues with green tint interfering with backlit keyboards and it’s not always guaranteed to fit perfectly on Tecware Phantom 87 boards due to their 3 pin design limiting options and stability when compared to other models out there.

Durock Daybreak

The Durock Daybreak is an excellent option for anyone looking for the perfect silent linear switches. The switches feature a patented silencing ring to significantly reduce sound and muting material on stem rails to further dampen acoustic of key strokes. These are very tactile, with 3.8mm travel and 2mm operating, 67g bottom out force and 5 pins that can last up to 60 million operations. They also have a gold-plated spring weight and well-selected imported premium grade polymer nylon and PC blend housing, soft POM stem, gold-plated springs, and metal leaf sourced from Korea and Japan.

The Daybreak comes in a Smokey translucent shell which makes it ideal for RGB keyboards. It looks great as well as being extremely functional with its innovative technology which provides gamers with the advantage of linear switches down to the nanosecond! Additionally, it has an incredibly affordable price tag which makes it great value for money too!

The only downside might be that red linears cause more pain than other colors but this should not be off-putting if you are willing to take the plunge into silent linear gaming world – the Durock Daybreak will definitely not disappoint!

Gateron Silent Yellow

The Gateron Silent Yellow switches are a great option for anyone looking for a silent linear switch. These switches offer smooth keystroke and minimal sound, with an actuation force of 50g to quickly execute commands and controls. On top of that, they are extremely durable, boasting a lifespan of up to 50 million keystrokes.

These switches feel absolutely well-made and durable, with a “milky” and smooth feeling that can be further improved with lube. However, some people might find the Yellow switch “heavier” than others.

To summarize, Gateron Silent Yellow switches are perfect for gamers looking for the best silent linear switch available on the market today. They offer high durability and fast response time without sacrificing performance or comfortability in your gaming experience.

WS Silent White Linear

The MELETRIX WS White Linear Mechanical Keyboard is an excellent choice for gamers looking for a silent linear switch. The switches are factory lubed and have a total travel of 3.50±0.3mm, pre-travel of 2.00±0.5mm, and a bottom-out force of 63.5g with a double stage spring – making it smooth to press with low spring pressure. The nylon top and bottom housing as well as POM silent linear stem add to the clear housing design giving you heavy tactile feel without the audible click or clack common with other mechanical keyboards.

At first glance, this keyboard may not seem as quiet as some other options on the market but, in fact, its quieter than Cherry MX green switches which makes it great for gaming environments where silence is key. Additionally, the deep sound that comes from adding lube can be quite satisfying; however take caution when removing the switch from your keyboard tray as the tiny friction locking tab can become damaged in the process. On rare occasion some switches come without lube so make sure to check before using them if possible!

Overall, MELETRIX WS White Linear Mechanical Keyboard Lubed Switches (35pcs) is an excellent option for those seeking out silent linear switches that still provide a heavy tactile feel and smooth presses without skimping on quality or durability.

A Guide to the Best Silent Linear Switches

Admit it, we’ve all experienced this. You’re immersed in your work, fingers blurring over the keys, when out of the blue – your keyboard’s noise becomes too conspicuous! Perhaps not to the extent of “rousing the neighbors,” but certainly loud enough to disrupt your concentration or earn a disapproving look from someone close by. Fear not, we’ve got you covered. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into some top-notch silent linear switches available and provide valuable insights on how to reduce any keyboard’s sound levels.

Quiet Down Your Keyboard

First things first, let’s talk about ways you can hush that clattering keyboard of yours. A popular and affordable method is to install O-rings on your keycaps. These little rubber bumpers are easy to install and help soften the impact between the keycap and switch. However, keep in mind that they may lead to a slightly mushy feel when typing.

Another easy solution is using a desk mat. It might sound simple, but different materials like felt or leather can significantly reduce the noise produced by keystrokes.

If you’re up for a fun DIY project, why not foam mod your keyboard? This involves adding a layer of foam inside your keyboard which can dampen sound effectively. You can use materials like Sorbothane or even drawer liners for this purpose.

Finally, consider modding your stabilizers. These handy components prevent larger keys from wobbling but can also contribute to noise levels if not properly tuned. You can lubricate them or add a piece of fabric underneath to mute their contact with the PCB.

Switches To Avoid

Now that we’ve given you some tips on how to keep things quiet around your workspace, let’s talk about switches that are known for their volume. Some of the noisiest culprits include Kailh Box Jades, Pinks, Navys or Whites and Cherry MX Blues due to their click mechanisms.

And then there are Glorious Pandas or any tactile switch with “panda” in its name – these switches have a sharper tactile bump which tends to produce more volume.

Opting For Quieter Switches

Perhaps you’re just getting into the world of keyboards or thinking about creating a fresh setup. In that case, it’s worth giving silent switches or standard linear switches a glance. You might find them pleasantly quieter than their tactile cousins.
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We are confident that you’ll find these articles insightful on your journey towards the ideal keyboard experience. Keep in mind, our knowledgeable team is ever-present and ready to assist should you have any inquiries or require further guidance. Remember, we’re all about addressing your specific needs and preferences when it comes to keyboards!

We hope this guide has been helpful and remember – while silence may be golden in many aspects of life (including gaming), it’s okay if your keyboard still makes some noise; after all, what would gaming be without that satisfying clickity-clack?


rapping things up, we understand that picking the perfect silent linear switches for your gaming keyboard can be quite a challenge. This guide is designed to empower you with the knowledge to make an informed choice, and more crucially, to help you maintain that serene gaming experience. We’ve offered some handy tips on dampening any type of switch noise, as well as shared our top picks for the best silent linear switches currently making waves in the market. Whether you’re on the hunt for a wallet-friendly option that doesn’t compromise on durability or seeking something light with a quick response, rest assured there’s an ideal match out there just waiting for you